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Life around Petre Street just over 50 years ago

I thought you may be interested in life around Petre Street just over 50 years ago. Particularly in the winter when the snow's arrived. As a young boy it was an event patiently waited for, and especially if it snowed on Friday night as that gave us the whole weekend for sledding.

2016-10-25 18:42:19
In response to 'Forum row' article

With reference to the article headlined ‘Forum row’ in the April edition (Issue 50), the BCAF Co-ordinating committee is concerned that this report on the Quarterly Forum Meeting of 26th February was published despite the fact that no reporter from the Messenger was present at the meeting.

2016-10-25 18:40:07
Hostility towards asylum-seekers is often due to lack of awareness of their situation

I agree with Kate Atkinson's article ‘Asylum seekers’ (in Issue 50), where she says that hostility towards asylum-seekers is often due to lack of awareness of their situation. I have got to know asylum seekers from countries all over the world where people have to struggle for basic rights that we take for granted.

2016-10-25 18:34:28
Please will people stop assuming it is unsafe?

I enjoy reading the letters page but was upset to read February's letter from Gordon Lawton. He returned to visit the Pitsmoor area from Australia and was told by relatives not to get out of his car to walk around. Why?

2016-10-25 18:29:01
Telewest won't come to our area?

I have a fault with my cable TV. I called Telewest who stated that they wouldn't come to Burngreave after 4pm.

2016-10-25 18:26:44
I urge any group to put forward Festival proposals

Tell the Festival organisers what you consider to be of cultural significance so that we can all continue to enjoy the colourful and fascinating dimensions of our amazing and diverse Burngreave Society.

2016-10-25 18:24:23
Appalled at considerations to making the swearing of allegiance to Queen compulsory

How appalling that the government is considering making the swearing of allegiance to Queen and Country a compulsory event for all teenagers.

2016-10-25 18:22:06
Congratulations to all that work at the Yemeni Economic and Training Centre!

No Yemeni Centre or Community has been awarded Beacon Status before. For those who have invested years in voluntary work helping the community and provided a platform for Yemenis to gain skills and employment, it was about time!

2016-10-25 18:19:41
Entering the ‘Sheffield In Bloom’ contest

I proudly received the runner up Award ‘highly commended, best kept front garden’ for my category and a round steel-framed certificate.

2016-10-25 17:50:47
Book written by a Sheffield-born Yemeni

I found the book very exciting and funny in places. It was a fictional book about Yemeni and Iranian gangsters in the pizza takeaway business. It was also about politics.

2016-10-25 17:48:54
Congrats to the Burngreave Community Radio

It must have taken a lot of hard work, vision and dedication to make it happen, and the work has paid off. Well done.

2016-10-25 17:46:42
It is with a certain sadness that I hear you are no longer producing your website

It is with a certain sadness that I hear you are no longer producing your website edition, other than publishing your print copy as an Adobe PDF file, for the foreseeable future! Surely this is a retrogade step.

2016-10-25 17:44:34
At the 3DOM Festival...

On Sunday 28th August 2005 the 3DOM Festival returned to Devonshire Green.

2016-10-25 17:30:21
Events October 2005

Various events in and around Burngreave during October 2005.

2016-10-25 17:22:47
Ofsted registered Childcare Providers

Details of Ofsted registered Childcare Providers, valid October 2005.

2016-10-25 17:16:52
‘Warmed’ to the area and the people,

After three years delivering mail in the Rutland Road and surrounding district I have ‘warmed’ to the area and the people, although it hasn’t been without some unusual experiences.

2016-10-25 16:56:11
Shirecliffe now part of Burngreave

Since the boundary changes, a resident requests the Messenger is delivered wider.

2016-10-25 16:51:29
Spreading the WWWord…

BNDfC is encouraging local people to surf the net with the launch of its new look website. At the last public meeting held on Ellesmere Green at the end of May, BNDfC gave local people the chance to have a look and try it out for themselves.

2016-10-25 16:42:56
Calling all women…

BNDfC are setting up a Women’s Skills Bank Register and want as many local women as possible to sign up.

2016-10-25 16:39:26
Burngreave Grant Panel Members Needed!

Would you like to take the first steps towards helping your community, learning committee skills and making important decision about how money is spent?

2016-10-25 16:31:51
The return of the bowlers

After two years of dereliction, the Messenger is delighted to report, that, during the festival, the newlyrefurbished bowling green was officially opened by Abbeyfield Bowler Winnie Bentley and Lord Mayor Roger Davison.

2016-10-25 16:02:45
Poot communication about the Mile Run

A letter from Burngreave Sports Network (BSN) on Friday 17th June telling me the Mile Run would be coming along Scott Road and the road was to be closed Sunday 19th was the first notice we had.

2016-10-25 15:52:12
A hard battle fought in Shirecliffe

Residents have been actively involved in regeneration, working with the Council and other bodies to plan new housing, community facilities and improvements to housing and green spaces.

2016-10-25 15:45:41
Fond memories of the area where I grew up

A former residents now living in Australia reminisces about growing up in Burngreave after a return visit.

2016-10-25 15:02:12
Opinion about the article ‘Lessons Learnt’

As I am one of the new learning assistants I found it very disturbing to see the photo of my colleagues and me at the top of an article which seemed more about what the campaign did wrong with the first 18 learning assistants.

2016-10-25 14:59:14
Balloon from Firvale found in Glenbeag

A resident finds a Firvale Community Forum balloon a long way from home.

2016-10-25 14:37:40
Panni moving on to a new job

Panni Poh Yoke Loh thanks Green City Action as she moves on to a new job.

2016-10-25 14:15:13
More work needs to be for our elders

A resident feels uur elders are part of our history, our dreams and they’ve given so much for the future generation, and it’s time to look after our elders with great reverence.

2016-10-25 14:12:17
Small Grants Co-ordinator wanted

Salary £20,514–24,616 As the Small Grants Co-ordinator you will manage the delivery of the Small Grants Fund.

2016-10-25 13:26:32
Regeneration Manager position

Salary £27,313–35,771 As a Regeneration Manager you will be responsible for the priority area of ‘Community Strength and Wellbeing’ delivering sustainable regeneration projects in this diverse area.

2016-10-25 13:14:28
Report Back

BNDfC report back on the Partnership Board meeting held Wednesday 31st May 2006 with updates on the BCAT Project, Streetworx project and on the outcome of discussions at the Community Engagement Board Focus meeting.

2016-10-25 13:10:26
Footballer coaches locals

Former Yemeni national team goalkeeper, Tareq Rubban added sporting glamour at the final match of the current Arab league tournament.

2016-10-25 12:24:40
Bowling tournament final

In June 2006 the immaculate crown green was invaded by a host of amateurs, in the first intra- Burngreave Bowling tournament where the great and good pitted their newly-found skills against each other.

2016-10-25 12:06:02
Abbeyfield Park Multicultural Festival 2006

Local acts will join national names performing across four stages at the Abbeyfield Multicultural Festival on Sunday 9th July 2006.

2016-10-25 11:59:35
Healthy eating with Laila

A new cookbook, Healthy Eating the Middle-Eastern Way with Laila Wragg, aims to cater for the growing interest in healthy multicultural food.

  • Plus: Laila shares her recipe for stuffed fish.

2016-10-25 11:53:38
Healthy haven

A new enterprise on Spital Hill offers health, hair and beauty and community to women of the area. Dispensing with the conventional ‘shop floor’, Saf Saf is a homely haven providing everything women need to look good and get healthy.

2016-10-25 11:51:28
The Pub Guide: The Crown Inn

Situated on the corner of Forncett Street and Harleston Street (off Carlisle Street), The Crown recently reopened under new management.

2016-10-25 11:49:16
Summer Family Fun Day

186th Sheffield Rainbows, Brownies and Guides Fundraising event.

2016-10-25 11:41:59
Young Savers

Pitsmoor Credit Union (PCU) has seen around sixty young people at Firs Hill School join its Young Savers scheme, since its launch in April.

2016-10-25 11:40:24
Target Cactus Club

The Cactus Club nightclub, on Earsham Street, opened in February 2005, with hopes of being a community venue and successful club. However, since opening, the management have complained about the high number of visits they receive from the police, and the large numbers in which they arrive.

2016-10-25 11:30:15
Messenger Editorial
  • The Messenger editorial comment on the reaction to the recent tragic shooting.

  • Information about the Messenger.

2016-10-25 11:21:51
Comment on an advert by Green City Action

A reader comments on an advert by Green City Action in which they stated ‘don’t get conned by doorstep or telesales people who are just after your money’.

2016-10-25 11:05:19
Join the Burngreave Grant Panel

The Burngreave Small Grant Fund gives a range of grants from a few hundred pounds up to five thousand pounds and we are looking for Burngreave residents to join the panel.

2016-10-25 10:34:54
University helps establish Burngreave status

BNDfC has enlisted the help of students from the University of Sheffield to discover what you think about your area.

2016-10-25 10:22:14
Warm welcome for regeneration duo

BNDfC is welcoming two new managers who are looking forward to working with local residents to further drive forward the regeneration of Burngreave.

2016-10-25 10:18:40
Children’s achievements applauded

Applause rang from the University’ Octagon Centre as it hosted this year’s BNDfC Burngreave Children’s Education Achievement Awards on Wednesday 1st March 2006.

2016-10-25 04:48:06
Ellesmere at 10

It seems strange to think of our area 10 years ago, before Ellesmere Children’s Centre (ECC), and other prominent childcare facilities like the Black Women’s Resource Centre.

2016-10-25 04:44:28
Passion for boxing

Muhssen Nasser, a 19-year-old welterweight (class) boxer has been professional since he turned 18 last year. Having grown up on Lopham Street in Burngreave, Muhssen has always held a strong interest in the sport and boxed as an amateur from the age of 12.

2016-10-25 04:41:58
The Furnival – from pub to church

Passing by Verdon Street, you could easily mistake The Furnival for a 6O’s pub: from the outside it is just a dreary, characterless brick box. Inside, however, a different story is told by the people who use it, of faith, determination and hope that turned the building into a church.

2016-10-25 04:13:51
News in brief
  • Ask us questions at the BNDfC Information Vehicle.

  • Consultation events.

2016-10-25 04:05:36
Partnership Board Meeting – Wednesday, 21 December 2005

What was discussed and what was decided at the Partnership Board Meeting.

2016-10-25 03:57:06
Burngreave’s in fashion

Women turned on the style in Burngreave for the area’s biggest ever multicultural fashion and dance show.

2016-10-25 03:54:32
Member needed

The BNDfC employment and enterprise theme strategy group currently has a vacancy for a representative from the voluntary, community or faith sector

2016-10-25 03:52:46
Community Forestry

Community forestry is about developing the urban forest. Trees provide a wealth of benefits for people living in urban areas – air pollution can be reduced by being absorbed through the leaves of trees.

2016-10-25 03:45:21
Delivering it green

December 2005 saw the start of the Deliver It Green (DIG) project and the appointment of the first Green City Stewards.

2016-10-25 03:35:33
Miss Sheffield – Burngreave Contestant

Sarah-Jane Madden is one of over 200 entrants into this year’s Miss Sheffield competition. She is 21 and is currently in her third year at Sheffield Hallam University studying psychology.

2016-10-25 03:28:56
President Kevin

A Burngreave resident has been awarded a rather impressive position. Kevin Christopher Jones, aged 20, is the Methodist Youth President for 2005–06, a post which has been running for ten years.

2016-10-25 03:24:50
Ben’s Crafty Things

Ben Masters grew up in a ‘crafty’ household and, taught by her grandmother, has as she told me “been making things for as long as I can remember.”

2016-10-25 03:21:21
Language support

Within Sheffield there are over 100 languages and dialects used and within Burngreave there is a higher concentration of people who do not speak English and require assistance in order to access various services.

2016-10-25 03:10:29
Kashmir trip

The Kashmir Earthquake Relief Fund’s recent multicultural delegation to Kashmir included Abdul Assim from the local Kashmir Educational Trust. The visit had two aims, to deliver relief to the victims of the earthquake and to find out what was going on…

2016-10-25 02:50:21

The consultation event advertised for Saturday, 21st January has been cancelled and replaced with two new events.

2016-10-25 02:44:08
New Deal spend the money

Meanwhile, at January 2006’s Overarching Theme Group meeting, three internal New Deal projects were given endorsement for the next 3–5 years.

2016-10-25 02:41:51
No change on childcare decisions

A recent New Deal Partnership Board focus meeting on Childcare made no commitment to reverse the decision to end funding for voluntary sector childcare projects in the area.

2016-10-25 02:37:32
Education decisions

In December members of the New Deal Education Theme Group expressed concern at the decisions to stop funding Bookstart, the Community Language Schools, and the two main community projects tackling school exclusions: Cellar Space and Catch the Drift.

2016-10-25 02:32:16
Anger and disappointment at New Deal

Residents, workers and projects have expressed their deep unhappiness with New Deal’s decision not to renew funding for many valued projects.

2016-10-25 02:29:44
Messenger Editorial
  • The Messenger comments on New Deal’s decision not to renew funding for some projects.

  • Information about the Messenger.

2016-10-25 02:27:10
Target: Burngreave

On 4th January 2006 we received reports of a large police presence in the Spital Hill area. At around 11.30am the following day we witnessed five uniformed police units station themselves on Brunswick and Burngreave Roads, Spital and Earsham Streets, Bressingham Road North and Spital Hill.

2016-10-25 02:20:01
Honoured with an MBE

Longstanding community figure and activist Mr Muhammad Iqbal has been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours.

2016-10-25 02:14:31
Dear Messenger...

Readers of the Messenger share their views and have their say.

2016-10-24 23:44:30
Burngreave in bloom

The Area Panel is keen to see whether Sheffield as floral capital of Europe can reach into the inner city

2016-10-24 23:35:29
Community grants

Marilyn and the Area Panel are running their next round of Community Chest grants with a closing date of 3rd June 2005.

2016-10-24 23:34:08
“Who do you think you are?”

An evening to help anyone interested in tracing their family tree.

2016-10-24 23:27:53
A Passion for Pitsmoor

Starting a new job in Burngreave last year, I was struck by the discovery that some residents don’t like the way the name ‘Burngreave’ is applied to the whole area. Further investigation on the subject has revealed a group of people who feel a strong sense of loyalty to Pitsmoor in particular.

2016-10-24 23:23:50
New research into the needs of Somali visually-impaired people

A research team from the University of Sheffield, working with The Horn of Africa Blind Society (HABS), would like to interview Somali visually-impaired people and their carers.

2016-10-24 23:22:14
Telling it straight

Lloyd has been part of Burngreave for over forty years, serving behind the bar in The Catherine, enjoying ‘blues’ and giving time to help set up the Walter Rodney Housing Association. He looks back on the house parties that used to be so prevalent and says they were ‘uplifting’ – a community thing where people could meet, have a dance and enjoy themselves.

2016-10-24 23:16:51
New playground for Osgathorpe Park

Local residents from Friends of Osgathorpe Park have successfully fundraised to get a brand new toddler and junior playground installed. Since local children opened the playground in April, it has been non-stop play.

2016-10-24 21:04:54
Routes out of poverty

Over 100 people gathered at the Spectrum Centre for a conference on poverty on Friday 8th April. The aim was to discover ways in which New Deal could contribute to the poverty agenda in the area.

2016-10-24 20:33:12
Playground delays

New Deal confirmed that the new building planned for Pitsmoor Adventure Playground is the only project put on hold due to budget cuts.

2016-10-24 20:30:14
Funding ends

This month funding for the Recycling Matters project has come to an end. Efforts to get an extension have failed and now it’s unclear if the project will get any further funding.

2016-10-24 20:28:34
Questioning the questionnaire

Following the Area Panel meeting on 17th April South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA) asked the Messenger to verify the accuracy of their results.

2016-10-24 20:22:36
Messenger Editorial
  • The Messenger editorial team give their view of the recent warden attack.

  • Information about the Messenger.

2016-10-24 20:13:17
Burngreave Voices
  • A Request to Ex-Steel Workers.

  • “Church Spires and Wedding Bells”. An exhibition of photos.

2016-10-24 19:48:01
Food, Glorious Food…

There will be a small exhibition for Burngreave’s International Women’s Day Celebration on “Cooking up A Memory”, to illustrate the creative talent in Burngreave’s kitchens

2016-10-24 18:16:15
The First Curry House on Spital Hill

The Kashmir Curry House is a bit of a landmark on Spital Hill, known for decades for good, tasty curries and an atmosphere of informality. B’sharath Hussain, who owns the restaurant, told me how it all started.

2016-10-24 18:11:05
Burngreave Area Panel: First Impressions

New Burngreave Area Panel Co-ordinator Andy Shallice shares his first impressions.

2016-10-24 18:07:00
Women’s Day

To celebrate Women’s International Day, BNDfC are concentrating on all services available to women in the BNDfC area.

2016-10-24 18:00:17
Help needed

The BNDfC Employment and Enterprise Theme Strategy Group has a vacancy for one local resident

2016-10-24 17:58:13
Life is on the up!

It’s official… people in Burngreave are feeling happier and safer and are enjoying an improving quality life.

2016-10-24 17:52:34
Poverty Conference

A new BNDfC initiative around tackling poverty is to be kickstarted by a major conference.

2016-10-24 17:50:46
Thank you

Many thanks for all your responses to the BNDfC year 5 delivery plan.

2016-10-24 17:49:46
Seed exchange

Green City Action (GCA) will be running the seed exchange again this year. The scheme provides free vegetable and flower seeds, as well as onion sets and seed potatoes

2016-10-24 17:41:38
Green news

At the end of March the Burngreave Green Environment Programme comes to an end.

2016-10-24 17:40:13
Growing healthy

A very special allotment is taking shape in Grimesthorpe – a place where people with mental health problems can come to slowly unwind. John Lawson, who admits he knows ‘next to nowt’ about gardening, told us how seeing something grow can really help people recover from some of the terrible things they’ve experienced.

2016-10-24 17:28:59
Girl Guides and Boy Scouts

At the Scout and Guide hut on Holtwood Road, Brownies have been holding meetings for many years and our Rainbow unit reopened in December 2003. Now a new Guide unit is starting on 13th April 2005.

2016-10-24 17:25:40
Creative Burngreave

Creative Burngreave’s 2004–05 grant scheme funded sixteen arts projects ranging from theatre and film to photography and dance.

2016-10-24 17:16:04
Sporting volunteer

Layen Wisdom is a local volunteer for the Burngreave Sports Network.

2016-10-24 16:40:44
I can fling a rainbow!

No one celebrates the return of blue skies, golden sunshine, green leaves and flowers of all colours better than Burngreave’s Hindu community. If you call at the Hindu Samaj on 25th March, the Spring festival of Holi, be sure to wear clothes that wash easily – whatever colour they are when you go in, you’ll look like a walking rainbow when you leave.

2016-10-24 16:36:09
The Howitt sisters

Dorothy Howitt was born in Fitzwilliam Street in 1923, and her sister Mary in Lopham Street in 1930. Both were educated at Pitsmoor Church of England School. After leaving school, the sisters learned hairdressing and worked together.

2016-10-24 16:33:11
Home improvements lottery

The Messenger has often received complaints about the poor workmanship of Council contractors. We have investigated residents’ complaints about the facelift scheme and its contractors on Barnsley Road, but we’ve also received praise for builders employed by a local resident. It seems the home improvement game can be a bit of a lottery.

2016-10-24 16:28:23
“I don’t want to lie in front of bulldozers.”

The Council’s Masterplan has left home owners and businesses uncertain what to do next. They wait for the Council to decide if their properties are to be demolished. And because no decision has been made, reassurance cannot be given about how much owners might receive for their properties or if they can be rehoused in the area. The Messenger’s Rob Smith and Carl Rose went out to talk to those affected.

2016-10-24 16:13:29
Messenger Editorial
  • The Messenger comments on the reopening of the Cactus Club.

  • Messenger information and how to get involved

2016-10-24 16:10:48
Cactus Club opening

On Saturday 12th February 2005, many local people joined staff and management of the Cactus Club for the reopening of the new fully licensed venue.

2016-10-24 16:06:19
‘Remaster the Plan’

The Masterplan is still provoking anger and fear this month. The Plan, which includes demolition and rebuilding of retail and residential areas, is due at Council Cabinet in May for a final decision. But some residents are determined to get their views heard and the plans changed.

2016-10-24 16:01:37
Burngreave Messenger

The Burngreave Messenger website is having a revamp.

2016-10-12 19:00:08
Devon Gardens AGM

The Friends of Devon Gardens are holding our next Annual General Meeting in the park on Saturday 1 October from 2.30-4pm. For more details call John Chapman on 07860 101907.

2016-09-19 11:38:57
Parkwood Springs 1st October events

On Saturday 1st October Ziggy Senkans, from the Council's Ecology Unit, will be leading a walk exploring the plants and wildlife of the heathland. It will now set off from the car park on Cooks Wood Road/Shirecliffe Road at 1pm.

on the the same day Sheffield Schools Cross-Country races will be taking place on Parkwood Springs.

2016-09-19 08:59:56
Sikav so Dzanes

‘Sikav So Dzanes’ is a community learning project aimed at developing English language skills amongst Roma adults across Sheffield.

2016-09-16 11:17:44
English Conversation Club

Starts 7th September and then every Wednesday 10.00- 11.30 at ACT Firvale centre, Earl Marshal Road

2016-09-11 11:40:01
Reading and discussion with Desiree Reynolds

Thursday, 20th October 2016

4.30pm -5.30pm

Ends at 5:30PM

Writer Desiree Reynolds reads from her debut novel Seduce followed by a discussion exploring the themes in this dark, witty and passionate novel.

Organised by Burngreave Library

2016-09-11 11:14:28
Lantern Festival procession

An evening lantern procession for everyone

Meet at 5.30pm in the field by the Car-park at Cooks Wood Road/Shirecliffe Road – Easy-going walk through the woods to the view point and back to the field


2-5pm on Sundays – 25th September, 2nd and 9th October

Burngreave Cemetery Chapel, Melrose Road S3 9DN

2016-09-09 12:24:35
Heritage Open day at St Cuthbert's Church

Heritage open day at St Cuthbert's Church

2016-09-07 18:17:49
Heritage Open Day at SADACCA

A chance to visit SADACCA's historic building on The Wicker

2016-09-07 18:11:05
A Zeppelin over Sheffield

A Zeppelin Over Sheffield

North Chapel, Burngreave Cemetery, Melrose Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S3 9DN

Guided Walk at 1.00 pm on Sunday 11th September to visit graves of those Civilians killed by a Zeppelin in the First World War.

2016-09-07 16:31:38
Crabtree Ponds Maintenance day

Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust

There will be a Crabtree Pond maintenance day on Monday 12th Sept. 9.30 – 12.00. We will be cleaning up the pond and surrounding areas.

2016-09-07 16:24:11
Debates about Sheffield Roma network and fairness in Fir Vale

On Tuesday 25th October, 7pm at PACA there is THE IMPORTANCE OF VOICE IN THE ROMA COMMUNITY.

On Wednesday 26th October, 7-9pm at St Cuthbert’s church there is FORGING FAIRNESS IN FIR VALE

2016-09-07 08:05:49
Adult education opportunities in Burngreave and Fir Vale.

North East Learner

(Burngreave and Fir Vale section link)

2016-09-05 08:45:18
Scrap Dragon: A new scrapstore in Burngreave

Creative Re-Use Centre 204 Verdon Street, Sheffield S3 9QS.

A scrapstore provides waste materials sourced mostly from local companies and businesses and makes it available to members at a low cost.

Opening August 2016 Saturdays 10am – 1pm Extended opening from September 2016

For more information please email Scrap Dragon at or telephone 0114 272 0615

2016-08-18 06:49:17
Local History Group and the Listening Project

Burngreave Local History Group monthly meeting visited the library on Spital hill.

2016-08-13 19:01:17
Burngreave Hullaballoo

Join us for food, fun, festivities Saturday 3rd September, 12-7pm, in Abbeyfield Park

2016-08-10 13:05:18
Computer problems solved at BitFIXit Cafe

BitFIXit Cafe

Sat 13 Aug 2016, 12-3pm, Abbeyfield Park House, S4 7AT

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BitFixIT is a great long-running project giving help with computer and internet problems, on a ‘Pay-As-You-Can’ basis, from a group of volunteers and professionals.

2016-08-05 10:36:06
Vacancy for Volunteer Development Worker (Early years)

Vacancy for volunteer Development worker (Early years).Part time (30 hours) flexible hours Salary: £18,453 – £19,621 pro rata 8% pension contribution Permanent subject to funding. 25 days annual leave entitlement pro-rata & Bank holidays. Closing date for applications is: Monday 15th August 2016 (Midday 12.00)

2016-08-03 01:03:49
Future of Junior chess in Burngreave

Chess events this summer: Burngreave Library, 10.00am on 30th July 2016.

2016-07-26 12:29:58
Welcome to Pitsmoor-on-Sea

School holiday theme at Pitsmoor Adventure Playground.

2016-07-26 11:58:37
A night at the musicals

Musical event at Christ Church.

2016-07-22 14:14:32
The future of junior chess in Burngreave?

The future of junior chess in Burngreave

2016-07-22 14:08:21
Acts of kindness

Pupils at Owler Brook raise money for Syrian refugees.

2016-07-22 13:28:48
Test your local knowledge


2016-07-22 11:54:56
Back to the Blitz

Children from Whiteways and Owler Brook schools learned about the hardships of life during the Sheffield Blitz which killed over 2,000 people in December 1940.

2016-07-21 17:43:42
Summer holiday events at Burngreave Library

Details of events for young people including Shakespeare Showtime, Short poems and Junior Chess Club.

2016-07-21 11:03:09
Design the Burngreave library logo

Competition for under 18's. Closing date 1st September 2016.

2016-07-21 10:55:02
Local Scout groups

Details of meetings of Ellesmere Scouts and 205th Sheffield Scouts

2016-07-20 16:51:34
Community Journalism Course

COMMUNITY JOURNALISM COURSE Every Thursday, 8th Sept – 13th Oct 2016. 10am – 1pm. Free & open to all Burngreave residents

2016-07-13 11:50:59
SADACCA Women's group- Family Fun Day

SADACCA Women's group- Family Fun Day. Saturday, 13th August 2016. 12.00-7.00pm. At SADACCA, 48 the Wicker, S3 8JB

2016-07-13 10:52:44
Friends of Parkwood Springs meeting

Friends of Parkwood Springs Group meeting on Tuesday (July 12th) at 7pm at St Catherines School, Firshill Crescent. It's a good chance to catch up on what's going on and raise any issues that you have – so do come along.

2016-07-10 11:41:11
Springboard women only group

Springboard women only group meets at the Burngreave Vestry Hall

2016-07-07 18:43:06
Women only Eid Party

Women only Eid event 14th July 2016.

2016-07-07 17:38:24
Health walks in Pitsmoor

There are walks on Tuesdays and Thursdays to help you keep fit and active and meet people.

2016-07-05 20:01:31
Drawing at Abbeyfield House

16th July 11.00 am -1.00pm. Drawing at Abbeyfield House in Abbeyfield Park

2016-07-05 19:28:29
Crabtree Ponds maintenance day

Monday 4th July, Crabtree Ponds 9:30am – 12pm Lend a hand at your local nature reserve, and help us to keep Crabtree Ponds looking lovely.

2016-06-27 15:23:32
Cemetery Well dressing

Annual flower creation by the friends of Burngreave cemetery

2016-06-19 17:23:24
Parkwood Springs activity day

Parkwood Springs work day. Saturday, 18th June 2016. 10am until 1230 with break for a cuppa. Meet at 10am at the car-park on Cooks Wood Road/Shirecliffe Road.

For more information, go to

2016-06-15 15:40:16
ACAB- legend in his own lifetime

Obituary to ACAB Lawless the man, Burngreave resident for over twenty years.

2016-06-11 16:09:06
Environment weeks in the cemetery

Environment weeks events in Burngreave cemetery

2016-06-11 16:02:09
Parkwood Springs landfill visit

report from a tour of the Parkwood Spings landfill site.

2016-06-11 15:48:40
Pasta party

New Covenant Church has started holding monthly parties with family fun.

2016-06-11 15:37:37
Sheffield City Council: Your local area

News from Burngreave councillors

2016-06-11 15:02:59
Our community champion

Rachel Liszka is Community Champion at Tesco Extra Superstore.

2016-06-11 14:58:31
Owler Brook pupils get passionate about litter

Owler Brook School's anti litter campaign.

2016-06-11 11:18:22
Fir Vale "Outcomes" Award

Fir Vale school has won an SSAT Educational Outcomes award.

2016-06-11 11:06:18
International Roma Day

International Roma day 2016 local celebration.

2016-06-11 10:50:41
Get reporting

Training in Community Journalism and volunteering opportunities at the Burngreave Messenger.

2016-06-11 08:58:17
Playground Utopia

Utopia project at Pitsmoor Adventure Playground.

2016-06-11 08:32:56
Talking Sheds

Grand opening of Sage Greenfingers' new shed.

2016-06-11 08:26:52
Save the world with sausages!

Christian Aid fundraising breakfast

2016-06-11 08:13:25
Healthy Communities page

Page sponsored by Sheffield City Council's Healthy Communities Programme.

2016-06-11 07:32:46
Reaching out

People from Arches help out at the library and the Springboard Café.

2016-06-08 20:36:37
Hidden gems at the library

Recent events at Burngreave Library.

2016-06-08 20:27:40
Fun for kids at Cubs

Cub scouts activities

2016-06-08 19:32:47
Cooking classes at PACA

Cooking classes at PACA

2016-06-08 19:29:32
Furnival flavours

Fundraiser for the Cellar Space at the Furnival.

2016-06-08 19:25:29
Burngreave Ashram 2nd May events

Events at Burngreave Ashram

2016-06-08 17:50:42
Feeling Good on Verdon Street

“Feeling Good” women's project on Verdon Street.

2016-06-08 17:44:49
Vestry Hall under threat

Burngreave Vestry Hall is under threat.

2016-06-08 17:40:24
Foodbank on the move

Burngreave foodbank moving from Rock Christian Centre to the former library.

2016-06-08 17:27:09
Corrections and further information

Corrections and further information

2016-06-08 17:12:12
Youth Network is back

Youth Network is back

2016-06-08 17:07:45
TEDx comes to Pitsmoor

TEDx talks come to Pitsmoor

2016-06-08 17:03:26
Open day at the Healthy Living Centre

Open day at the Healthy Living Centre on 11th July 2016. 10.00 am -2.00 pm

2016-06-08 15:36:29
June 2016 news

June 2016 news and information

2016-06-08 08:39:10
Pain support groups

Pain support groups meeting in Sorby House (7th and 21st June 2016) and St Cuthbert's Church (14th June 2016). All 12.30- 2.30 pm.

2016-05-27 10:08:21
Burngreave Women only support group

Women only support group at St Cuthbert's Church10am – 12 noon. 6th June and 20th June 2016.

2016-05-25 20:20:16
Parkwood Springs activity day

Workday – footpath work and cutting-back. Saturday May 28th 10am until 1230 with break for a cuppa. Meet at 10am at the car-park on Cooks Wood Road/Shirecliffe Road.

2016-05-25 19:05:04
Burngreave Ward Children's design a sign competition

Burngreave Ward Children's design a sign competition

2016-05-18 09:34:32
TEDx Pitsmoor

TEDxPitsmoor is about local Pitsmoor people, unused to public speaking, who want to say something that is interesting or entertaining, or both (although an interesting speaker who wants to come and join us from another part of Sheffield would also be welcome).

2016-05-17 19:41:43
Family Activity Day at Verdon Recreation Centre

Family Activity day 2nd June at Verdon Recreation Centre. 12.00 – 4.00pm.

2016-05-15 11:01:34
"I sparkle in colour" event at Ellesmere Children's Centre

Special event at Ellesmere Children's Centre. 12.00 -7.00 pm. 4th June 2016.

2016-05-15 08:29:57
Women Only Fitness classes

Women only fitness classes running in may at Firvale Healthy Living Centre

2016-05-15 07:55:54
Burngreave Ashram

Multifaith prayer and meditation with lunch and seminar. 12.00- 2.30 pm on 6th June 2016.

2016-05-13 17:04:22
Hope Community Allotment Project Open Day

Hope Community Project Open day Thursday 26th may 2016 11.00 AM – 2.00 PM High Wincobank Allotment Site Windmill Lane, Sheffield 5

2016-05-13 16:48:00
What's your story

Everyone has a story to tell! In this new short course in Burngreave, we will explore how we can tell our own stories and develop confidence in writing in a supportive group. Starting: Thursday 5 May 2016 12.30 – 2.30pm for 7 sessions Sorby House, 42 Spital Hill Sheffield S4 7LG

2016-05-03 16:56:01
Archaeology Exhibition

An exhibition of Community Archaeology Projects featuring research by University Of Sheffield Archaeology Students in collaboration with Community Groups at The Diamond – Workroom 1 University of Sheffield, 32 Leavygreave Rd, Sheffield S3 7RD When: 11th May 2016 10am-1pm Contact: Dr. Katherine Fennelly Tel: 0114 222 2930

2016-05-03 16:11:13
Crabtree Ponds: our local nature reserve

Details of Crabtree Pond maintenance day 09.30- 12.00 on 9th May with links to planning documents for the ponds' future.

2016-05-02 12:40:14
May 2016 news

Latest news for May 2016

2016-05-01 17:15:46
Grimesthorpe Allotment Society Plant Sale

Grimesthorpe Allotment Society Plant Sale on 21st May 2016

2016-04-30 08:08:10
North Sheffield Better Buses:Barnsley Road nr Scott Road/Orphanage Road

Proposed scheme for changed road layouts around the junctions of Barnsley Road/Orphanage Road and Scott Road.

2016-04-25 11:07:50
Introduction to Permaculture at Burngreave Cemetery

Introduction to Permaculture at Burngreave Cemetery. 7th and 14th May.

2016-04-22 15:10:45
Burngreave cemetery environmental exhibition

11:00 until 15:00, 8th may 2016 Old Mortuary Chapel, Burngreave Cemetery. An exhibition about the flora and fauna within Burngreave Cemetery curated by Christine Steers.

2016-04-22 13:49:08
7th May 2016. A busy day at Burngreave Cemetery

The friends of Burngreave Cemetetery have organised a variety of events on 7th May.

2016-04-22 13:18:25
Job vacancy for youth workers

Job vacancy for two youth workers. Place of work: PACA Centre, 127 Page Hall Road, Sheffield, S4 8GU Hours: 20 per week Remuneration: £13,000 per annum

2016-04-20 16:33:24
Local history walk

A local history walk around Roe Woods, Crabtree pond and Parkwood Springs on 12th May 2016.

2016-04-20 16:23:13
Friends of Parkwood Springs meeting and AGM

Friends of Parkwood Springs meeting and AGM Tuesday, 3rd May 2016.

2016-04-20 16:17:17
Dawn Chorus walk

RSPB members are leading a dawn chorus walk on Parkwood Springs at 05.00 on 1st May 2016.

2016-04-20 16:10:13
Parkwood Springs work day

Parkwood Springs work day on 23rd April 2016

2016-04-20 16:03:18
Craft session at Pitsmoor Adventure Playground

Craft session at Pitsmoor Adventure Playground

2016-04-20 11:04:10
Shakespeare showtime 3

Library volunteers facilitated a Shakespeare performance by local children

2016-04-19 19:34:22
Shakespeare showtime 2

Library volunteers organised a performance of Macbreth

2016-04-19 19:29:05
Shakespeare Showtime

At Burngreave library two library volunteers Sam and Erica organised a production of Macbeth.

2016-04-19 19:23:33
Grow your own vegetable course

Ten sessions at Grimesthorpe allotments.

2016-04-18 10:28:41
Full list of Burngreave Award Winners 2016

Full lit of Burngreave Community Award winners 2016

2016-04-02 22:37:18
Burngreave local honours

Community Awards for Burngreave people

2016-04-02 08:33:50
Pitsmoor Adventure Playground wins Community Award

Pitsmoor Adventure playground has won a Burngreave Community Award.

2016-04-02 08:29:46
New secondary school for Burngreave approved

Plans to build a new secondary school in Burngreave have been approved by Sheffield City Council to meet the growing demand for school places.

2016-04-01 15:50:15
Carry On Page Hall

Channel 4 recently released a four-part series based in the Page Hall/ Fir Vale area, “Keeping Up with the Khans”.

2016-04-01 15:44:01
Plan for flats on Spital Hill

The Burngreave Messenger has reported in the past on the historic Lion Works on Spital Hill, which have been in a derelict state for a long time.

2016-04-01 15:35:32
Old library and housing office

The Rock Christian Centre has completed the purchase of the two Council buildings that housed Burngreave Library and the local housing office.

2016-04-01 15:23:11
Moving to England: my new experiences

Our new work experience placement tells us about himself

2016-04-01 15:14:19
All Saints Youth Club: more to be done

The All Saints Youth Club on Lyons Close provides a warm and welcoming environment for young people in the area, with pool tables and table tennis as well as access to an outside grass area.

2016-04-01 14:45:43
Calling all young people!

Burngreave Messenger is offering training sessions in writing for our community newspaper.

2016-04-01 14:40:36
Age Better in Sheffield

Age Better in Sheffield organised the ‘Let’s Talk Burngreave’ event on 19th March.

2016-04-01 13:15:00
Healthy Living Centre opens

Aspiring Communities Together (previously Yemeni Community Association) opened its new Healthy Living Centre on 10th March at the Fir Vale Centre

2016-04-01 12:56:27
Chinese New Year

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground celebrated the Chinese New Year

2016-04-01 12:52:04
Campaign for warmer and healthier homes

Residents in Page Hall and Fir Vale are being offered information about free energy efficiency measures from South Yorkshire Energy Centre (SYEC).

2016-04-01 12:47:43
Feeling Good’s monthly Cook & Eat session

Burngreave TARA’s Feeling Good project runs free activities for women at Verdon Street Recreation Centre.

2016-04-01 12:42:19
Mashashivartari festival

Hindus from across the city came to the Hindu Samaj on Buckenham Street to celebrate the Mashashivartari in March.

2016-04-01 12:30:38
Winter bird walk on Parkwood Springs

On 21st February, John and Anne Robinson led fifteen people in a bird walk on Parkwood Springs.

2016-04-01 12:24:36
St Catherine’s book about the Romans

Y3 pupils at St Catherine's Catholic Primary School created a book from their studies about the Romans.

2016-04-01 12:20:10
Cemetery sundial

Local community members are creating a sundial for Burngreave cemetery

2016-04-01 12:15:06
Charity bike ride

Beth Robinson and Rachel Clark, volunteers from local charity SAGE Greenfingers, are cycling from London to Nice to raise money for the charity.

2016-04-01 12:10:02
Harry Harpham Labour MP

Harry Harpham was remembered as one of the “ultimate workingclass heroes” on 16th February at a service of thanksgiving at Sheffield Cathedral after his untimely death from cancer.

2016-04-01 12:01:04
Cabinet in the community

Senior councillors meet annually with local community members.

2016-04-01 11:55:46
Career Opportunity

Watoto Pre-school are looking for a deputy early years support practitioner

2016-04-01 11:10:27
TEDx Pitsmoor

TEDx promotes short talks on various topics and Pitsmoor's own event has space for two more speakers for their meeting on 21st May at Christchurch.

2016-04-01 11:02:43
Local Couple in Tragic Accident

A fatal car accident took place at Crosspool on 27th December 2015

2016-04-01 10:53:41
‘Scott Road Triangle’ residents meeting

Residents of the area around Scott Road meet together every few months.

2016-04-01 10:43:28
Chess in Burngreave

In Burngreave, though chess might not quite have the profile of some other sports and activities, it is widely played – and, as we’ll see in future articles, it goes back quite a long way in the area.

2016-04-01 10:22:03
Volunteer for the Messenger

Burngreave Messenger seeks new volunteers.

2016-04-01 10:16:21
Carwood boxing champ

Local 18 year old Darnell Sterling is currently two-times Yorkshire Amateur Boxing Association champion at 64kg.

2016-03-31 20:30:37
What’s your Story?

Rob Hindle, working for the WEA, ran a short writing course at Burngreave Library.

2016-03-31 19:43:41
International Women’s Day in Burngreave

Women and children were welcomed at Verdon Street Recreation Centre to celebrate International Women’s Day as a part of a global celebration.

2016-03-31 19:33:15
Green City Action Open Day

Green City Action (GCA) organised an open day with several projects based at Abbeyfield House on Saturday 27th February,

2016-03-31 19:13:06
Firth Park Festival

The local volunteer committee who run the Firth Park Summer Funday really need your help to include more local people, families, talent and businesses from the area, including Pitsmoor and Burngreave

2016-03-31 18:59:16
PACA's Big Zone event

Pakistani Advice and Community Association (PACA) held a Building Better Opportunities event on 17th February 2016.

2016-03-31 18:34:23
Community clean up your street

A regular weekly community litter pick is planned for Earl Marshal and Whiteways Roads

2016-03-16 07:55:51
Cook and Eat

Burngreave Tenants' and Residents' Association are holding monthly “Cook and Eat” Sessions at the Furnival on Verdon Street.

2016-03-15 09:01:29
Vacancy for health trainer

Details of vacancy for health trainer: 37 hours per week or 2 posts of 18.5 hours per week. Six months fixed term contract. £18,180 pro rata. Deadline for applications 28th March 2016.

2016-03-14 10:55:56
Gardening course at Grimesthorpe Allotments

Details of gardening course at Grimesthorpe Allotments.

2016-03-12 06:24:07
Cooking classes for men

PACA at Firvale are offering a men's cook and eat class starting April

2016-03-08 12:17:52
Let's talk Burngreave

“Let's talk Burngreave” event on 19th March 2016. Organised by “Age well in Sheffield.”

2016-03-07 19:19:26
Play about Mary Seacole at Burngreave Library 10th March at 5.30pm

Play about Mary Seacole at Burngreave Library 10th March at 5.30pm

2016-03-01 19:41:46
World Book Day at Burngreave Library 4th March 2016

World book day event at Burngreave Library on 4th March 2016.

2016-03-01 19:22:05
Job vacancy for KS3/4 Teacher

Job vacancy for KS3/4 Teacher. 25 hours per week. Pro rata £27,300 per annum. Deadline for applications: 11th March 2016

2016-02-24 12:00:16
Job Vacancy for partnership development officer at Time Builders

Full details of a job vacancy for a partnership development officer at Time Builders. £18,000 per annum. 37.5 hours per week. Closing date for applications 25th March.

2016-02-24 06:37:52
Carwood Spring litter pick

Carwood Spring litter pick on 19th March 2016.

2016-02-20 12:04:47
Friends of Burngreave Library discussion workshop

Friends of Burngreave Library steering group

2016-02-20 07:45:52
Breast cancer awareness

Breast cancer awareness information

2016-02-17 09:43:13
International Women's Day

Stalls and activities at Verdon Street Recreation Centre Wednesday 9th March

2016-02-17 08:24:11
Prince's Trust training for employment

Prince's Trust training for employment in hospitality session.

2016-02-13 12:00:34
Clothes swap and fix it day

Bring clean clothes and swap them for some new ones, visit the toolbank or fix your computer

2016-02-11 13:29:55
"Get into the zone" employability event

Employability event at PACA.

2016-02-10 08:05:24
Multi faith forest gardening day

Multifaith forest gardening day at Parkwood Springs on 13th February.

2016-02-08 15:53:27
Cabinet in the community

Details of North east Sheffield “cabinet in the community” event on 24th February 2016.

2016-02-08 15:21:00
Harry Harpham MP has died

News of Harry Harpham's death

2016-02-05 07:53:52
Winter Fair Clun Street

The KidzFunZone Winter Fair is on Saturday 6th February at Clun St

2016-02-03 16:14:53
Invitation to a meeting at Burngreave Library

Invitation to a meeting of the Friends of Burngreave Library

2016-02-03 10:50:12
Wensley Community event

Community event on 15th February at Wensley Green

2016-02-02 07:35:59
Information and guidance at Sorby House

Find out about health groups, volunteering and activities in our area.

2016-02-02 07:08:15
Pitsmoor to Calais, 2nd trip. Full van coming back too!

Fran and Stuart from Pitsmoor take supplies to the Jungle refugee camp at Calais and bring back supplies for Burngreave Food bank.

2016-02-01 20:34:32
TEDx talks return to Pitsmoor

There will be repeat of the successful TEDx talks at Christ Church on 21st May. There will be a preparatory meeting on 5th May at 18.00.

2016-01-31 10:09:00
Chinese New Year Parade

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground are putting on a parade for Chinese new year on Wed 10th February

2016-01-28 18:07:30
Burngreave New Year's Honours 2016

The Councillors are looking to honour local people

2016-01-27 11:43:51
Winter Health Advice

Winter Health Advice from Sheffield clinical Commissioning group

2016-01-26 16:03:45
Healthy Communities programme

Sheffield City Council's healthy communities programme information.

2016-01-26 15:47:26
Sheffield City Council:Burngreave, your local area

Inforamation for Burngreave from Sheffield City Council.

2016-01-26 15:34:13
Crabtree Ponds nature reserve consultation

Crabtree Ponds is our local nature reserve and is managed by Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust.

The Wildlife Trust is asking for your feedback as your thoughts and ideas will help them to develop a plan for managing the reserve for the next nine years.

2016-01-23 18:09:02
Women in Construction classes

New women's classes in construction skills for spring 2016.

2016-01-21 16:51:34
Whats your Story

This new short course will explore how we can tell our own stories and develop confidence in writing.

2016-01-21 16:01:41
Sisters Cafe

Sisters' Cafe is a new cafe for women opening on Wednesdays from 11am 7 3pm, from Feb 10th in the Vestry Hall, Burngreave.

2016-01-21 15:38:08
New ESOL: Speaking, Reading & Writing

If you need to refresh your English or to help support your children at school, this course if for you.

Assessment Tuesday 19 January at 9.30 – 11.30 at Wensley Community Centre.

For more information or to book on the course please contact Shamila or Janet on 0114 2438611

2016-01-15 17:16:27
Arts and Crafts Group

Aged over 50 and interested in arts and crafts then join us every Tuesday from 19th January for these free crafty sessions.

2016-01-15 16:59:22
Introduction to Community Development & Health

ICDH stands for Introduction to Community Development and Health. The course starts with a half day Taster session at 9.30 – 12.30. During the Taster session, you will meet the tutor, find out what the course is about and how the course is delivered. Free creche.

2016-01-15 16:16:29
Zero budget, infinite possibilities

Cheap Thrills Film Festival is in its fifth year thanks to Martin Currie.

Messenger collaborates with Now Then magazine

2016-01-14 06:24:28
No human being is illegal

Fran and Stuart went to Calais to take over donations for refugees.

2016-01-14 06:09:57
Dear Messenger...

Letter from Claire Burnell asking about the multi- cultural festival.

2016-01-13 17:48:14
Spital Hill art, Love it or hate it

Two sculptures have been installed on Spital Hill.

2016-01-13 17:42:51
Lilian Bamforth

Memories of Lilian Bamforth by Gabriel Kaden Jacobs

2016-01-13 10:58:08
My Pye Bank

Barbara Warsop's family story.

2016-01-13 10:37:49
An Iranian in Paris

Ali Nekooi was born in Iran and has lived in Burngreave since the 1980's.

2016-01-13 10:31:30
Sage centre stage

Sage launches World Mental Health Week in the Winter Gardens

2016-01-13 09:09:08
Fifty nine homes for Fir Vale

In April 2016 Sheffield Housing Company hopes to be starting work on fifty-nine homes in Fir vale

2016-01-13 08:01:01
Page Hall petitions for funds

Businesses in Page Hall meet harry harpham MP to discuss regeneration of district.

2016-01-13 07:56:57
Aspiring to health

The Healthy Living Centre on Earl Marshall Road opens on 15th February.

2016-01-12 17:06:31
You've got skills

Skills swap group at Burngreave Children's cntre is a success.

2016-01-12 16:56:41
The library comes to life

Storytelling and volunteering at the library

2016-01-12 15:53:37
Plates and pizza

Green City action hosts two pottery events.

2016-01-12 15:47:28
Eden by candlelight

Eden Fir Vale organised a lantern parade around the Page Hall/Wensley area.

2016-01-12 15:26:32
Age Better Christmas lunch

Age better Christmas lunch

2016-01-12 15:17:29
Parkwood Springs festive lunch

Parkwood Springs Community Christmas Dinner at Parkwood Academy.

2016-01-12 15:13:37
Ellesmere Youth Volunteers

Ellesmere Youth Volunteers hold their AGM.

2016-01-12 14:46:07
Love food, hate waste

A session was held on how to prevent food from being thrown away.

2016-01-12 14:40:33
Page Hall Surgery, a special case

Page hall Surgery gains some extra funding

2016-01-12 14:36:15
Sheffield Roma network

Details of Sheffield Roma network

2016-01-12 14:07:14
Whiteways Winter fayre

Winter fayre at Whiteways school

2016-01-12 14:02:04
Litter picking wins prizes!

A litter pick will become a regular event in Page Hall with prizes for those taking part.

2016-01-12 13:01:27
Art in the Ashram

Painting by Ros Norsworthy of the Lord's supper on display at the Ashram.

2016-01-12 12:44:43
Beacons lit up

Parkwood Springs lantern festival.

2016-01-12 12:34:18
New year, new funds for Burngreave

Good news of new funding for Pitsmoor Adventure Playground and Burngreave messenger.

2016-01-12 12:11:38
January 2016 Issue 118

The full issue 118 of the Burngreave Messenger in January 2016.

2016-01-12 12:03:03
The Value of Volunteering Course

Details of an accredited course on the value of volunteering.

2016-01-09 21:21:30
Baby Group at Burngreave Children's Centre

Details of baby group at Burngreave Children's Centre.

2016-01-09 07:04:19
Computer Class

computer class details for January 2016

2016-01-08 18:11:51
Level One Certificate in cleaning principles

Level One course for a certificate in cleaning principles

2016-01-08 17:45:12
Community Mosaic Workshops

Friends of Burngreave cemetery are holding 6 workshops in Abbeyfield Park House, to design and make a sundial for the cemetery

2016-01-02 17:39:49
Two new jobs at the Burngreave Messenger

The Burngreave Messenger is recruiting for two new workers:

  • Volunteer Development Worker – £22,937 – £24,472 pa

  • Project Administrator – £17,714 – £19,742

  • full-time but open to job-share

  • Closing date: 25th January 2016

2016-01-01 22:14:59
Yemeni Community Association Vacancies

Job Vacancies

We are seeking the following staff to join our team.

Restart Project manager £21,560 (Pro rata) 30hrs per week Term Time only (Fixed until 30th July and renewed subject to the continuation of funding)

Fundraising officer

£27,300 (pro-rata) 18 hrs per week One year contract

Deadline: 15/1/2015 at 4pm

Interviews: w/c 18/1/2015

2015-12-28 16:24:46
Women only swimming cafe

Women only swimming café on Fridays in term time.

2015-12-14 19:29:00
Gap Shap Group

Gap Shap Group at St James Church, Scott Road (Women Only)

2015-12-14 19:15:14
Crabtree Ponds working day on 7th December

Details of Crabtree Ponds working day.

2015-12-04 16:06:53
Free "Health Chat" training

Health Chat training on 21st December 2015.

2015-12-02 07:39:50
Free two day event at Yemeni Community Association

Free two day event at Yemeni Community Association

2015-12-01 10:54:37
Ellesmere Youth Project AGM

Details of EYP AGM

2015-11-25 08:02:48
Job vacancy: Cafeteria coordinator

Details of a job vacancy for a cafe coordinator at the Yemeni Community Association

  • Working Hours: 37.5

  • Salary Scale: £18,525

  • Closing date: 11th December

2015-11-24 16:53:13
Whiteways Winter Fayre

Details of Whiteways Winter fayre 11.12.2015

2015-11-23 16:26:17
Parkwood Springs Working day

Details of Parkwood Springs working day on 28th November.

2015-11-21 18:48:35
We are recruiting a Project Manager / Editor for the Burngreave Messenger

We are recruiting a Project Manager / Editor for the Burngreave Messenger.

  • Full-time

  • Salary: £25440 – £27123

  • Closing date: 7th December 2015

2015-11-14 20:58:53
Free course for parents and carers of 3-5 year olds

A free course for parents and carers of 3-5 year olds.

2015-11-04 19:08:41
Healthy living with Diabetes

SOAR run course with information for those with diabetes.

2015-11-04 04:43:35
Burngreave bus route changes

Details of bus route changes

2015-11-03 05:52:06
Love food, hate waste

Details of Love food, Hate waste event.

2015-10-28 16:32:44
New Primary and Secondary school places

Council information on new school programme

2015-10-28 16:11:07
Community Skills Swap

Details of Community Skills Swap

2015-10-24 09:47:00
Fire and road safety roadshow

Fire and road safety roadshow at Tesco 24.10.15.

2015-10-23 09:03:14
Burngreave Ward Public Meeting 22nd October 2015

Burngreave ward meeting details 22.10.2015

2015-10-20 18:37:19
Firth Park Winter Wonderland 2015

Details of Winter Wonderland event at Firth Park

2015-10-15 09:08:49
Halloween 2015 at Firth Park

Halloween 2015 at Firth Park activities

2015-10-15 08:57:23
Halloween 2015 at Firth Park

Halloween 2015 at Firth Park activities

2015-10-15 08:57:19
Art with Krishna

Details of community art group

2015-10-07 10:17:36
Singing and sea air with SAGE

Recent events run by Sage Greenfingers

2015-10-07 10:11:32
Macmillan Coffee Morning

Coffee morning fundraising for Macmillan cancer support.

2015-10-07 10:08:23
Arches celebrate forty years

Arches celebrate forty years. Report from the celebrations

2015-10-07 09:37:38
Bicycles and Beacons at Parkwood Springs

Events and news from Parkwood Springs

2015-10-07 09:34:02
Kevin Hartney

Kevin Hartney obituary

2015-10-07 09:29:50
Carwood litter pick

Carwood litter pick

2015-10-07 09:26:51
Sadacca's afternoon tea with a difference

saddaca women's group held a fundraising afternoon tea.

2015-10-07 09:10:31
Congratulations Doctor Curtis

Sharon Curtis of Ellesemere Childrens centre has been awarded a doctorate.

2015-10-07 09:07:31
YCA funding success

Yemeni community Association has secured £500,000 from the Big Lottery.

2015-10-07 08:55:50
A Golden 50 years

We were some of the lucky ones invited to celebrate John and Margaret Mellor’s golden wedding anniversary. John had arranged (supposedly secretly) a musical celebration as a surprise for Margaret.

2015-10-07 08:11:56
NOMAD provides new service

Tenancy support organisation NOMAD provides new service “Smart Steps” for the under 35s.

2015-10-06 20:10:48
Pitsmoor to Calais in solidarity

Local people taking a van to Calais to assist refugees

2015-10-06 20:05:39
Byron Wood ESOL learners share recipes

Byron Wood ESOL learners share recipes

2015-10-06 20:00:45
Spital Hill update

Latest on Spital Hill improvement scheme

2015-10-06 19:56:20
Al Fresco Pizza

Green city action open day

2015-10-06 19:49:02
Summer in the cemetery

Summer 2015 events in Burngreave cemetery

2015-10-06 19:40:49
Whiteways fundraiser

Whiteways Primary School held a fundraising event in aid of the crises in Nepal and Yemen.

2015-10-06 19:34:46
Life changing learning

Information about the North east Learner and adult education.

2015-10-06 19:30:10
The elephant of Cookswood Road

Local resident has elephant topiary

2015-10-06 17:18:05
Behind the stars- Jim Carroll

Jim Carroll is a local musician who has played on many recordings of famous singers.

2015-10-06 17:13:27
Green Homes Sheffield tours on 11th October in Burngreave

Sunday 11th October 2015: Open day for green homes in Burngreave

2015-10-06 16:38:31
Praying together for Eid Al-fitr

An estimated 1.800 people from various backgrounds came together to Spital Hill Tesco’s underground car park on Friday the 17th July to celebrate Eid Al-fitr, the completion of Ramadan.

2015-10-05 16:31:34
TEDx Pitsmoor

Back in February Martin Currie was granted a licence from TED – a charity encouraging the sharing of ideas through public speaking events to run an independent Pitsmoor themed evening of talks. Pitsmoor TEDx was held at Christ Church on 27th June and was a great success.

2015-10-05 16:19:17
A Japanese jamboree

After a year of fundraising in the community local Scouts, Paul and Kirsty, from St. Catherine’s scout group on Holtwood Road were able to take up their places at the World Scouting Jamboree in Japan.

2015-10-05 16:05:21
Springboard Social Café

On Thursday 13th August I went down to the Vestry Hall to visit a new project – the Springboard Social Café.

2015-10-05 15:44:43
Sheffield Roma Network

The Shef field R oma Network is being dev eloped at P ACA and aims to be a v oice f or the R oma communi t y and help i t bui ld capaci t y to addr ess issues af f ecting i t as a communi ty . The network wi l l be an opportuni t y f or learning and a place wher e the new R oma r esidents can start to shape and bui ld their own f utur e in Shef field. The pr oject is hoped to impr ove local integr ation and wi l l support 20-30 v olunteer f aci li tators acr oss the ci ty. To join the Roma network contact Andy on 0114 261 9130 or email

2015-10-05 15:30:53
Open air service on Ellesmere

300 Christians from local churches gathered on Ellesmere Green on 13th September for a celebration as part of the ‘Crossroads Mission’ with the Bishop of Durham, Paul Butler.

2015-10-02 16:31:12
Summer at the Playground

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground’s summer programme was packed

with activities for local families and children.

2015-10-02 16:24:02
Devon Gardens AGM

Saturday 3rd October at 2 pm

2015-09-25 12:06:26
PACA Events for the over 50's

Forthcoming events at PACA for the over 50's for Autumn 2015

2015-09-23 11:43:10
PACA Events

Forthcoming events at PACA for Autumn 2015

2015-09-23 11:43:06
Job Vacancy for Yemeni Community Association older people support worker

Job Vacancy for Yemeni Community Association older people support worker

2015-09-17 07:30:40
Vacancy for Yemeni Community Association inclusion manager

YCA job vacancy for inclusion manager

2015-09-17 07:21:36
Sheffield Heritage Open Days

Sheffield heritage Open Days events in Burngreave details

2015-09-08 05:35:17
Crabtree Ponds maintenance day

Details of Crabtree ponds maintenance day on 7th September 2015

2015-09-05 11:03:39
50th anniversary celebration concert: 19 September

Invitation to 50th annivesary concert on 19th September, 7.30 – 9.30pm at St Peter's Ellesmere, Lyons Close S4 7EP

2015-09-03 09:23:10
Kevin Hartney

Announcing the death of Kevin Hartney, Saturday 29th August

2015-09-01 12:18:50
Training Fair - Volunteers wanted !

volunteers needed to support over 50s. Training offered.

2015-08-31 14:29:07
Find out more about the work of BGEP

An invitation to find out more about the work of the Burngreave Green Environment Programme on Thursday 23rd September 2004. Come and meet the people involved in the project and tour some of the parks and green spaces.

2015-08-28 11:08:05
BLSA Translation and Interpretation Course 2004 - 2005

Starting September 2004,Burngreave Language Support Agency will be running a training course for all residents who want to become translators and interpreters.

2015-08-28 11:04:36
Become a Home-Start volunteer

Home-Start are currently looking for volunteers to offer regular support, friendship and practical help to young families under stress in their own homes.

2015-08-28 10:44:28
Anti-Social Behaviour Team and Police Team drop in session

The drop in session is for advice on Anti-Social Behaviour and to report Anti-Social Behaviour

2015-08-28 10:40:49
Positive Negatives 8th Film Festival

Friday 6th August 2004 – Sunday 8th August 2004 at the Spectrum Centre, Burngreave. Showing a selection of films for all age groups.

2015-08-28 10:35:43
Board Members Wanted

SYAC Ltd (South Yorkshire African Caribbean Business and Enterprise Training Centre) are looking for 10 new Board members.

2015-08-28 10:27:24
Is Shirecliffe now part of Burngreave?

“Is it correct that as of June 2004 the Burngreave ward was extended to include Shirecliffe?”

2015-08-28 10:24:53
No flag-waving hidden agenda

“Just thought I had to reply to the letter from last issue about the craze for displaying the flag of St George. I mean, 'narrow-minded nationalism and retrogressive petty triumphalism'.”

2015-08-28 10:20:19
Our flag is a celebration of our freedom

“Regarding the letter condemning the prevalence of the flag of St George during the European football championship, I see no harm in supporting our football team.”

2015-08-28 10:16:13
Sure Start’s wonderful achievements

“As a father in the Fir Vale area, I would like to thank the Sure Start programme manager and staff for their initiative and hard work.”

2015-08-28 10:14:12
SOAR Community Burngreave Library and Volunteer Coordinator

SOAR Community Burngreave library and volunteer coordinator

2015-08-25 20:27:12
Osgathorpe Jam One Love Festival 2005

In its fifth year the festival is an excellent annual family occasion, where there will be a diverse range of activities.

  • 1–8pm Sunday 31 July 2005, Osgathorpe Park (Earl Marshall Recreation Ground)

2015-08-20 21:53:20
Summer of fun

Planning ahead for the summer? Make sure you get Burngreave’s events in your diary.

2015-08-20 21:46:27
BCAT profile

A profile of Bilal Luqmaan who is currently employed as a development Worker at BCAT.

2015-08-20 18:04:50
BCLC appeal

The Burngreave Community Learning Campaign is committed to helping local adults go back into education. We are here to help everyone, from all backgrounds.

2015-08-20 18:01:39
Could you be an appropriate adult?

Working in partnership with Sheffield Youth Offending Team (YOT), SOVA are recruiting volunteers for the Appropriate Adult Scheme and the Resettlement and Aftercare Provision (RAP) Mentoring Scheme.

2015-08-20 17:56:28
In trouble with the law…

“Ten year old Ajay was terrified: arrested late at night on a serious allegation of assault and put in a cell, he told police he didn’t want a solicitor. His mother didn’t speak English, so I was called out to help him. It was my first time as an appropriate adult.”

2015-08-20 17:50:32
Sports news: Upcoming activities

Events and sporting activities from the Burngreave Sports Network & Burngreave Sports Project. Includes Sheffield and District Junior Sunday League results and fixtures

2015-08-20 17:36:29
The BNDfC Grant Scheme

Since its launch in May of 2004, the BNDfC Grant Scheme has awarded over £400,000 to local individuals, groups and organisations working to benefit those living in the Burngreave area.

2015-08-20 17:14:07
Burngreave New Deal elections set for July 2005

Burngreave New Deal for Communities has now announced the timetable for the 2005 elections for residents to become community and voluntary sector representatives on the BNDfC partnership board. Here, we take a look at what the process will be, why it is important and how you can make a difference to our community by getting involved through voting or becoming a board member. Don’t miss your chance to have your say – make your mark on Burngreave.

2015-08-20 15:49:38
Tony’s best bits

Tony Hall has spent the last two years as a community representative on the BNDfC board. He tells us what he enjoys the most about being involved and why it is all so worthwhile.

2015-08-20 15:42:09
Hip Hip!

After a crazy start with excited parents chasing after one another and familiar requests for children to move their cars, the first Burngreave Young People’s Award Ceremony began.

2015-08-20 15:35:57
Sure Start opening

The Lord Mayor of Sheffield came to Page Hall in March for the Grand Opening of the new SELCO (Sure Start Early Learning Centre Owler Brook) building at Owler Brook School.

2015-08-20 15:34:01
Chapel cinema show saved

Over 200 people attending a visually and acoustically amazing ensemble of screenings, supported by a live performance from Sundaze, and an array of moving images from both Burngreave- and Yorkshire based filmmakers.

2015-08-20 15:30:41
What’s so funny about living in Burngreave?

If you are one half of Sheffield’s only comic theatre duo – ABORT comedy, then possibly, quite a lot. Burngreave-based writer and performer – Stewart Lodge, talks to the other member of ABORT comedy – Steven Loader, about making a funny show for people to laugh at.

2015-08-20 15:26:39
What a choice!

International Women’s Day came early in Burngreave this year with an event on the 7th March 2005.

2015-08-20 15:22:16
Asylum seekers

Little attention is paid to the difficulties asylum seekers and refugees face. While the national news media are quick to criticise and demonise asylum seekers, their views, the problems they encounter and how they are treated are often ignored.

2015-08-20 15:07:43
Forum row

This month Kevin Hartney, the new Chair of the Burngreave Community Action Forum (BCAF) used his first address to a Quarterly Forum to make a scathing attack on New Deal, saying it had marginalised BCAF and is undermining its work.

2015-08-20 15:02:26
Are you being heard?

The recent Household Survey showed people feel we’re starting to see real changes and that our area is becoming a better place to live in. Despite that arguments continue about how we are represented. Here the Messenger brings you a guide to some of main organisations that represent and work for the Burngreave Community.

2015-08-20 14:59:13
The forgotten Woodsiders

The ‘upside down’ houses on Woodside have been replaced by empty green spaces. But the last few wavyroofed houses still stand and some of the last residents say they should be saved.

2015-08-20 14:41:02
Area Panel New Year’s Honours

On Thursday 27th January 2005, the Area Panel ‘honoured’ those people and organisations in our community that local people nominated because they ‘make a difference’ to living in Burngreave.

2015-08-20 13:46:51
Apprentice launch

The ‘Apprenticeships for All’ programme, created to offer employment and training opportunities to the people of Burngreave, has now been launched.

2015-08-20 13:38:06
Changing opening times

The opening times of the BNDfC Information Shop have changed.

2015-08-20 13:33:53
Elections – an important year ahead

It may seem like only yesterday when the last BNDfC elections took place but, now two years on, it’s that time again. However, before the campaign trail hots up too much, a number of changes are being proposed to the election process and BNDfC want to hear your views and opinions.

2015-08-20 13:26:56
Tea Prepared by 76th Sheffield Scout Group

Sunday 23rd August, 11am – 2pm at The Cornerstone, Carwood Road, S4 7EW. Join us for tea, cake, games and activities.

2015-08-19 13:12:42
Celebrating Local Heroes

This year’s Burngreave Area Panel New Year’s Honours Awards ceremony will be on Thursday 27th January 2005. Come along and help us celebrate the fantastic contribution local people and groups make to this area.

2015-08-18 21:59:34
Leroy leads the way

Leroy Betts has lived in Burngreave all his life. He has just been appointed as a Community Engagement Manager at BNDfC and, as he explains, is grateful to have the chance to put something back into his local community

2015-08-18 21:39:30
Employment boost

It’s an encouraging fact that not everyone may be aware of but almost 50 per cent of the jobs created by the Burngreave New Deal for Communities programme have been filled by local residents.

2015-08-18 21:35:07
Public meeting questions answered

At the recent BNDfC public meeting held at Verdon Street Recreation Centre on Friday 17 September 2004, a number of issues were raised.

2015-08-18 21:32:35
Wicker kicker

Carl Rose set off to meet Trix March and Mick Mullaney, who run the Wicker Camp Thai Boxing Gymnasium. Thai Boxing expert Trix Marc has held World, Commonwealth, European, and British female titles.

2015-08-18 21:09:53
Happy New Year’s Resolutions!

Shirley Grundy of Grimesthorpe started smoking when she was 19. Forty-six years later she has successfully given up.

2015-08-18 21:05:41
Farewell Mrs Saleem

Dina Martin, the Head Teacher of Firshill school, held an assembly on Friday, 19th November 2004 to celebrate the retirement of Support Teacher, Mrs Sabihah Saleem, after 18 years of service. All the classes presented her with hand-made cards and gifts.

2015-08-18 21:03:30
BWRC – Celebrate Achievements

Established in 1994, the Black Women’s Resource Centre Children’s Project has developed from a voluntary organisation to a substantial project employing staff and managing an important childcare resource.

2015-08-18 20:22:00
Ellesmere Children’s Centre

Sharon Curtis and her team at the Ellesmere Children’s Centre on Maxwell Street have achieved an excellent Ofsted report.

2015-08-18 20:17:34
Lessons learnt

The Burngreave Community Learning Campaign (BCLC) began in April 2003. It aims to employ local people to encourage other local people into education. The pilot phase is nearly complete, but it’s had it’s problems.

2015-08-18 20:07:47
Hall of Fame

On 27th October 2004, many gathered at SADACCA to celebrate the achievements of others from our diverse community.

2015-08-18 20:00:16
A gathering storm

The Burngreave Ashram on Spital Hill held a meeting in November where Rob Smith heard passionate discussions about the Masterplan that is creating a storm.

2015-08-18 19:53:42
Bring out your rubbish

Once again the Burngreave Area Panel and Street Force are funding a series of Bring Out Your Rubbish Days covering the whole of our area over the next six months.

2015-08-18 14:24:50
Supporting local groups

We have just made our decision on the latest round of small grant applications

2015-08-18 14:20:52
Abbeyfield Festival Focus

What makes the Abbeyfield Festival such a success? We asked Panni Poh Yoke Loh, Events Coordinator at Green City Action who organise the event, for the low down…

2015-08-18 13:59:04
Award success

BNDfC is celebrating its success after clinching two awards and receiving special recognition in two others at the NDC Achievement Awards 2004.

2015-08-18 13:53:03
Burngreave New Deal making its mark

It’s been a rewarding time all round recently for BNDfC. Here, we take a look at some of the things that are helping to put New Deal and the Burngreave community on the map…

2015-08-18 13:50:39
Learning to Do It Yourself

The Home Owners Maintenance and Advice Scheme has been running DIY classes for owners taking part in the scheme. The New Deal funded project aims to help and encourage owners to identify and carry out external repairs to their home.

2015-08-18 13:42:58
Burngreave Community Action Forum

Working Group Meeting Dates and Health Group information.

2015-08-18 13:34:41
Round Walk

In October 2004, Sheffield’s Lord and Lady Mayor joined Burngreave Ramblers to launch the Burngreave Round Walk booklet.

2015-08-18 13:20:13
Working towards Association

Barry’s Café, alongside BCAT, Listen To Us and others, are making moves to establish an African and Caribbean Association resource centre.

2015-08-18 13:17:50
A sporting life

Daniel Jackson and Tanya Bailey have just started working for the Burngreave Sports Project to work with children and teenagers from Burngreave, organising and running activities and trips.

2015-08-18 13:11:39
Burngreave Sports Network news

November 2004 news from the Burngreave Sports Network, including an appeal for committee members and news of upcoming events.

2015-08-18 13:01:00
It’s the business…

Burngreave businesses have been getting stuck into the nitty gritty of building success in the area through the continuing development of the Business Forum.

2015-08-18 11:04:17
Burngreave finds its voice

Last month Verdon Street Rec hosted a wealth pictures, stories and displays about the area’s history to celebrate the launch of Burngreave Voices: Our Stories Celebrated, a project aiming to gather together some of the untold stories of residents’ lives and histories.

2015-08-18 10:58:07
Masterplan for Burngreave

The Council have been consulting residents at different locations and meetings including the Fir Vale Forum, Burngreave Community Action Forum and the Area Panel meeting. Information will continue to be available at the New Deal information Shop on Spital Hill until 12th November. The Messenger has been to find out what people are saying around Burngreave…

2015-08-18 10:49:30
Allotments news

Grimesthorpe Allotments has again been disturbed by vandals and thieves. The the New Deal funded community room, a metal portakabin with kitchen facilities and toilets, was broken into and most of the kitchen facilities were taken.

2015-08-18 10:46:31
BWRC Celebrating Achievements

Black Women’s Resource Centre have had another successful year and are inviting people to an open to day to celebrate the achievements of the children using the centre.

2015-08-18 10:44:17
Playing with fire

Rob Smith went to speak to a resident whose house looks out over Osgathorpe Park. Wishing to remain anonymous, the resident raised concerns about a gang of teenage boys and the continuing incidents of stolen vehicles being driven in the park.

2015-08-15 12:15:45
Sage Greenfingers Singing Sessions

Sage greenfingers Singing sessions

2015-08-10 10:27:52
Sage Greenfingers open day

Sage Greenfingers open day

2015-08-10 10:10:46
Carwood Summer Litter Pick

Carwood litter pick

2015-08-04 07:13:36
SOAR Job vacancy (maternity cover)

SOAR Job vacancy for maternity cover

2015-08-03 08:12:39
Greentop Circus:learn circus skills

Learn circus skills

2015-08-02 11:20:56
Street Games in Burngreave

Street games in Burngreave organised by Doorstep Sports Club

2015-08-02 11:05:29
Qualified Tutors required

Qualified Tutors required for Roma Achievement Project – KS2/3

  • Hours: 3 hours per week, Saturday mornings term time only

  • £25 per hour

  • Closing date: Friday 7th August 2015 at 5pm

2015-08-01 21:21:07
Street games at All Saints

Street games at All Saints. time and venue

2015-08-01 10:32:27
Street games in Page Hall

Street games in Page Hall: times and venue

2015-08-01 10:24:12
Sport FX South Yorkshire

Football, boxing, cricket and dancing at Firvale Academy; times and venue

2015-08-01 09:26:59
Boys Football: Elllesmere Youth project

Boys Football: Elllesmere Youth project. Times and venue

2015-08-01 09:00:19
Osgathorpe Pavilion Youth Club

Osgathorpe Pavilion youth club. Times and venue.

2015-08-01 08:53:12
All Saints Youth Club

All Saints Youth Club. Times and venue.

2015-08-01 08:44:37
Mothers of Burngreave Youth Club

Mothers of Burngreave Youth Club venue and times

2015-08-01 08:24:34
Adventure's Family Fun

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground on Melrose Road are having a family fun day on Wednesday 5th August.

2015-07-30 21:34:52
Job Vacancies: Young People Inclusion Service

Job vacancies; Young People Inclusion Service

2015-07-30 07:05:39
Multifaith forest gardening day

Multifaith forest gardening day at Parkwood Springs

2015-07-29 08:01:03
SADACCA Womens' Group: Afternoon tea with a difference

SADACCA Womens' Group: Afternoon tea with a difference

2015-07-24 11:28:28
Crabtree Pond maintenance day

Sheffield Wildlife Trust hold monthly maintenance days at Crabtree Ponds.

2015-07-24 10:34:19
Burngreave Library Co-ordinator vacancy

SOAR job vacancy advertisement for Burngreave Library co-ordinator

2015-07-24 10:22:49
Vacancy for Job Club Employment Advisor

Vacancy for Job Club Employment Advisor at SOAR

2015-07-24 10:13:29
Beacons planning meeting

A meeting will be held to plan for the Beacon's event at Parkwood springs in October.

2015-07-23 11:54:24
Parkwood Springs Activities

Forthcoming activities organised by the Friends of Parkwood Springs.

2015-07-17 17:02:11
Improvements to Catherine Street Open Space

Improvements to Catherine Street Open Space

2015-07-15 21:34:57
Well Dressing in Burngreave Cemetery

A picture made from natural materials to decorate the site of an old well in the cemetery

2015-07-14 13:39:37
Pitsmoor Adventure Playground

Opening times of Pitsmoor Adventure Playground

2015-07-10 18:15:55
St Peter's Ellesmere Summer Fair - Saturday 8th August 2015: 1.30-4.30pm

St Peter's Ellesmere, Lyons Close, S4 7EP, will be holding a Summer Fair on Saturday 8th August from 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm. Free BBQ, bouncy castle, games, stalls, refreshments, etc. All members of the community, young and old, welcome.

2015-07-02 09:48:40
PACA Activities

Health enhancing activities at PACA

2015-06-23 09:43:39
Parkwood Springs events

Friends of Parkwood Springs Meeting and maintenance day

2015-06-23 03:43:54
Allez Wincobank!

Bicycle event at Wincobank

2015-06-22 14:21:17
Crabtree Ponds Meeting

Crabtree Ponds Meeting. All local people welcome

2015-06-22 13:47:03
Cemetery Well Dressing July 3rd-5th

The Burngreave Cemetery annual well dressing takes place the first week in July

2015-06-16 13:14:07
Arches' 40th Anniversary street party

Arches celebrate 40th Anniversary with a street party

2015-06-11 18:00:31
SOAR Community Volunteer Development Worker

SOAR community volunteer development worker vacancy

2015-06-08 19:25:12
How to organise a litter pick on your street

How to organise a litter pick

2015-05-28 13:48:40
Calling all volunteers-the bureau needs you

Citizens advice bureau needs volunteers

2015-05-28 13:45:01
And your new Lord Mayor- Councillor Talib Hussain

Local councillor, Talib Hussain, has become the new Lord Mayor of Sheffield

2015-05-28 13:40:46
Sheffield Oromo Cultural day

Sheffield Oromo community hosted a cultural day

2015-05-28 13:37:28
SAGE Greenfingers host sun blessed theatre

Sage Greenfingers have hosted an event by the Mikron Theatre company

2015-05-28 13:30:11
Knife Crime Conference

An anti knife crime conference was held in the Vestry Hall.

2015-05-28 13:25:35
Running the Yorkshire half Marathon

Helen Brown's account of running the Yorkshire half marathon

2015-05-28 13:21:42
Stories from the Byron Wood Bugle

Byron Wood Bugle reports on climbing, Egyptian dancing and Lowry activities

2015-05-28 13:16:44
Bats, bees and blessings

Recent events at Burngreave Cemetery.

2015-05-28 13:11:21
Daff workshop

teaching session on the daff drum.

2015-05-28 13:08:10
Open Bethlehem film showing

Christchurch hosted Leila Sansour’s film Open Bethlehem on 12th March, supported by the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

2015-05-28 12:58:36
Health Page

health news, support and information

2015-05-28 12:51:21
Fir Vale litter pick

Litter pick at fir Vale

2015-05-28 12:42:28
News from Parkwood Springs

The Friends of Parkwood Springs have commented on Viridor's plans for the restoration of the Landfill site which had been submitted to the Council. These and other comments have been discussed between Viridor and Council officers, and Viridor have now submitted revised plans.

2015-05-28 12:41:36
Recycling issues

Recycling facilities closed at St Catherine's school.

2015-05-28 12:35:07
Arrivals in Burngreave

The last week of May was celebrated as Refugee Week. The Messenger invited photographer Jeremy Abrahams to talk about his photography project ‘Arrivals’, which will be exhibited in Weston Park Museum in Autumn 2016.

2015-05-28 12:32:22
New Burngreave local history book just released

Following the successful book ‘Pitsmoor – a peek into the past’ about the history of Burngreave in the 19th century a few years ago, the Burngreave Messenger Local History Group has just released a sequel after several months of research and hard work entitled ‘Burngreave – as the 20th Century unfolds’.

2015-05-28 12:26:52
Meet our new MP Harry Harpham

Harry Harpham new MP for the Brightside and Hillsborough constituency

2015-05-28 12:19:47
Normandy veterans return to Holland after 70 years

John Mellor has written about Ken Riley and many Normandy Veterans and was invited by the Normandy Veterans Association to visit Holland on the 70th anniversary of the Dutch liberation from Nazi rule.

2015-05-28 12:16:50
End of the Rainbow

Charity shop, Rainbow's End, has closed down.

2015-05-28 12:14:45
Pitsmoor Methodist Church to move

Pitsmoor Church seeks new, smaller premises,

2015-05-28 12:11:24
Computer repairs at Abbeyfield

The computer cafe (BitFixIT) is moving to Abbeyfield House.

2015-05-28 12:03:29
Ken Riley: Normandy Veteran (1924-2015)

Ken Riley, of Torbay Road, was the Chairman of the Sheffield branch of the Normandy Veterans Association for 12 years and one of its founder members. In common with other members of the association, Ken landed on the Normandy beaches during ‘Operation Overlord’ which began on 6th June 1944. Ken, at the age of 19, was a radio operator with the Royal Armoured Corps.

2015-05-28 12:00:12
The Dragon of Pitsmoor

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground people made an enormous dragon for Sharrow Lantern Festival.

2015-05-28 11:59:49
Playground Celebrations

Recent events at Pitsmoor Adventure Playground

2015-05-28 11:50:24
TEDx event

Stimulating talks at Christ Church

2015-05-25 12:41:36
What next for Burngreave library?

A meeting has discussed the future for Burngreave library

2015-05-25 12:15:05
In memory of Reverend Don Sparkes

Obituary of Reverend Don Sparkes

2015-05-25 11:20:59
Folk singer of the year award

Local resident and folk singer Nancy Kerr, a member of The Full English Band, has won ‘Folk Singer of the Year’ at the Radio 2 Folk Awards.

2015-05-25 10:39:06
Ellesmere Youth Project Sports Camp

Ellesmere youth project Sports Camp 26-28th May 2015

2015-05-18 19:43:59
Burngreave Sports Project

News, updates and events from the Burngreave Sports Project.

2015-05-12 00:16:53
Burngreave New Year’s Honours Awards 2005

The Burngreave Area Panel will once again be awarding Honours to people and groups who have made an outstanding contribution to their local community.

2015-05-11 18:30:08
It’s a Sure Start

Work on the Sure Start centre is getting underway and it is due to open its doors to the local community in 2005/2006.

2015-05-11 18:24:07
Public meeting success

Burngreave residents were asked to have their say about the community they live in by attending a special public meeting in September 2004 organised by BNDfC.

2015-05-11 18:19:36
Let us know what matters

BNDfC is always looking to get ideas from the local community and the monthly Theme Focus Group meetings have proved ideal.

2015-05-11 18:16:25
Apprenticeships for all

A new scheme to give people in Burngreave of all ages who are out of work the opportunity to increase their skills and gain employment is set to be launched.

2015-05-11 18:12:01
Warm welcome back Magda

BNDfC is pleased to welcome back Magda Boo, Health and Crime Theme Manager, who has just returned from six months maternity leave. We are also delighted to say hello to Magda’s new addition, baby Charlie.

2015-05-11 18:08:00
Celebrating Shirecliffe

Saturday 4th September 2004 was a great day for Shirecliffe as residents, visitors and volunteers celebrated at the Shirecliffe Festival in Parkwood School.

2015-05-11 18:03:27
Sunny day transforms Wensley

On 8th September 2004 all roads led to the Wensley estate. There was music and live stage entertainment on the new BNDfC truck, with No Excuse heading the bill. Craft stalls, information and games blended with jugglers and clowns on stilts.

2015-05-11 18:01:04
Creative Burngreave

After a hugely successful year for the Creative Burngreave Steering Group and Team, they are pleased to announce that they have met all targets for artist training, mentoring, and artists funding during 2003–2004.

2015-05-11 17:55:57
Owen Smith – Mental Health Worker

Owen Smith is passionate about mental health. Ever since his childhood in and around Pitsmoor, he’s overcome many obstacles to become one of the few, highly valued, black members of community mental health teams.

2015-05-11 17:36:33
Mental Health – it’s not Black and White

This month the Messenger heard from Owen Smith, a mental health worker and Trustee of Sheffield African Caribbean Mental Health Association (SACMHA). “Mental health services are crying out for black workers,” he told us.

2015-05-11 17:34:01
SCRAP Ltd’s recycling database

Everything you ever wanted to know about recycling and reuse in Sheffield on one website and more.

2015-05-11 17:27:58
Decision time

The Neighbourhood Commissions have recommended to the Council’s Cabinet ‘Arms Length Management Organisation’ (ALMO) as the best way of getting extra investment for Council housing stock. But tenants will get their chance to have their say on the decision, and will receive their ballot papers this month.

2015-05-11 17:23:52
Bowling Green remains closed

In the last year Burngreave’s older generation have lost a valued amenity – Abbeyfield Bowling Green. Rob Smith went out to see to how our green spaces compared to others across the city.

2015-05-11 17:11:23
Cactus Club bids for legality

The Cactus Club, situated on Earsham Street near Heath and Sons Funeral Directors has been closed most of the year. Anwar Suliman and Trenton Wiggins, associates of club owner Castell Fanty, have been working together with the Police to re-establish the premises as a legitimate business.

2015-05-11 16:51:22
Radio Burngreave

Radio Burngreave has shut up shop after a month of broadcasting to the community. The station opened its doors on 14th August and played host to a wide variety of programmes provided by Burngreave residents.

2015-05-11 16:47:46
Young visions of Burngreave

Young people have always been a top priority for the community. This page highlights two recent opportunities for young people to express themselves. We think the results are insightful and inspiring.

2015-05-11 12:25:51
Money, Money, Money…

The Area Panel fourth round of Community Chest grants is now available. We accept applications from groups within Burngreave and Fir Vale for up to £200.

2015-05-11 12:22:48
Adult learning

The Burngreave Community Language Campaign (BCLC) has just appointed a second round of 18 Community Learning Assistants.

2015-05-11 12:14:34
New posts

New projects mean more jobs for the area.

2015-05-11 12:12:44
A vehicle to be proud of!

Burngreave residents can look forward to seeing the BNDfC Community Information Vehicle out and about in the area as the official handover of the bus has taken place.

2015-05-11 12:05:19
Osgathorpe Jam – One Love 2004

The One Love Jam made a welcome second annual appearance on the afternoon of Sunday 25th July in Osgathorpe Park.

2015-05-11 11:47:05
Verdon Street Agewell Group

Verdon Street Senior Citizens and Agewell Group went to a birthday party at Crabtree Grange..

2015-05-11 11:40:31
Yemeni Women’s Group

Burngreave Yemeni Women’s Group have changed their name to El-Nisah which means Arabic Women and aims to identify the needs and obstacles Arabic women face.

2015-05-11 11:38:12
‘Not just for the Irish!’

CARA offers a free and confidential information, advice and support service primarily for the Irish community but also for anyone who can benefit from their services

2015-05-11 11:33:21
Pride in new plaza

Based at 64 to 68a Spital Hill, the Spital Hill Plaza & Function Room project has already attracted interest from a large section of our community’s small enterprises. A florist, fish market, clothing sales, barber and beauty salon, blending with a charity shop while above that sits a large function room. These things are already earmarked for Burngreave’s first shopping plaza.

2015-05-11 11:24:29
Bowlers wanted

Abbeyfield Bowlers find temporary alternative accommodation, and both the men’s and women's team are looking for more players.

2015-05-11 11:22:22
Miners strike remembered

It’s 20 years since the year-long Miners’ Strike began. It started as a battle to save pits and miners’ jobs; it soon became all-out war between the Conservative Thatcher government and the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM). The strike changed lives and politics in Britain.

2015-05-11 10:54:14
Carwood makes progress

After months of speculation and disruption to the lives of Carwood residents progress has finally been made. To their relief Carwood Mini Market reopened on 1st August and will provide the estate with easy access to everyday essentials.

2015-05-11 10:48:43
Burngreave women only support group

Burngreave women only support group

2015-05-07 10:46:13
Pain Support group

Pain Support Group Tuesday 12th May 2015 12:30pm – 2:30pm St Cuthberts Church Barnsley Road

2015-05-07 10:32:46
Festival of Learning

Festival of learning event

2015-04-30 15:22:06
Make up Master Class

One day only masterclass in facial make up running at Firvale Centre. 26th May.

2015-04-27 23:16:22
Make up Master Class

One day only masterclass in facial make up running at Firvale Centre. 26th May.

2015-04-27 23:16:20
Singing Workshops for Women

Singing Workshops for Women organised by Sage Greenfingers

2015-04-24 10:10:28
Parkwood Springs evening walk

Evening walk – Parkwood Springs, Roe Wood, Crabtree Pond. Tuesday May 12th.

2015-04-22 10:49:54
Parkwood Springs Village reunion

Reunion of former residents of Parkwood Springs village Tuesday 12th May 12.30 pm at the Hillsborough Hotel Infirmary Road.

2015-04-22 10:42:12
Parkwood Springs Dawn Chorus walk

Dawn Chorus walk Sunday May 10th at 5am.

2015-04-22 10:08:32
Parkwood Springs Forest Garden Gardening Day

Forest Garden gardening day Saturday 9th May 11am to 2pm.

2015-04-22 09:57:08
Friends of Parkwood Springs group meeting and AGM

Friends of Parkwood Springs group meeting and AGM on 7th May 2015

2015-04-22 08:55:08
Parkwood Springs Workday

Parkwood Springs workday, Saturday 25th April

2015-04-22 08:41:35
Community, communication and dementia

The Dementia? welcome! cafe has volunteer projects for people with dementia

2015-04-07 11:57:18
Building Mutual Respect

Ellesmere youth project promotes confidence and mutual respect

2015-04-07 11:34:54
Pitsmoor Adventure Playground

Recent activities at Pitsmoor Adventure Playground

2015-04-07 11:18:28
Byron Wood Bugle

Byron Wood school has its own newspaper, The Byron Wood Bugle.

2015-04-07 11:12:44
'Superb progress'

Ellesmere Children's Centre has received an ‘outstanding’ Ofsted inspection

2015-04-07 10:48:25
'Outstanding' Owler Brook

Owler brook Primary gains ‘outstanding’ report after OFSTED inspection

2015-04-07 10:43:23
Messenger Editorial

The story of Naseh Ghafor has distressed many in Burngreave. As fears for his life grew, friends staged a spontaneous road block and his plight took centre stage in our community.

2015-03-31 13:32:52
Mrs Jean Hayden

It is with very deep regret that we have to announce the death of Jean Hayden who was the Chair of Firshill Tenants’ and Residents’ Association for many years. Jean died in May 2004 following a hard-fought battle against cancer.

2015-03-31 13:30:19
Naseh – A life worth living

Naseh Ghafor’s lips were unstitched on 20 August, 43 days after he sewed them together and refused food in protest at the failure of his application for asylum. Near to death, he is now accepting small quantities of liquid and it is hoped he will recover from his ordeal.

2015-03-31 13:25:15
Family fun in Skegness

A family fun day to Skegness has been organised by BNDfC on Saturday 31 July 2004.

2015-03-31 13:03:37
Domestic abuse help

Burngreave Domestic Abuse Project is a community-based service offering support to women who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse.

2015-03-31 12:52:23
Young volunteers spruce up park

With the help of the Burngreave Park Rangers, members of the Prince’s Trust Volunteers and the Friends of Osgathorpe Park the redevelopment of the Park has begun.

2015-03-31 11:03:40
Lord Mayor Leek opens health garden

The Greenfingers Horticultural Therapy garden opened with a flourish on June 17th 2004. The Lord Mayor, Diane Leek, on her last day in office, was welcomed to cut the ribbon.

2015-03-31 11:00:44
Woods campaigner tired of being ignored

Peter Mappin has lived next to Little Roe Wood for 20 years. The 56-year-old has been battling with Sheffield City Council to get them to clear up the site for years but has seen barely any results.

2015-03-31 10:54:16
Burngreave Green Environment Programme

BGEP are sharing plans for the priority sites and would very much like to hear your views. The three priority sites this year are Osgathorpe Park, Catherine Street Park (sometimes known as Somerset Road Open Space) and Abbeyfield Park.

2015-03-31 10:48:53
Skating @ Firs Hill

On 17th June 2004 Firs Hill Sports and Arts facility was transformed into a skate park.

2015-03-31 10:46:36
Race for Life

Staff of Ellesmere Children’s Centre raised £570 for Breast Cancer Research by completing the 5km ‘Race for Life’ on Sunday 9th May 2004.

2015-03-31 10:39:30
Going the extra mile

people run races in Burngreave.

2015-03-31 10:36:02
Language Matters

Burngreave Language Support Agency (BLSA) organised a successful conference on 1st July at the Spectrum Centre.

2015-03-31 10:26:12
Shops & Businesses

This month Rob Smith visits Nellie’s Sandwich Shop and the Tawakal shop, catering for wedding dresses for all sizes, races, nations and religious backgrounds.

2015-03-31 10:21:26
Messenger Editorial

News about the Messenger website and general Messenger information.

2015-03-31 09:08:53
Allotments targeted

Grimesthorpe allotments were targeted by thieves and vandals over two nights in July 2004, just weeks after the launch of the Greenfingers project. The shed of the New Deal funded project was broken into and equipment were taken.

2015-03-31 09:04:47
Multicultural Festival Splendor

Without a show from the sun the people of Burngreave and surrounding area weren’t to be deterred from flocking into Abbeyfield Park on Sunday 11th July 2004. Again the vibrant so

2015-03-31 08:57:16
Bert Holmshaw , Normandy veteran

Bert Holmshaw spent his early childhood years in the Burngreave area and Bert’s sister, Macyl Holmshaw, who died of diphtheria at the age of six, is buried in Burngreave Cemetery.

2015-03-23 15:46:25
Good news for Page Hall

As part of their work in Page Hall, PACA (Pakistan Advice and Community Association) have undertaken a community mediation project bringing together diverse members of the community to look at a positive future for Page Hall.

2015-03-23 15:08:16
Pitsmoor Road Neighbour hood Watch

Pitsmoor Road Neighbourhood Watch group met on Monday 9th February

2015-03-23 15:02:12
TEDx comes to Pitsmoor

TED talks began in 1984 at a conference on Technology, Entertainment and Design, and aim to make great ideas accessible over a worldwide network, shared by some of the most influential and powerful people on the planet. TEDx events are run independently by communities around the world.

2015-03-23 14:41:07
Road changes concern cyclists

The council have announced that the roadworks now taking place at the bottom of Rock Street are part of the Bridgehouses traffic management scheme, which is designed to improve journey times for buses and improve traffic flow on the ring road.

2015-03-23 14:33:17
Women only support group

This group is for women who have suffered or suffering from domestic abuse to come and talk to like-minded people, forget about the past and have fun.

2015-03-23 14:23:57
The future of Stanley Fields

Plans have come up again for new housing to be built on the greenfield site known as Stanley Fields, but not including ‘affordable’ homes

2015-03-23 14:20:45
Women only exercise session

Due to the popularity of this session, classes will continue up until the start of Ramadan. Activities are tailored to participants’ fitness levels. The tutor has previously done activities such as aerobics, circuits, floor work on mats, resistance bands, Zumba, and weights.

2015-03-23 14:18:27
Toddler group

The toddler group at the Welcome Centre continues to meet every Wednesday during term-time in the Welcome Centre on Nottingham Street, from 9.30 to 11.30 am

2015-03-23 14:13:40
Chronic pain support group

The chronic pain group has been well attended with women from local surgeries and self-referrals. The group is supported by Somshun and Page Hall Practice Champions Glynnis and Nasra. This has been a great opportunity for people who suffer from chronic pain to get together and share tips on managing pain, discuss pacing, relaxation and stress relief. We now fund a professional masseuse to come monthly for personalised massages.

2015-03-23 14:12:20
Funding renewed for Wellbeing Programme

The Sheffield City Council programme has received another year's funding until April 2016, so we can continue funding Health Development Worker Somshun Nessa and the activities and groups she has established.

2015-03-23 14:08:08
SAGE springs into a new phase with Big Lottery win

Local mental health charity, SAGE Greenfingers, is bouncing out of a long period of funding uncertainty with two large grants secured at the end of 2014.

2015-03-23 14:02:00
Community garden coming to Burngreave

The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) are creating many community-based projects. They are now looking for volunteers to help at the Pitsmoor Scout Hut on Holtwood Road with a community garden with fruit trees and a space for growing food.

2015-03-23 13:57:48
Wensley TARA

The Wensley TARA are planning to hold many events at the end of March/beginning of April to keep people busy in the Easter holidays.

2015-03-23 13:45:46
Burngreave Foodbank feeds 5,000

On 23rd December 2014 Burngreave Foodbank fed our 5,000th customer since opening in June 2012. There was no fanfare or gold-plated tin of food because we didn't know the date until we checked later!

2015-03-23 13:38:44
The Messenger online

Between editions of the Burngreave Messenger, you can keep up to date with all local events and news by visiting our website. You can even subscribe to a free daily update of what’s on and what's happening

2015-03-23 13:38:44
Green shoots in the local economy

Burngreave resident, Martin Obodo, is a man with a vision. He is working hard to develop an inspired local ‘Aquapon’ project which has a clear focus on benefits for the community and the environment in Burngreave. His basic aim is for local people to tend vegetable boxes and then share the produce with others.

2015-03-23 13:32:52
Celebrating John Ruskin

Over the next two years Abbeyfield Park House will host a programme including an artist placement and workshops about the Victorian thinker and artist John Ruskin

2015-03-23 13:26:12
Derwent’s ‘tickled pink’

The Queen is visiting Sheffield Cathedral on Maundy Thursday, 2nd April 2015, and we were delighted to find out that our very own Derwent Levick is going to be one of the recipients recognised by the Queen with an award of Maundy money.

2015-03-23 13:20:18
Out and about

Local woman Kate Thomas is a volunteer who has set up an ‘Out and About’ course to help groups of women learn how to get around the city, and to give them the confidence to explore outside of the local area. Kate has been running courses for many years now, and says, “I like introducing people to new places and I like meeting people.”

2015-03-23 13:13:31
Feeling good and eating well on Verdon Street

Burngreave TARA continues to offer ‘feeling good’ activities for women at Verdon Recreation Centre during term-time.

2015-03-23 12:54:35
A busy year at Crabtree Ponds

Crabtree Ponds are designated as a Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve. On 12th January a meeting took place for local people to discuss future plans for the reserve with Rob Miller and Sarah Sidgwick from the Trust.

2015-03-23 12:43:41
Cook and Speak

These sessions,involving varied activities takeplace at St Cuthbert’s, Barnsley Road, Fir Vale on Wednesdays from 10.30am to 1.30pm.

2015-03-23 12:39:35
Return of the Messenger

The Burngreave Messenger is back!

2015-03-23 12:35:41
Spital Hill in knots

In our last print issue in October, we reported that the sculptures that form part of the Spital Hill improvements were to be installed by the end of the month. The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed they still aren't there.

2015-03-23 12:31:47
Spital Hill shop improvements

Since the Messenger’s last print edition in October the council’s contractor M3 has begun the Spital Hill improvement scheme, intended to revitalise the appearance of the shop fronts.

2015-03-23 12:15:53
SOAR community job vacancies

SOAR has two exciting vacancies in our Health Team for: Health Trainer (2 posts to be recruited) Grade: Scale 2 Spinal Point 14 – 18: £15,725 – £17,161 (pro rata) 8% pension contribution Note. Salary scale currently under review 25 days annual leave entitlement & Bank holidays (pro rata)

2015-03-16 09:27:38
Green City Action Job Vacancy

Green City Action Job Vacancy for Volunteer Co-ordinator. Salary: £12.50 per hour. This post is part-time at 8 hours per week and funded until October 2015. The closing date for applications is Thursday 19th March 2015 at 12pm

Interview date Thursday 26th March 2015

2015-03-11 09:36:38
Firvale Pre-school Job Vacancy

Firvale Pre-school Job Vacancy for an Early Years Practitioner.

Early Years Practitioner required 20hrs. Temporary 6 month contract (renewal subject to funding)

£6020.00, per annum.

Deadline for applications is Friday 13th March 2015 at 4pm

Interviews will be held: Monday 16th March 2015

2015-03-09 21:11:02
Shirecliffe Community Clearup Day

Clean Shirecliffe Cooperative are organising a big litter pick on the 21st March,

2015-03-01 17:17:26
Have your say in North East Sheffield

Opportunity to raise and issues with local councillors.

2015-03-01 09:19:17
Friends of Parkwood Springs meeting and working day

Friends of Parkwood Springs meeting and working day

2015-02-27 12:27:06
Brand new conversation class in Page Hall area

Free conversation class

2015-02-26 16:42:02
Handmade Cinema

Two films “Up” and “Moonrise” in memory of Pat Duggan.

2015-02-23 07:41:45
Reach High 2 After School Study Support project

Reach High 2 After School Study Support Project

2015-02-22 07:22:21
From the Indus to the Don Valley- Sheffield's earliest Muslim settlers

David Holland, a PhD student, is seeking information on early Asian immigrants to Sheffield.

2015-02-18 08:34:22
International Womens Day


2015-02-08 09:34:40
Steel City Film and Media Launch

Steel City Film and Media Launch

2015-02-04 10:53:21
Parkwood Springs Multi Faith Forest Garden

Maintenance day at the Multi Faith Forest Garden with discussions on the future of the project and a guided walk.

2015-02-04 10:20:17
Out and About

A course in confidence for all women in the Burngreave and Fir Vale area

2015-02-03 07:08:36
Crabtree Ponds Maintenance Day

Crabtree Ponds Maintenance Day. 2nd February 2015.09.30- 12.00

2015-01-30 08:26:42
Burngreave Women only Support Group

Burngreave Women only Support Group, St Cuthbert's Church. 2nd February 2015

2015-01-29 09:54:20
Community Health and Wellbeing Event

Community health and well being event on 6th February 2015

2015-01-29 09:36:19
Toolbank new year offer

Green city Action toolbank are offering a reduction in tool hire until the end of February.

2015-01-17 13:28:00
Cook and Speak

Cooking and conversation. Weekly sessions at St Cuthbert's church

2015-01-17 13:12:49
Two Job Vacancies at SAGE Greenfingers

SAGE Greenfingers is recruiting for 2 posts:

Horticultural therapy support worker with Arts lead (22.5 hours/week) Salary: £21,386 per annum pro rata (£13,005 for a 22.5 hour week)

Horticultural therapy support worker with Allotment lead (24 hours/week) Salary: £21,386 per annum pro rata (£13,872 for a 24 hour week)

Deadline: 12 noon Monday 2nd February

2015-01-12 22:07:16
Sheffield Smokefree Spaces Service Smokefree Awareness Training

Sheffield Smokefree Spaces Service Smokefree Awareness Training.

Burngreave Childrens centre 19 Spital St, Sheffield, S3 9LB

Wednesday 4th Feb 2015 1.30-4pm

2015-01-12 07:51:01
New Year New Worker

We start off 2015 with some good news – Amy Palmer is our new project co-ordinator and will be working with volunteers to produce new issues of the Messenger in March and June 2015

2015-01-03 17:50:40
Crabtree Ponds Maintenance Day and Meeting

Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust manage Crabtree Ponds nature Reserve. There will be a maintenance day on 5th January 2015 and a planning meeting at St James Church, Scott Road on 12th January 2015

2014-12-30 10:27:12
Gladys Winterton 1911- 2014

Gladys Winterton, aged 103, has passed away

2014-12-18 21:53:08
Get Started with Football

If you are aged 16-18 and not in education, training or employment and from South Yorkshire Get Started with us and achieve your goals.

2014-12-15 09:40:20
New sewing class opens at Whiteways

A successful garment-making class is open for new members at Whiteways Primary School.

2014-12-14 17:36:57
Adventure playground St Nicholas party 6th December

On Saturday 6th December Pitsmoor Adventure Playground celebrated St Nicholas' Day, which is popular especially with children in Eastern Europe who are given presents of sweets and various small toys.

2014-12-10 09:17:25
Yemeni Community Association Winter Fair 11th December

Yemeni Community Association Winter Fair 2014

2014-12-09 07:18:36
Chilean Diplomats visit Burngreave

On 26th November 2014 two Chilean diplomats came from London to meet Chileans in Sheffield.

2014-12-08 11:37:28
Burngreave Tenants' and Residents' Association Christmas Fayre

Burngreave Tenants' and Residents' Association Christmas Fayre

2014-12-04 10:38:50
Crabtree Ponds Maintenance Day

Report from Crabtree Ponds maintenance day, December 2014

2014-12-03 08:02:17
Gemma Mohamed's graduation

Gemma Mohamed has graduated as a mental health nurse.

2014-12-01 15:53:53
Parkwood Springs: News and Events

Latest news and events from Parkwood Springs – Outdoor activity

2014-11-26 07:38:24
Crabtree Ponds Maintenance Day

The first Monday of the month sees the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust doing maintenance work at Crabtree ponds. All volunteers welcome.

2014-11-25 19:07:49
Job vacancy - part-time youth worker

Ellesmere Youth Project is looking for an experienced part-time youth worker, with proven a proven track record in developing informal education programmes with young people.

  • 15 to 18.5 hrs a week

  • £23,024 pro rata

  • closing date: 3rd December

2014-11-22 21:33:11
Remembrance Sunday

meeting at the war memorial in Burngreave Cemetry

2014-11-19 11:04:52
Burngreave Women Only Support Group

Two meetings for Burngreave Women only Support group

2014-11-19 10:22:20
Burngreave Tenants' and Residents' Association AGM

Burngreave Tenants' and Residents' Association AGM

2014-11-19 10:03:09
Vacancy for Project Co-ordinator at the Messenger

The Burngreave Messenger is seeking a self-motivated individual with excellent organisational and communication skills to work as our Project Co-ordinator

  • 18.5 hours per week (0.5 FTE)

  • £24,892 per year pro rata (equivalent to NJC Scale SO1, SCP 29)

  • Temporary for 6 months, January – June 2015

  • Deadline for applications: 7th December 2014

2014-11-15 19:26:59
Commemorative event at the Furnival

Sheffield Methodists are hosting a commemorative event on Thursday 13th November at The Furnival, 199 Verdon Street, to mark the refurbishment and naming of the café/community area

2014-11-13 08:00:19
Personal Development course postponed

The personal development workshop will now take place Saturday 8th November.

2014-10-31 16:13:18
Burngreave's Autumn Colours

Autumn colours around Osgathorpe Park

2014-10-30 14:59:36
Personal Development Workshop: Take Control!

Workshop on personal development and self management. For young people (age 14-21) Update: Starts 8th November

2014-10-30 14:35:36
Courses and Training

Various clubs and training events

2014-10-25 10:23:12
Children clean up

Children from Pitsmoor Adventure Playground are becoming active citizens. The children aged between 8-13 have become so fed up with people dumping rubbish they arranged a community clean up.

2014-10-24 20:47:05
Coffee Mornings at Verdon Recreation Centre

Wednesdays 10:00am – 12:00pm

The coffee mornings offer: advocacy support, weight management and arts and crafts.

Women can come along to a drop in every Wednesday to find information they might need from Shena Moore. This will sometimes include visits from different health professionals who can give advice on health issues.

2014-10-24 16:05:49
Cook & Eat Session

Women will have the chance to learn how to cook more healthily. Health Trainer and Development Worker, Somshun Nessa, will be sharing her expertise on healthy eating, and encouraging women to share their knowledge and recipes.

2014-10-24 15:27:14
Parkwood Springs activities

The Friends of Parkwood Spirings are organising a regular work day on Saturday 25th October 2014 and a Friends Group meeting on Thursday 6th November.

2014-10-24 14:41:17
Photo gallery of Carwood TARA relaunch party

Photos of Carwood TARA relaunch party

2014-10-09 15:42:27
Friends of Firth Park news and events - Autumn 2014

News, events and information from the Friends of Firth Park for the autumn of 2014.

2014-10-09 15:31:22
Carwood TARA relaunch celebration

After a period of relative inactivity for a few months, Carwood TARA now have a new committee in place and are planning future activities in the area.

On Thursday afternoon, 3rd October 2014, a well attended celebration party for the relaunch was held in the Carwood Community Room and outside in Carwood Green, in bright sunny weather.

2014-10-09 15:27:41
The Multifaith Forest Garden at Parkwood Springs

You are invited to join the Multifaith Forest Gardening day at Parkwood Springs.

2014-10-09 14:29:06
Black History Month Programme of Events

Events celebrating Black History Month

2014-10-02 15:07:05
Friends of Burngreave Cemetry: Apple Day

Friends of Burngreave Cemetry will be holding their annual Apple Day on Sunday 5th October

2014-10-02 15:06:07
Black History Month 2014 launch

SADACCA in association with other community organisations will be holding a series Black History Month events. This year's theme ‘Peace in troubled times’ and will be launched on Sunday 5th October 2014.

2014-10-01 11:54:52
Cemetery Chapel Autumn activities

Events at the Cemetery Chapel from October through to November 2014.

2014-09-29 03:55:42
Get involved Whiteways Primary Governing Body

Whiteways Primary School would like to involve individuals who have particular skills to support the school and make sure that all our children achieve their potential.

2014-09-29 03:42:58
Greenfingers 10th anniversary

It’s been 10 years since Burngreave New Deal for Communities provided the capital for SAGE Greenfingers to landscape 3 allotments in Grimesthorpe into a therapeutic space for adults struggling with mental health issues

2014-09-27 10:54:15
HOPE Allotment Volunteers wanted

The Conservation Volunteers community allotment project is getting nicely established now and we would love more volunteers to get involved

2014-09-27 10:45:51
Summer activities in Burngreave Cemetery

The WW1 postcard exhibition was enjoyed by visitors during its three day opening and most of the display is still available to view on Sundays. As part of the WW1 event, we created a small well dressing inspired by one of the postcards.

2014-09-27 10:38:49
Richard Hanson 1968–2014

Around 300 people packed the parish church, Christ Church Pitsmoor, last month for the funeral of Richard Hanson, who died on 14th August at the age of 45.

2014-09-26 20:24:16
Abbeyfield Park House sundial

The sundial has recently been returned to its place on the corner of the house in Abbeyfield park after the recent maintenance works.

2014-09-26 20:07:00
Residents’ meeting for the Scott Road area

On 10th September a group of Burngreave residents met to discuss problems that had been happening on our streets.

2014-09-26 15:57:50
Eco friendly family learning

A group of parents at Whiteways School have done an amazing Family Learning course called Eco Monster.

2014-09-26 15:56:40
Keep warm this winter and save money on your bills

As winter approaches, it's time to think about how to keep warm and cosy without huge energy bills. Whether you are a tenant, landlord, or home-owner, energy efficiency doesn't have to cost a fortune.

2014-09-26 15:48:16
Family Learning at Firs Hill

An exciting six week family learning course called “Talking Together” started on Wednesday 17th September at Firs Hill Primary School

2014-09-26 15:41:45
Oasis Fir Vale opens

On Monday 8th September, a brand new building on Owler Lane – Oasis Academy Fir Vale – opened to provide primary education, including 60 places in reception and 52 nursery places.

2014-09-26 15:36:41
Wensley community funday

On September 13th, the annual community funday was in full swing. The event, hosted on the Wensley field, was packed with exciting activities, including rock climbing, parachute games and face painting

2014-09-26 15:36:00
Fir Vale funday

During the summer holidays the Yemeni Community Association had a family funday at Fir Vale Community Centre.

2014-09-26 15:26:58
Pye Bank welcomes new headteacher

Pye Bank Primary School welcomed new headteacher Mo Andrews in September, following the retirement of Paul Hopkinson in January.

2014-09-26 15:24:30
SADACCA International Community Cultural Day

Sheffield and District African Caribbean Community Association (SADACCA), with the support of community partners, held its annual International Community Cultural Day on 25th August, an opportunity to experience the diversity of cultures in Sheffield. It was attended by The Right Worshipful the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Councillor Peter Rippon.

2014-09-26 15:23:59
Sponsored run for the Playground

I'm running in the Great Yorkshire Run 10K race on the 28th of September to raise money towards equipment at the playground.

2014-09-26 15:20:11
Fire safety at the Playground

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground staff have put together a programme of fire safety and fun with fire events. The Adventure Playground have secured a grant and formed a partnership with South Yorkshire Fire Service.

2014-09-26 15:18:06
Playground funday

During a brilliant summer at Pitsmoor Adventure Playground Joanna Harrison and Jessica Lonsdale helped organise a funday, where they shaved their heads raising £540 for the Mummy’s Star Charity.

2014-09-26 15:15:13
Party in Devon Gardens

On Saturday 13th September from 2-4pm, neighbours got together to attend the annual general meeting of the Friends of Devon Gardens.

2014-09-26 15:12:43
Crabtree Ponds

Crabtree Ponds is Burngreave's best kept secret and an important local green space. The local nature reserve around the ponds is managed by Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust.

2014-09-26 14:48:49
Parkwood landfill closer to closure

The company that operates Parkwood landfill site stopped the tipping of “active waste” at the site from 1st August 2014.

2014-09-26 14:47:09
Welcome Centre Toddler Group

The multicultural Toddler Group at The Welcome Centre is open again after the summer break for preschoolers 0–4 years old.

2014-09-26 14:44:46
Health Courses and Support Groups

Help improve your health and wellbeing with access to local activities, courses and services

2014-09-26 14:38:51
Churches work together for the summer

7th–10th August were four days of fun, food and friendship. The venue was the beautiful St Peter’s church at Ellesmere.

2014-09-26 14:37:21
Nottingham Rec barbecue

Ant Stevens, youth worker at Christ Church, organised a joint community event with young people from All Saints Church, Ecclesall, at the end of July. The team spent two days doing practical tasks, including litter picking, and learning about Pitsmoor.

2014-09-26 14:25:15
Support to improve your health

The SOAR Health Team's job is to work with the people of Burngreave, Pitsmoor and Page Hall areas.

2014-09-26 14:22:28
New Carwood Committee

In August Carwood Tenants and Residents Association formed a new committee of 6 local residents.

2014-09-25 16:20:13
Anne and Gladys retire

Anne Sheldon and Gladys Newbolt have retired from the Wensley Tenants and Residents Association (TARA). After many years spent devoted to the organisation they spoke to me about the highlights and memories of their years at the TARA.

2014-09-25 16:13:34
Head shave for Ghana

Some of you may have seen the Messenger article about 15 Fir Vale students going to build an orphanage in Ghana. If you didn't, then now you know!I was one of those students.

2014-09-25 15:39:01
Somali Professionals Association

The Somali Professionals Association (SPA) is running a series of business, education and healthrelated workshops over the next few months.

2014-09-25 15:34:09
Fir Vale youth group holds conference

Fir Vale based voluntary youth group An Nasiha organised another successful youth conference, entitled You vs Dunya (the world).

2014-09-25 15:31:28
Language Futures at Byron Wood

The pupils of Byron Wood Primary School have been using a new approach to language learning with the help of a £10,000 grant from The Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

2014-09-25 15:26:39
Feeling Good again on Verdon Street

Story & photo: Lisa Swift There will be lots of chances to feel good at Verdon Recreation Centre, after Burngreave Tenants and Residents Association secured a further 2 years funding for the health project, Feeling Good on Verdon Street.

2014-09-25 15:24:31
Oromo Association visit Scarborough

On August 16th, Sheffield Oromo Community Association (representing Oromo people from Ethiopia, northern Kenya and Somalia) organised a visit to Scarborough for our members, young and old.

2014-09-25 15:22:49
Normandy Veterans’ Association to disband

Local Burngreave resident, Ken Riley (pictured), who is the chairman of the Sheffield branch of the Normandy Veterans' Association, tells me that the national association is to disband in November, although local groups, like the one in Sheffield, will be free to continue meeting informally for mutual support and social gatherings.

2014-09-25 15:18:42
Readers rise to the challenge

Burngreave Library was busy with children during the summer holidays. Many were encouraged to keep reading by the Library Service’s Summer Reading Challenge. The Burngreave Messenger and Pitsmoor Adventure Playground also provided activities based on this year’s reading theme, the Mythical Maze.

2014-09-25 15:15:57
Roma musical heritage film

Two young men from Burngreave are the stars of a new film exploring the cultural and musical traditions of Sheffield's Roma community.

2014-09-25 15:08:41
Messenger editorial

Messenger AGM to decide the future of the Burngreave Messenger Saturday 15th November 2014, 11am followed by lunch at Abbeyfield Park House. All are welcome!

2014-09-25 14:57:46
Gaza fundraiser

The community of Burngreave united with one another on Sunday 31st August in the Vestry Hall, for an event which aimed to raise money for people in Gaza. The fundraiser was in aid of restoring the orphanage ‘UNRWA’ after the tragedies which befell Gaza, Palestine in recent months

2014-09-25 14:53:29
Messenger funding comes to an end

After 15 brilliant years and so much contribution from so many people, the Messenger’s current funding has come to an end and there will be no December edition.

2014-09-25 14:45:33
Council rejects Burngreave Library plan

Sheffield City Council have rejected a plan by local residents to keep Burngreave Library open and staffed.

2014-09-25 14:31:48
Parkwood Springs work-day

A practical work-day at Little Pear Tree field is on Saturday 27th September.

2014-09-24 21:13:18
Coffee morning

Part of the Macmillan Cancer Care World Coffee Morning at St James' United Reformed Church.

Free Coffee and Tea, Cake, Bric-a-brac & Craft Stalls

2014-09-11 14:55:46
Maths with ESOL

Start to enjoy maths once you know the difficult English words that are used…..

2014-09-04 15:32:15
Computer Class at Burngreave Vestry Hall

Level 1 Course (Accredited Course

2014-09-04 14:57:18
Makaton Course

Makaton is a Sign language course using signs and symbols to help people with learning difficulties communicate effectively

2014-09-04 14:20:01
Ceilidh for Burngreave Library

Sunday 21st September. A get together for children and families in support of Burngreave Library, with music, dancing and refreshments.

2014-08-29 18:30:08
Burngreave Library Celebration 30th August

There will be a small celebration at the Library on Saturday, 30th August giving out certificates for summer scheme.

2014-08-29 14:47:23
Greentop Circus Autumn classes

Green Top Circus offer circus skills training starting September

2014-08-29 14:17:47
Community mosaic workshop

Sunday community workshops at the cemetery chapel to create a sundial.

2014-08-15 17:51:59
New Bingo sessions

Bingo sessions are planned for the community room at St Catherine's School in the autumn.

2014-08-03 08:24:30
Burngreave residents join Palestine Demos

Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign has organised several demonstrations in support of the people of Gaza recently, with protests outside Sheffield Town Hall and at the BBC's Sheffield office attended by several hundred local people, including many from Burngreave.

2014-08-02 17:02:42
Over 50s Refugee Project

Over 50s Refugee Project at SYAC on every first Monday of the month

2014-07-31 15:20:10
Free Clothes Swap

Northern Refuge centre weekly clothes and toy swap

2014-07-31 14:59:44
Smokefree Awareness Training

Sheffield Smokefree Awareness Training at Sorby House on Wednesday 27th August. We will explore the issues surrounding social norms and smoking in the home and car, and you will learn how to discuss the issue in a sensitive and informed way.

2014-07-31 14:34:42
Cheap Thrills Zero Budget Film Festival 2014

4th ‘blockbusting’ year of the Cheap Thrills Film Festival at Burngreave Cemetery Chapel on 20th September 2014.

2014-07-28 16:12:35
Family Funday: 2nd August 2014

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground Funday on 2nd August 12.30 – 4pm

2014-07-28 11:47:17
YCA Family Fun Day

A fun day with lots to do for families in the school holidays! The festivities include: ladies’pampering, a BBQ, a cake stall, a bouncy castle, henna, face painting and lots more!

2014-07-25 11:43:16
Older people’s activities

Health Bulletin guide to activities and clubs for older people in Burngreave.

2014-07-24 15:15:40
Health Support and Groups

Burngreave Health Bulletin guide to a variety of activities and groups giving health support.

2014-07-24 15:12:43
Mental well-being & social activities

Burngreave Health Bulletin guide to a variety of activities promoting mental and social well-being.

2014-07-24 14:38:17
Festival weekend photo gallery 8

Abbeyfield BIG Weekender Gallery 8 by Priya

2014-07-22 16:35:05
Festival weekend photo gallery 6

Photos from the Tour de France and Abbeyfield Festival taken by Priya Blackham, Elizabeth & Gordon Shaw and Saleema Imam.

2014-07-22 16:27:41
Festival weekend photo gallery 5

Gallery of photos take by Mhari-Anne Lowrie of the Abbeyfiled Festival and Tour de France.

2014-07-22 15:51:46
Festival weekend photo gallery 4

Gallery of photos taken by Priya Blackham at the 2014 two-day Abbeyfield Park Multicultural Festival Big Weekender.

2014-07-22 15:42:33
Festival weekend photo gallery 3

A collection of photos taken by Seema Ghazal at the 2014 Abbeyfield Multicultural Festival.

2014-07-22 15:19:28
Festival weekend photo gallery 2

Pictures taken by Lisa Swift of the Tour de France as it passes through Burngreave.

2014-07-22 14:30:54
Festival weekend photo gallery 1

Selection of photos of the 2014 Abbeyfield Festival and Tour de France taken by Graham Jones, Patrick Amber and Philip Ireson

2014-07-22 14:29:00
Volunteer with Sage Greenfingers

Our volunteers help support people to do gardening, cooking, art and craft activities and DIY tasks.

2014-07-19 11:42:40
Get your PC or laptop fixed for charity

Get your computer fixed or upgraded for the cost of a donation to charity.

2014-07-19 11:23:18
Byron Wood Family Fun Day Photos

More pictures of the day at Byron Wood Family Fun Day.

2014-07-18 21:06:03
Bees killed

I was wondering if you would do a short story on some honey bees the Council has killed. Bees are so very important to wildlife and already endangered. The Council chose to kill a whole colony that had landed on Stockton Close, even though local bee-keepers take them away for free.

2014-07-18 16:26:18
Volunteering for Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief, Children in Need, Hallamshire hospital, Haiti, Syria

2014-07-18 16:19:17
Cemetery Guided Walk

Guided walk featuring the War Memorials in Burngreave Cemetery

2014-07-18 15:53:25
Embroidered Postcards of WWI

A display of sweetheart postcards and other artwork associated with World War I

2014-07-18 15:47:39
Well dressing celebrates Tour

This year's annual well dressing in Burngreave Cemetery had a topical ‘Tour de France’ theme.

2014-07-18 15:43:21
Embroidered Postcards of the Great War

The members of Burngreave Community Cemetery Chapel have used the theme of Embroidered Postcards to recognise the Centenary of the Great War, 1914 -1918, in an exhibition at the Cemetery.

2014-07-18 15:35:44
Firth Park Fun day Gallery

Photos of activities on the Firth Park fun Day Sunday 29th june

2014-07-18 15:31:53
Pye Bank teams clean up

The streets around Pye Bank School were spotless on Saturday 12th July, after a two-hour litter-pick by pupils, parents and staff.

2014-07-18 15:29:13
100 Black Men Walk for Health Group anniversary

The 100 Black Men Walk for Health Group celebrated its 10th anniversary on June 7th 2014 at Sheffield Hallam University

2014-07-18 15:21:27
Volunteers clean Page Hall

Another successful clean-up took place in Page Hall on 30th June.

2014-07-18 15:14:09
New project at HOPE Community Allotment

The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) have recently got funding from The Health Lottery to improve health inequalities

2014-07-18 15:13:52
Cemetery book launch

A new book about Burngreave Cemetery and its history of mining links with the community was launched at the Vestry Hall on Saturday 21st June.

2014-07-18 15:08:32
Staying active at Verdon Rec

For over 20 years, the Senior Citizens group have been meeting at Verdon Recreation Centre. Local resident, Delia Chadwick, keeps the friendly group for over-50s going every Wednesday and is hoping new members will join

2014-07-18 15:02:12
Longley awards

On the 24th of June, media students and teachers at Longley Park Sixth Form College celebrated the success of their courses with a Hollywood style awards show.

2014-07-18 15:01:10
Robert Smith’s new EP

Local musician – and sometime Messenger reporter – Rob Smith has launched a new EP, with the prospect of a full album later in the year.

2014-07-18 14:49:25
Inspirational Nasheed singer launches new album

Internationally renowned and Fir Vale's very own Ahmad Hussain has announced the date for the release of his hugely anticipated follow-up album ‘My Beloved’.

2014-07-18 14:43:10
St Cuthbert's new Community Centre

On Wednesday 2nd July, St Cuthbert’s Church had an open day to exhibit their new facilities to the local community.

2014-07-18 14:27:27
Playground welcomes the Tour

On 5th July while the Tour de France was breezing through Yorkshire, the Pitsmoor Adventure Playground was running its own time trials for the under fives.

2014-07-18 14:26:36
Owler Brook Summer Fayre

The Summer Fayre is one most exciting events of the year at Owler Brook Primary School.

2014-07-17 15:43:56
Young volunteers visit Poland

Burngreave residents Adam Hussain and Sonam Nawaz visited Poland to find out about volunteering in the region.

2014-07-17 15:40:33
Whiteways Summer Mela

Parents, volunteers and staff at Whiteways Primary School hosted a summer mela which took place on our very own school grounds on Wednesday 25th June 2014, raising a staggering £499.92

2014-07-17 15:37:26
Big Toddle

On the 1st July, toddlers, parents and staff from Owler Brook came together for a Barnardo’s ‘Big Toddle.’

2014-07-17 15:16:38
Myra Davis

Myra Davis, a founder member of Assist, sadly passed away on 25th May 2014.

2014-07-17 15:09:17
Schools raise thousands for the Library

Burngreave children and families have raised thousands of pounds for Burngreave Library in June and July, showing just how important the library is to local parents and children.

2014-07-17 15:04:07
Patrick Duggan

Patrick died on 16th June this year. he was born on 20th February 1938

2014-07-17 14:58:03
Messenger editorial

In our first issue we reported on new plans to improve Spital Hill. Fifteen years later, we report on the opening of the new area around Spital Hill.

2014-07-17 14:49:42
College plan for old library and housing office

Sheffield College have applied for planning permission to convert the old library and housing office on Spital Hill into classrooms for teaching further education courses.

2014-07-17 14:43:42
Normandy Veterans return

Local members of the Normandy Veterans Association recently joined two parades at the war memorial in Barker's Pool to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy in June 1944.

2014-07-17 14:41:38
Firth Park Fun Day

The annual Firth Park Fun Day returned on Sunday 29th June and brought loads of fun activities.

2014-07-17 14:33:11
Ellesmere Green opening event

At last the new Ellesmere Green was formally opened on 22nd June.

2014-07-17 14:27:46
Complaints on Brunswick

After many complaints from residents of Brunswick Road, Spital Lane and Verdon Street about drug dealing, drug taking and anti-social behaviour, Sheffield Council Housing and South Yorkshire Police organised a joint public meeting on 4th June.

2014-07-17 14:25:35
Burngreave Welcomes the Tour

The Tour de France inspired a special two-day Abbeyfield Festival.

2014-07-17 14:21:08
Job: Assistant Circuit Administrator at Sheffield Methodist Church

The Sheffield Methodist Circuit seeks an Assistant Circuit Administrator. A circuit is the unit which links together churches for mutual encouragement and help.

  • 22.5 hours per week

  • £8.50 per hour

  • Closing date: Friday 25th July 2014

2014-07-10 18:45:21
Update on courses at WiCAT

The course programme is nearing the end but there are still a few places available on some of the courses

2014-07-04 15:32:21
Tour de France comes to Parkwood Springs

The Friends of Parkwood Springs have special event for the Tour de France

2014-07-04 14:31:31
SAGE Greenfingers opens its doors for the Tour de France

SAGE Greenfingers offers refreshments for the Tour de France

2014-07-04 14:19:54
Abbeyfield’s Big Weekender 5th and 6th July 2014

This year's Abbeyfield Park Multicultural Festival is running over a whole weekend on the 5th and 6th July, and will be the official Tour de France spectator hub on Sunday.

2014-06-30 17:54:07
Fir Vale Food Bank Open Evening

Fir Vale Food Bank invites you to an Open Evening at St Cuthbert’s Church on Wednesday 9th July. Come any time from 7.00pm – 8.30pm

2014-06-27 16:21:29
St Cuthbert's Community Centre Open Day

St Cuthbert's community centre ‘OPEN DAY’ on Wednesday 2nd July,10.00am-4.00pm and 6.00-8.00pm

2014-06-27 16:03:34
Amey Streets Ahead Fund

Applications are now being invited for the Amey Streets Ahead Community Partnership Fund 2014. Closing date 4th July 2014

2014-06-27 14:48:18
Tour de France: road closures

Road closures will be in place from 7:30am on Sunday 6th July until 7:30pm

2014-06-19 14:29:05
Grimesthorpe Allotment Society held their annual plant sale and AGM

Grimesthorpe Allotment Society held their annual plant sale and AGM on a sunny Saturday 17th May.

2014-06-12 15:59:04
70th Anniversary of D-Day

The Sheffield branch of the Normandy Veterans Association have recently held two parades at the war memorial in Barkers Pool to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy in June 1944

2014-06-12 14:37:05
Multifaith Forest Gardening day

Saturday 14th June: Sheffield Interfaith invites you for a ‘Multifaith forest gardening day’ at Parkwood Springs.

2014-06-10 15:39:58
100 Black Men's Walk for Health: 10th Anniversary Evening

The 100 Black Men's Walk for Health group will hold their 10th anniversary evening celebration at Sheffield Hallam University on Saturday 7th June 2014.

2014-06-05 17:13:49
Friends of Firth Park Academy Summer Fair

Summer Fair: Saturday 14th June 2014. Free entry. Everyone welcome.

2014-06-05 16:03:56
Job vacancies at Oasis Academy Watermead

Job vacancies at Oasis Academy Watermead: Level 3 Teaching Assistant and High Level Teaching Assistant.

  • Closing date: 13th June 2014

  • Salaries range from £19,817 – £24,892

2014-06-05 15:44:49
Job vacancies at Oasis Academy Fir Vale

7 vacancies available. Jobs include teaching assistants, playworkers, learning mentors.

  • Salaries range from £14,013 – £24,893

  • Closing date: Friday 13th June

2014-06-05 14:59:02
Abbeyfield Park Multicultural Festival: The BIG Weekender 2014

As the official spectator hub to the Tour de France, this year's Abbeyfield Festival will take place over TWO days on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th July.

2014-06-02 12:27:27
History book launch at Burngreave Cemetery Chapel

21st June: A display and launch of a new book about the history of the area in, around and under the cemetery.

2014-06-02 10:22:26
Tour De France Day at Burngreave Cemetery Chapel

Find out what's happening at Burngreave Cemetery Chapel for Tour De France Day.

2014-05-31 19:20:53
SACMHA - Health and Social Care

SACMHA is part of the new integrated Carers in Sheffield Service working within a consortium of other voluntary sector organisations, to provide support to carers citywide.

2014-05-31 19:14:55
Cemetery bees

Burngreave Cemetery got its first colony of bees in May

2014-05-30 21:43:01
Fever Grass By Myrtle Walker

fever grass is edible and can be used to make a refreshing tea.

2014-05-30 17:02:12
The Jamaican Breadfruit Tree By Tandi

Breadfruit is a popular ingredient in Jamaican food

2014-05-30 16:57:22
Harvesting Our Heritage

The Harvesting Our Heritage project is bringing together people from different backgrounds and ages to discuss their knowledge of plants and uses

2014-05-30 16:33:15
Burngreave Ward Public Meeting

Shirecliffe Community Centre Thursday 26th June,6.00pm – 8.00pm Shirecliffe Road, Sheffield S5 8XJ

2014-05-30 16:32:28
Scout leaders awarded

Scout leaders Jim Gilbert and Andrew Papka from the 76th St Peter's Ellesmere Scouts were presented with the Silver Acorn in April, an award for specially distinguished service for a period of not less than twenty years.

2014-05-30 15:04:47
Award for refugee group

The Sheffield Oromo Community Association won the award for “Refugee Community Group of the Decade” in March, as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Gateway Project, which supports refugee communities in Sheffield.

2014-05-30 14:58:14
Youth Club

Every Monday and Wednesday 4.00pm-5.45pm for 8—16 year olds.

2014-05-29 19:25:35
Free Computer Sessions

Learn the basics or anything else you are interested in e.g. job search, shopping on-line, e-mails, social media.

2014-05-29 19:23:12
Verdon Recreation Centre Feeling Good Projects

Free weekly drop-in coffee mornings with information sessions and activities. For women only.

2014-05-29 19:20:09
The Furnival Feeling Good Project

Join us for free monthly cook and eat sessions.

2014-05-29 19:16:26
Library Appeal

As part of “Save Burngreave Library” appeal, the Tara, with lots of help from St. Peter’s Scout Group and Jackie Drayton (councillor), held a bag packing event on Saturday 3rd May 2014.

2014-05-29 19:13:38
Ellesmere Green Official Opening

Come and join in the fun on Saturday 22nd June 2014.

2014-05-29 19:11:38
Burngreave TARA General Meeting

Join us at Burngreave Vestry Hall to find out what is happening on Ellesmere Green and Abbeyfield Park and about the Tour De France.

2014-05-29 19:08:03
Burngreave TARA coffee and chat

Meet for coffee, chat, fun and advice.

2014-05-29 19:01:44
Burngreave TARA committee meetings

Dates for upcoming committee meetings

2014-05-29 18:59:00
Rainbows End access problems

Rainbows End charity shop on Spital Hill, which has occupied part of Sorby House since December 2008, is experiencing problems in accessing storage space and the refuse disposal area

2014-05-29 16:33:45
Easter Fayre

An Easter Fayre was held in Burngreave Vestry Hall to raise money for Burngreave Library

2014-05-29 16:21:12
Rambling on

Sheffield is the greenest city in the UK. Even within walking distance of Burngreave, there is a wide variety of landscapes, from the beauty of Roe Woods to the tranquil and pleasant walkways along the River Don.

2014-05-29 15:56:49
Mother's Day celebrated

Over 80 mothers and their families enjoyed a Mothers’ Day meal at SADACCA in March.

2014-05-29 15:55:30
Fir Vale School go to Ghana

After ten months of preparation and fundraising, students from Fir Vale School eventually topped our £28,000 target. Fir Vale were off to Ghana!

2014-05-29 15:50:29
Unrest in Page Hall

A fight between two boys in Page Hall at about 7pm on Monday 19th May, escalated into fighting which involved around 25 men.

2014-05-29 15:46:23
Black men walk for health

Ten years ago, a group of African and African- Caribbean middle-aged men came up with an ambitious idea to get 100 black men in Sheffield walking for health. A decade on, the group is continuing with these health walks in green spaces in Sheffield and the wider countryside.

2014-05-29 15:44:11
Margaret Dufty of the ATS

Margaret Dufty recalls her days in the ATS in World War Two.

2014-05-29 15:36:58
Help keep Ellesmere Green and Spital Hill clean and tidy

Now that the works to improve Ellesmere Green have been completed, we want to make sure that its stays clean and tidy.

2014-05-29 15:19:53
Paul's trip to Slovakia

Paul Howard is driving a Volkswagen Golf 2500 miles to Slovakia to raise money for St Lukes' Hospice.

2014-05-29 15:15:25
Family Fun Day

The sun dappled across Firth Park on 3rd May as women and children of all ages flocked to the Clock Tower to support Saalik Education in their Family Fun Day.

2014-05-29 15:04:05
New allotment flag

Kimmy Hall, 8, creates winning flag design for Grimesthorpe Allotments Society.

2014-05-29 14:56:10
Ellesmere Green is finished

In early May, the construction of Ellesmere Green was finished and people began to enjoy the green straight away.

2014-05-29 14:54:42
Concessionary travel cuts U-turn

As reported in the last issue, thousands of older and disabled people were affected by restrictions to concessionary bus and train travel. These are to be lifted from 8th June.

2014-05-29 14:54:06
Vicar walks coast to coast

Philip Ireson, Vicar at Christ Church Pitsmoor recently walked from Robin Hood's Bay on the east coast to St Bees Head in Cumbria

2014-05-29 14:50:45
Firshill residents remembered

In December, Firshill residents reported to the Messenger that a tree had been stolen. The tree was significant to local people as it had been bought and planted by active community member

2014-05-29 14:46:51

In local elections, Councillor Talib Hussain was re-elected for the Burngreave ward with 34% of registered voters going to the ballot box. UKIP came second for the first time, with TUSC (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts) candidate Maxine Bowler in third.

2014-05-29 14:46:20
Sheffield supports Somaliland

On Wednesday 2nd April, at the Full Council meeting, councillors voted to support the campaign to have Somaliland recognised as a sovereign state.

2014-05-29 14:42:16
Residents raise money for the Library

Local residents have been working hard to raise money for Burngreave Library, to help keep it open and staffed.

2014-05-29 14:37:21
Creative with Clothes - Upcycling!

“Up-cycle” old clothing to make new or alter items ¨ Save money! ¨ Gain confidence and multi sewing skills ¨ Think about starting a business enterprise ¨ Go on a trip ¨ Visit other business women ¨ Get business advice ¨ Meet other parents/carers ¨ Have fun! Course starts:Course starts: Wednesday 14th May 2014 for 8 weeks 9.15 – 11.45am in the Parent’s Room

2014-05-15 15:53:43
Mikron Theatre production of "Till the Cows Come Home"

SAGE Greenfingers are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and one of the events which is happening as part of these celebrations is a production of “Till the Cows Come Home” by the Mikron Theatre on the 11th June at Grimesthorpe Allotments.

2014-05-15 15:13:26
North East Area Small Grants open for applications

The deadline for applications is Friday the 30th May 2014. All wards in the north east area are holding a grants round with the purpose of meeting the ward priorities.

2014-05-08 16:31:31
Home Maintenance Training Courses

Home Maintenance Training Courses from WICAT (Women in Construction, Arts and Technology)

2014-05-08 14:58:05
The Multifaith Forest Garden

The Multifaith Forest Garden at Parkwood Springs open event

2014-05-02 14:46:24
Burngreave Children's Centre Open Day

Burngreave Children's Centre Open Day

2014-05-02 14:22:39
EU Migrants Community Open Day

EU Migrants Community Open Day at Pakistan Muslim Centre, 26th April 2014. (Contact to book a stall).

2014-04-17 16:21:11
Support for parents with babies and young children

Health Bulletin guide to support for parents with babies and young children in the area.

2014-04-17 16:00:41
Older people’s activities

Health Bulletin guide to meetings and lunch clubs for older people in the ara.

2014-04-17 15:48:15
Mental well-being & social activities

Health Bulletin guide to events and meetings for personal wellbeing in the area.

2014-04-17 15:16:20
Friends of Parkwood Springs response to Viridor

Friends of Parkwood Springs share their response to the Viridor consultation on the Landfill restoration.

2014-04-17 15:11:33
Friends of Parkwood Springs Events

1.Meeting with Snowsport 1st May 2.Friends group workday 26th April 3.Guided walk 12th May

2014-04-17 14:40:42
Burngreave Health Bulletin April - June 2014

A guide to health activities taking place in and around Burngreave and Fir Vale.

2014-04-17 14:35:43
Supporting Phoenix Futures in honour of Mother's Day

Event to assist the Phoenix Futures Charity

2014-04-17 14:32:22
Burngreave Community First grants applications

The deadline for applications to the Burngreave Community First grants will be Thursday 17th April.

2014-04-10 17:32:34
Easter Holiday Activities 2014

Activities for children and young people in Burngreave and Fir Vale during the Easter holiday.

2014-04-10 16:31:51
Future Firth Park events

Events to come later in 2014 organised but Friends of Firth Park, including a Heritage Day in the Clock Tower on 13th September and First World War commemorations.

2014-04-05 16:54:10
Andrea's Bench

Bench installed in Andrea Hardy's memory

2014-04-05 16:12:28
Music in the Park

The Hallamshire Military Concert Band will be playing in the park at Firth Park on9th July 2014. They will play marches, songs from the shows and light classical music.

2014-04-05 16:04:09
Firth Park Summer Fun Day

The very popular Firth Park Festival has renamed itself the Firth Park Summer Fun Day andwill take place on Sunday 29th June 2014.

2014-04-05 15:52:13
Environment Day in Firth Park

North Sheffield Conservation Group will be in the the Park at Firth Park on 10th May 2014 for a Spring Clean of the Park. Volunteers to help would be very welcome.

2014-04-05 15:44:10
Activity Sheffield visits Firth park

The Activity van will be in Firth Park on 26th April and 31st May 2014, with sports equipment and coaches to help anyone from 8-14 years old have some fun during the school holidays.

2014-04-05 15:30:49
266 Barnsley Road

266 Barnsley Road is part of the Green Homes Sheffield initiative which encourages home owners to make their own dwellings more comfortable.

2014-04-05 15:30:33
Friends of Firth Park: Editorial

Summary of the Friends of Firth Park's activities since Autumn 2013.

2014-04-05 15:23:37
Brambles visits

Brambles is part of the Green Homes Sheffield initiative, helping to encourage others to make their houses more comfortable.

2014-04-05 15:18:41
Fireside Housing Co-operative visits

Fireside is part of Sheffield Green Homes initiative opening homes to the public to demonstrate ways of making their own homes more comfortable.

2014-04-05 15:02:48
Transition Sheffield meeting 7th April

a talk about Green Homes Sheffield and a short film about Bath Green Homes.

2014-04-05 12:46:18
Firth Park Festival Committee

Meetings on 8th April and 6th May 2014 to arrange the festival at Firth Park. Please attaned if you'd like to volunteer or help out in any way.

2014-04-04 22:54:59
Free monthly Cook & Eat sessions

Cook and eat sessions at Verdon Recreation Centre

2014-04-04 16:08:46
Cleethorpes Trip

Burngreave TARA are organising a trip to Cleethorpes for Wednesday, 28th May 2014. Book your place!

2014-04-04 16:02:40
Weekly Drop-in Coffee mornings

For women only. At Verdon Recreation Centre Feeling Good project. Information sessions from health professionals, knitting, crocheting, crafts, Zumba, Somali dancing, aerobics, health walks and much more.

2014-04-04 16:00:08
Save the Burngreave Library

The Tara is leading on collecting donations to keep the library open with trained staff.

2014-04-04 15:55:49
Burngreave TARA Easter Fayre

Details of the Burngreave Tara Fayre at Burngreave Vestry Hall on Saturday, 12th April.

2014-04-04 15:55:29
About the Burngreave Tara

We are a group of tenants and residents in Burngreave and are supported by Sheffield Housing Service

2014-04-04 15:44:28
Summertime is here

The clocks went forward an hour this weekend – 30th March – and local artist, Steve Poole adjusted the sundial on the corner of The Lodge in Abbeyfield Park, to match.

2014-03-31 21:27:02
Burngreave Cemetery Chapel
  • Friends of Burngreave cemetery are looking for volunteers.

  • Coming events in the cemetery (Bat walk and Permaculture Design course)

2014-03-31 10:46:48
JOB: Toolbank Co-ordinator

Green City Action has a vacancy for the post of Toolbank Co-ordinator.

  • Salary: £10 per hour plus 5% pension contribution

  • Part-time at 7 hours per week

  • Closing date: Monday 28th April 2014

2014-03-31 10:41:30
Trustee Vacancies: Friends of Abbeyfield Park

The Friends of Abbeyfield Park (FOAP) are reconstituting as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, and seeking individuals to join the Trustee Board that will govern the organisation.

2014-03-31 09:56:40
Your PC fixed for a donation to charity

If you have a PC or laptop in need of repair, service or an upgrade, local resident Zeeshan Khan will fix it for you and donate the fee to charity.

2014-03-30 14:00:35
Five Rivers: Home support for the elderly

Having experienced the shortfall in the level of care offered to the elderly while her Nan was seriously ill, Kimberley Davison set upon the idea of providing a mobile service tailored to each persons individual needs.

2014-03-30 13:55:13
Street Pastors

Howard Golding is stepping down as team leader of Burngreave Street Pastors, after four years.

2014-03-30 13:51:36
Fir Vale’s Bollywood Fashion meets President

On his recent visit to England the President of Kashmir, Sardar M. Yaqoob Khan, toured 6 cities on a mission to help the partially blind in remote parts of Pakistan, Kashmir, Burma and India.

2014-03-30 13:49:33
Japan visit for local Scouts

Two members of 205th Sheffield Saint Catherine’s Scout Group will be attending the next Scouting World Jamboree in Japan in 2015.

2014-03-30 13:45:54
Beavers and Cubs return

On 19th February, the 76th St Peter's Ellesmere Scouts invested our first Beavers and Cubs for eight years!

2014-03-30 13:43:05
Playground honoured

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground User Group was officially recognised and commended highly at this years UK Play Conference in Eastbourne, which represents the UK play sector and community.

2014-03-30 13:31:34
Green homes Sheffield

A new network to help you make your home warmer and more energy efficient

2014-03-29 21:43:25
Easter programme at Christ Church and St Peter's

Services and events at Christ Church and St Peters church

2014-03-29 21:19:50
Trout at Fir Vale Pre-School

Trout at Fir Vale Pre-School

2014-03-29 11:17:27
Cemetery Bees

The beekeeping project and training for beekeeping in Burngreave Cemetery.

2014-03-29 10:51:17
Cat Control

Details of a scheme for those who need help with cat neutering

2014-03-29 10:40:04
Tree Planting at Fir Vale

Tree Planting at Fir Vale by Students of Fir Vale School

2014-03-28 16:55:45
Youth Counsellor Daanyaal Alam

Fir Vale student Daanyaal Alam, has been voted in as a Youth Councillor for the North of Sheffield for 2014.

2014-03-28 16:42:14
St James annual feast

St James Church lunch club have a feast

2014-03-28 16:19:44
Long lost friends

Wensley resident, Surtag Hack, was found by an old friend through a story on the Messenger website.

2014-03-28 16:09:07
Anne Gilbert turns 100

Anne Gilbert has celebrated her hundredth birthday.

2014-03-28 15:59:02
Road Safety at Verdon

Children at Verdon Youth Club were practising their road safety skills at half term.

2014-03-28 15:26:34
Domestic Abuse Awareness training with Vida

Domestic abuse awareness training for men and women working in Sheffield

2014-03-28 14:44:13
Health Experience Course

This course will help to reduce isolation and help you maintain your independence.

2014-03-28 14:34:33
Pain Support Group

Socialise with likeminded people and gain new skills to self-manage pain

2014-03-28 14:25:14
Health development course

In March a group of Burngreave residents completed the Introduction to Community Development and Health (ICDH) course, which is an accredited course that looks at the issues which matter to you and your community.

2014-03-28 14:15:35
Residents support Burngreave Library

Residents, families and children flocked to Burngreave Library on 8th February to support their local library and celebrate National Libraries Day.

2014-03-27 18:16:08
Open up Parkwood Springs!

The Friends of Parkwood Springs are pressing Viridor, the owners of the Parkwood Springs landfill, to open up the site much sooner than they have suggested.

2014-03-27 18:11:34
Licensing concerns in Page Hall

Landlords in the Selective Licensing area of Page Hall attended a series of Council meetings in February and March to discuss the conditions of the scheme, which begins on 22nd April.

2014-03-27 17:20:14
Admissions plan on hold at Fir Vale

Fir Vale School has announced that controversial proposals to change their admissions process are on hold.

2014-03-27 17:11:21
Inspiring women

Burngreave women took part in events at the Sheffield Town Hall on Saturday 8th March to celebrate International Women’s Day.

2014-03-27 15:33:44
Enterprising Women

International Women’s Day was celebrated in Burngreave in March showing women play a vital role in modern society.

2014-03-27 15:23:19
Celebrating International Women’s Day

Women in Burngreave joined in the celebrations for International Women’s Day in March.

2014-03-27 14:19:16
Sage Greenfingers: sessional support workers

Sage Greenfingers requires self-employed, sessional support workers to join their sessional support worker pool.

  • Your expected fee would be £12 per hour.

  • Deadline for applications: midday, Monday 31st March 2014

2014-03-13 15:46:31
Sage Green Fingers: Horticultural Therapy Support Worker

Sage Greenfingers seeks a Horticultural Therapy Support Worker with volunteer lead.

  • Salary: £20,972 per annum pro rata (£13,603 for a 24 hour week)

  • Hours: 24 hours/week

  • Deadline for applications: midday, Monday 31st March 2014

2014-03-13 15:28:42
Make up Beginners Course

Learn how to apply the right colours to complement your outfits and how to apply make up when going out to an event or party

2014-03-13 15:27:56
Level 2 Award in Food Safety

Designed for anyone working in catering, manufacturing or retail selling where food is prepared, cooked and handled.

2014-03-13 15:06:06
Job: Cellar Space Manager

The Cellar Space are seeking a highly motivated and experienced individual to lead their small multi disciplinary team.

  • 37 hours a week

  • Salary Scale: £24,892 – £31,160

  • Closing Date: Thursday 24th April 2014

2014-03-13 14:17:46
Conversation Class

The ideal class to improve your speaking and listening. Gain confidence speaking to others in English.Free. Every Thursday afternoon at Whiteways Primary School.

2014-03-07 15:31:13
Migration and Immigration – promoting the facts and tackling the fictions

The Sheffield Cohesion Advisory Group invites the Voluntary, Community and Faith sectors to their annual community conference Monday March 24th 9.45 – 12.45 Sheffield Town Hall

2014-03-07 14:46:29
The Credit Union comes

Residents of Carwood estate are to be offered their own Credit Union collection point, where they can join up, pay in savings and take out loans.

2014-03-04 16:04:41
BCAF quarterly forum meeting

26 February 2005 • 11.00am The Welcome Centre, Nottingham Street

2014-03-04 15:58:36
Shops and business features
  • Ellesmere News & Food

  • Noel’s Secrets

  • The Glade Newsagent

2014-03-04 15:46:14
…So would you like to volunteer?

Volunteers are at the heart of what the Messenger is about, they decide what is in each issue and there are lots of practical tasks to be done. But it doesn’t have to mean a week in, week out commitment, you can decide what you take on.

2014-03-04 15:25:10
Volunteering for the Messenger

Carl Rose is a freelance photographer and designer, who has both volunteered and worked for the Messenger over the last five years.

2014-03-04 15:04:31
International Womens Day 2014

International Womens Day event at Fir Vale Centre 4th March 2014

2014-02-20 15:20:01
Firth Park Fun Day Committee planning meetings

New members wanted to help plan this year's summer fun day.

2014-02-18 23:28:51
Crabtree Ponds maintenance days

First Monday of the month 9.30am – 12pm Lend a hand at your local nature reserve, and help us to keep Crabtree Ponds looking lovely.

2014-02-14 16:07:29
Your Library Needs You!

At the Circle of Readers with a Library book

Surround the Town Hall


Defend Librarians' Jobs

2014-02-14 14:25:23
Residents support Burngreave Library on National Libraries Day

Residents, families and children flocked to Burngreave Library on 8th February to support their local library and celebrate National Libraries Day.

2014-02-11 15:31:29
Ski Village Planning Application

Pullan Development (Selby) LTD have put in an application on behalf of the owners of the Ski Village.

2014-02-10 17:25:52
Green City Action's Tool Bank relaunched

A story from Green City Action explaining the relaunch of their Tool Bank, and how to be entered into their free prize draw and have a chance to win some prizes.

2014-02-07 15:14:34
Community Forestry planting event with Fir Vale School.

Sheffield City Council Community Forestry is planting 5 new trees on Earl Marshal Rd with local children from Fir Vale School and ward councillors.

2014-02-07 15:05:02
Beehives in Burngreave

The Friends of Burngreave Cemetery are planning to site beehives in the cemetery sometime in the spring

2014-02-07 14:53:10
New Nursery Provision in the New School for 2, 3 and 4 year olds

The Council is consulting on nursery places in Fir Vale

2014-02-07 14:50:09
Khat Public Meeting

Have your say on the ban of Khat on the 18th February at Burngreave Vestry Hall

2014-02-07 14:39:25
Roshni Health Workshop

Various activities to do with your health, Mendhi, facials, massage

2014-02-07 14:17:17
Watoto Pre-school Prospective Board Members

Watoto Pre-School are looking for four trustees who would enjoy the opportunity to contribute their expertise to provide robust and dynamic governance and help the Board achieve its ambition to grow and sustain the charity.

2014-02-07 11:08:17
Sheffield Housing Company Fir Vale neighbourhood survey

Sheffield Housing Company are asking people for their views on the design of future housing and on the Fir Vale area where they are proposing to build new homes.

2014-02-05 19:57:41
Children’s Centres

Centres to give the best start to you and your family

2014-01-31 23:25:04
Activity Sheffield - Walk Boost

Free community walks for adults

2014-01-31 23:13:55
Julia’s tree

Just before Christmas a tree was stolen in Firs Hill

2014-01-31 18:51:53
Julia Mary Pidd 1927 -2013

Julia Pidd (nee Postlethwaite) died in October 2013 aged 86, after a number of years of ill health.

2014-01-31 18:20:48
Heritage Showcase

Friends of Burngreave Cemetery had a stall at the Heritage Lottery ‘jamboree’ at St Mary's Community Centre Friday 17th January.

2014-01-31 17:03:44
Peggy Doman

Peggy Doman came to the UK in 1956. For most of that time she has lived in Pitsmoor.

2014-01-31 16:51:12
Forest School Photo Gallery

Photos of Byron Wood's Forest School project

2014-01-31 16:47:33
A Soldier from Sheffield

Alan Billam who spent much of his life in Grimesthorpe has published a book in memory of his father— its a limited edition of 200 copies.

2014-01-31 16:43:39
Hindu Samaj volunteer

Chamu Kuppuswamy is a Volunteer Ranger with the Peak District National Park.

2014-01-31 16:27:43
March of Celebration

Over 100 women and children marched through Fir Vale on 26th January to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

2014-01-31 16:06:51
Next Burngreave Area meeting

Date of the next area meeting is 27th March

2014-01-31 16:06:11
You said - we did

Results from Burngreave Ward meeting questions

2014-01-31 16:02:12
The Adventure reopens

In December Pitsmoor Adventure Playground reopened after being closed by the Council for 2 months.

2014-01-31 15:57:55
Jean Clack (1939 – 2013)

A memorial service for Jean Clack was held at Christ Church Pitsmoor on 20th December 2013, attended by a congregation of family and friends.

2014-01-31 15:56:15
Your Local Area

At the last meeting of the Burngreave Ward on the 27th November 2013:

2014-01-31 15:48:23
Tour de France 2014

The Grand Départ (the opening stage ofthe Tour de France) will come through Burngreave this summer. Stage One will be from Leeds to Harrogate. Stage Two will be from York to Sheffield on Sunday 6th July.

2014-01-31 15:45:15
Future plans for Abbeyfield Park House

The scaffolding around Abbeyfield Park House will soon be removed with the repairs to the roof scheduled to be completed by early February.

2014-01-31 15:44:15
Community litter pick

On 29th November over thirty local residents helped to clean up the streets as part of a voluntary litter pick.

2014-01-31 15:35:20

craft storytelling,singing games and food at St Peter's Church

2014-01-31 15:34:22
Writing creatively

Burngreave’s Creative Writing Group have been busy with their thoughts and their pens. They meet every two weeks to discuss writing, sometimes their own and sometimes published authors.

2014-01-31 15:33:59
Fundraising for Kenya

The WEA Level 1 class is organising a fundraising day for a school project in Kenya and you are invited!

2014-01-31 15:29:09
Fir Vale School Fundraiser

Fir vale School raised £4000 in one evening for an orphange in Gahan

2014-01-31 15:22:53
Burngreave residents defend democracy

On Saturday 7th December a group of constituents, including people from Burngreave, visited our MP David Blunkett in his Firth Park surgery.

2014-01-31 15:09:54
Law Centre moves

Sheffield Law Centre has moved from its office on Joiner St near the Wicker after 20 years.

2014-01-31 15:04:42
Maat Probe Group campaign for Respect

Mental health campaigners Maat Probe Group continue to fight hard to have Respect (de-escalation rather than restraint) used nationally. In August last year they went to Whitehall to talk to Health Trusts from around the country and in October they took part in an IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) event to review work around deaths in custody.

2014-01-31 14:55:15
Community fitness at Parkwood Academy

Parkwood Academy opened a new community fitness suite at the school in January.

2014-01-31 14:43:01
Paul Hopkinson Retires

Paul Hopkinson, Pye Bank head teacher reitres

2014-01-31 14:29:55
Pitsmoor lunch club

There are limited places on the Club's own transport for people with walking difficulties.

2014-01-30 22:02:18
Spital Hill shop front map

Map showing boundary of Spital Hill shop front scheme.

2014-01-30 21:30:49
St James lunch club

The current club has been meeting since 2000 and serves a home cooked lunch to about 20 local people aged 50 plus. It is self-supporting never receiving any grants

2014-01-30 20:56:59
Dementia café volunteers

The Dementia Welcome Cafe is a cafe set up to help people with dementia to have a better quality of life.

2014-01-30 20:48:06
Lunch club volunteers

Christ Church, Pitsmoor’s Thursday lunch club, serves nearly 40 meals to older residents.

2014-01-30 20:41:11
Firth Park Winter Fun

the winter fun festival at the Ripple on Firth Park Road.

2014-01-30 19:22:14
Sew me a story

Since the autumn halfterm, mums from Firs Hill Primary School have been meeting to learn sewing skills in order to tell their stories in fabric.

2014-01-30 19:14:59
Forest Schools

Children at Byron Wood Primary School are taking part in an innovative new programme which gets them out of class and experiencing their natural surroundings.

2014-01-30 19:09:58
Feeling Good Bring and Share

On 18th December over 30 women from the Feeling Good Project at Verdon Recreation Centre, gathered to celebrate the festive season.

2014-01-30 19:03:38
Burngreave TARA Christmas Fayre

Burngreave Tenants and Residents Association organised a Christmas Fayre in the Vestry Hall in December.

2014-01-30 18:52:29
Christmas Bazaar at Christ Church

Saturday 14th December, was the first Christmas Bazaar at Christ Church Pitsmoor in many years.

2014-01-30 18:41:37
Karen New Year celebrations

Many Karen families from Burma (also known as Myanmar) are now living in Burngreave. They celebrated their New Year at Forge Valley School early in January.

2014-01-30 18:37:47
Spital Hill shop fronts

Spital Hill businesses will receive investment to refurbish their shopfronts and regenerate the area.

2014-01-30 15:55:15
Plans for Spital Hill Works

Perched on the hillside overlooking the Wicker arches, Spital Hill Works was once home to a collection of Victorian manufacturers working in steel and silver. Now, after years lying almost completely empty and exposed to vandalism and fire, the crumbling remains of one of Spital Hill's most neglected buildings could be about to receive some much needed attention.

2014-01-30 15:49:09
Fir Vale Primary

The construction of Fir Vale Primary School is well under way at Skinnerthorpe Road, with the building's steel frame now in place and with the remaining elements on target for completion by September.

2014-01-30 15:41:33
Roadworks in Fir Vale

Work has been planned to start in March to resurface the roads and pavements and to upgrade street lights in Wincobank and surrounding areas.

2014-01-30 15:36:49
A “horrible situation” for local libraries

Local residents joined hundreds of protesters outside Sheffield Town Hall on Wednesday 8th January in an attempt to save libraries from closure.

2014-01-30 14:59:57
Editorial: Get involved in the Messenger

Editorial: The Messenger is put together with the help of volunteers. We also have several groups to join.

2014-01-30 14:53:19
Housing moving to Sorby House early

Burngreave Housing Office will be moving to Sorby House ahead of schedule at the end of February.

2014-01-30 14:50:06
M20 bus changes

From 27th January, the Hail-and- Ride M20 bus route was altered to run via Spital Hill, depriving Verdon Street of any buses at all.

2014-01-30 14:29:55
Friends of Parkwood Springs events

Upcoming events organised by Friends of Parkwood Springs:

  • Heathland work-day (Sat 25th Jan)

  • Friends Group meeting (Tues 4th Feb)

  • Trip to learn about the restoration of the old Beighton landfill (Sat 8th Mar)

2014-01-23 20:36:04
Women’s DIY Skills

Would you like to:-

  • Learn and practice new DIY skills ?

  • Work with other women and a female tutor on a range of skills to build your confidence ?

  • Help create a POTTING SHED using recycled materials for the award winning Firth Park Community Allotments

2014-01-17 16:59:40
Health Support and Groups

Health Support and Groups in Burngreave and Page Hall.

2014-01-17 16:10:04
Make- up Course

Would you like to learn how to apply the right colours to complement your outfits? Then don’t worry help is at hand. Come and learn it for yourself…

2014-01-17 15:30:54
Maths with ESOL

Start to enjoy maths once you know the difficult English words that are used. In this course you will be working in mixed levels…to improve your maths skills

2014-01-17 15:22:55
Introduction to Community Development and Health Course

Develop the skills and confidence to make a positive difference in your community

2014-01-17 14:50:08
Winter Fun Day

Winter Fun Day at the Ripples Project, next to the Clock Tower on Firth Park Road with Free music, games, activities and entertainment.

2014-01-17 14:29:45
New Housing on Catherine Street plans released

Plans released for new housing on Catherine Street.

2014-01-12 16:59:07
Recruitment evenings for Academy Councillors

Recruitment Evenings for Academy Councillors for Oasis Academy Fir Vale and Oasis Academy Watermead, Sheffield

2014-01-10 15:35:15
Free Cook and Eat Course

Want to discover how to cook healthy and tasty meals for the family? Then join us for a six week cooking course starting on Thursday 16th January 2014, 5-7 pm at Firth Park Academy

2014-01-10 15:01:23
Streets Ahead Road Shows 15th January 2014

Streets Ahead holding local road shows to inform the residents of Fir Vale and Page Hall about works planned for their area.

2014-01-10 14:27:29
Join the Burngreave Library Campaign at the Town Hall

Local residents will be gathering at the Town Hall on Wednesday at 1pm to campaign for Burngreave Library to stay open and staffed.

2014-01-06 14:20:22
Library campaign: Quotes on the Central Library walls

Gordon Shaw has collated a handful of quotes about libraries, seen on the stairwell walls of Central Libray, in the hope that they willinspire the council to keep Burngreave Library open.

2013-12-20 16:57:45
Pitsmoor Adventure Playground Reopens

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground is reopening this week, and a Christmas party is planned for 21st December..

2013-12-18 17:32:07
Multifaith Forest Garden December 14th

Monthly workday at the Parkwood Springs Forest Garden.

2013-12-04 18:09:26
Burgreave TARA Christmas Fayre

Details of Burngreave Tenants & Residents Association Christmas Fayre, Saturday 7th December 2013.

2013-12-01 23:49:57
Heritage at the House

Members of Sheffield Community Heritage Forum visited Abbeyfield Park House on 26th October 2013 to hold their quarterly meeting.

2013-11-30 20:39:45
Somali projects ask for support from Councillor

Parents from the Somali community gathered at the Vestry Hall on 5th October to meet Councillor Jackie Drayton. They asked for her support to continue projects now running at the Vestry Hall for children and families.

2013-11-29 20:40:49
Feeling Good on Verdon Street

Women have been flocking to Verdon Recreation Centre to enjoy new activities at the drop-in every Wednesday morning.

2013-11-29 20:29:08
Your Local Area

The North East Community Assembly has been replaced by a new model of Locality Working. The new team will support local ward councillors as community leaders.

2013-11-29 19:55:05
Rainbow’s End Christmas Events

Rainbow’s End Christmas Events

2013-11-29 16:19:15
Metal sculpture designs revealed

Designs for the proposed artworks on Spital Hill have been revealed by the Council. Images of metal sculptures for the area outside Tesco and the corner by the Vestry Hall and a series of pieces for Ellesmere Green are on display at Burngreave Library and Sorby House.

2013-11-29 15:58:46
Creative writing group

Local residents have relaunched a creative writing group to help people get into producing their own writing.

2013-11-29 15:20:10
Good year for EYP

Ellesmere Youth Project brought a range of stalls and information together for young people at their AGM in October.

2013-11-29 15:17:14
Christmas fun at Verdon

Verdon Youth Club have been preparing for Christmas at their regular twice-weekly sessions.

2013-11-29 15:10:38
Firth Park Halloween party

The Friends of Firth Park held a Halloween Party in the Clock Tower and Ripples in the Pond area of the Park on 31st October.

2013-11-29 15:05:53
Clean up fun with Christ Church

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in late September, Christ Church Pitsmoor and All Saints Ecclesall came together to organise a fun day at Nottingham Cliff Park – but first, a clean up was needed.

2013-11-29 14:40:20
Christmas costumes for St. Catherine’s

The Craft Group which meets weekly in the Crescent Community Centre, helped with Nativity costumes for the school children.

2013-11-29 11:57:11
Hindu Samaj lights up Burngreave

On Sunday 3rd November, the Sheffield Hindu Samaj,in Burngreave, celebrated Diwali (the festival of lights)and the Hindu New Year the most important festival in the Hindu calendar.

2013-11-29 11:50:11
Ella Road bonfire

Friends, families and residents from local streets gathered at Ella Road on November 5th for the 7th annual community-run bonfire.

2013-11-29 11:41:35
Cook & Eat at the Furnival

People from all communities in the local area get together, to socialise, make new friends and share their recipes.

2013-11-29 10:30:19
Sheffield Sea Cadets spice things up

On Friday 25th October the Sheffield Sea Cadets, Marine Cadets and their families came together for a fundraising curry night at their base near the Wicker.

2013-11-28 21:14:13
Fir Vale School Orphanage Appeal

A team of 15 Sheffield students are answering an emergency appeal to provide a 600 place orphanage in Ghana.

2013-11-28 21:07:06
Pye Bank School’s Top Teeth

Children & parents at Pye Bank CE Primary celebrated the launch of the film ‘Top Teeth’ which was made at the school.

2013-11-28 20:57:52
Owler Brook is out of this world !

Visitors from outer space inspired the design ideas of Owler Brook pupils in November, as they tackled the big questions of the universe while also gaining skills to become better learners.

2013-11-28 20:39:54
140 years of Burngreave Library

Burngreave Library is one of the oldest branch libraries in Sheffield, first opening its doors over 140 years ago.

2013-11-28 20:23:56
Another busy year for Burngreave TARA

Work on Spital Hill and Ellesmere Green was the main talking point at the Burngreave Tenants’ and Residents’

2013-11-28 15:58:13
Wicker flood defence proposal

A proposal to build flood defences from the Wicker Arches to Meadowhall is being planned. It will also increase the height of the flood defences on Nursery Street.

2013-11-28 15:52:27
What the library means to us

Burngreave Library is a great resource for teaching and learning. I sometimes take my ESOL students there to explore and use the facilities.

2013-11-28 15:41:58
Burngreave Library campaign

Pye Bank Parents Group have taken a lead in campaigning for Burngreave Library to remain open and staffed.

2013-11-28 15:26:14
Burngreave Nursery closes

Parents were left shocked, upset and angry at the sudden closure of the nursery at Burngreave Children’s Centre.

2013-11-28 15:17:52
Akeel fights for playground’s future

In October, Sheffield City Council shut Pitsmoor Adventure Playground, stating there were health and safety issues. Playground user Akeel Khan (aged 12) writes about the situation.

2013-11-28 15:15:30
Yemeni workers recognised

A film documenting the memories of retired Yemeni steelworkers from Burngreave was premièred at the Vestry Hall in October

2013-11-28 14:56:58


2013-11-28 14:49:56
Early Years loss

Four women – one from Fir Vale – who challenged the Council in court about cuts to community nurseries – have lost their case.

2013-11-28 14:46:12
16 new houses for Catherine Street

Arches Housing have announced plans to build 16 new homes on vacant land at Catherine Street. If their planning application goes ahead, the developer hopes to begin construction in July 2014, with new tenants moving in to the completed properties by midsummer 2015.

2013-11-28 14:38:02
Bedroom Tax win

A couple from Shirecliffe have beaten the bedroom tax.

2013-11-28 14:28:16
Spital Hill traders suffer

Shop owners on Spital Hill have seen a downturn in trade since the one-way traffic system has been put in.

2013-11-28 14:23:07
Parkwood Academy Winter Bazaar

Parkwood Academy are hosting their Winter Bazaar on Tuesday 3rd December 2013.

2013-11-25 16:45:09
SADACCA Cultural Activities Fundraising Event

Friday 22nd November: Live on stage: Nottingham's Finest Comedienne ‘Patty Dumplin’ and back by popular demand singing ‘Mi Koffee’ Clinton McKoy. Plus many more…

2013-11-21 19:45:32
Christmas Events at Firth Park

Look out for the Christmas Festival in Firth Park on Friday 29th November and the Christmas Carol Singalong in the Ripples in the Pond area later in December.

2013-11-14 16:58:24
Firth Park Halloween Party

The Friends of Firth Park held a Halloween Party in the Clock Tower and Ripples in the Pond area of the Park on 31st October.

2013-11-14 16:23:49
Weekly Coffee mornings at Verdon Rec

Information sessions from health & other professional visitors, zumba, health walks, Somali dancing, sewing and much more.

2013-11-14 15:34:38
Burngreave TARA Christmas Fayre

Fair at Burngreave Vestry Hall on 7th December 2013. Contact the TARA if you are interested in hiring a table for the day.

2013-11-14 14:46:07
Burngreave Community Cemetery Chapels. A.G.M

Annual general meeting of the local group that meets in Burngreave Cemetery chapel building.

2013-11-14 14:19:42
JOB: Supported Housing Officer

Pitsmoor Youth Housing Trust are looking for someone with the experience, skills and knowledge to engage, motivate and empower homeless young people and support them to make changes to their lives.

  • 37 hours per week

  • Salary: £20,140 per annum

  • Closing date: 12noon on Monday 18th November 2013

2013-11-14 00:48:18
JOB: Housing Officer

Pitsmoor Youth Housing Trust are looking for someone to join our organisation and contribute significantly to the effective and efficient management of our accommodation and to our lifeskills support to young people.

  • 24 hours per week

  • Salary: £20,140 per annum full time (pro rata for part time)

  • Closing date: 12noon on Monday 18th November 2013

2013-11-14 00:31:40
JOB: Caretaker/ Maintenance Officer

Pitsmoor Youth Housing Trust are looking for someone to join our organisation and contribute significantly to the effective and efficient management of our accommodation.

  • 37 hours per week

  • Salary: £14,430 per annum

  • Closing date: 12noon on Monday 18th November 2013

2013-11-14 00:06:02
Multifaith Forest Gardening Day

Join us at Parkwood Springs for a general maintenance day (weeding, tidy up and cutting back) to prepare for the winter.

2013-11-02 09:47:57
Sheffield Community Heritage Forum

The Sheffield Community Heritage Forum will be hosted in the Community Room in Abbeyfield House on Saturday 26th October.

2013-10-22 16:52:56
FREE Breakfast Club for families

Breakfast club every morning at ADIRA, Trinity Methodist Church, Fir Vale. Clothing Bank offering inexpensive clothing.

2013-10-22 16:40:58
Beacons Event postponed

The Beacons event – due to take place on Saturday 19th October – has been postponed

2013-10-17 21:14:33
A Tribute to Mr Adel Ahmed Alawi

A poem in memory of Adel Ahmed Alawi

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