Get involved in the newspaper

The Messenger newspaper is published every two months. Volunteers can contribute in lots of ways

What can you do?

  1. Be a Messenger reporter – you can take on writing about an event, news or do interviews. The Messenger gets lots of requests to do stories, and we send volunteer reporters out to report on local activities. You’ll get support in covering your story and writing it up.

  2. Be a Messenger photographer – photos are as important as the writing in the Messenger. Photographers record events and activities in the area. If you don’t have your own camera we have digital cameras we can lend to you.

  3. Join the editorial team – if you have ideas for the kind of stories we should cover, or if you’re in the know on what’s happening, you can join our editorial team. They meet 5 times over 2 months to discuss ideas for content and make decisions about what we should include

  4. Help with proofing and editing – its important that the Messenger gets things right as much as possible, and that its clear and easy to read. Our proofers and editors help us in the last week before we go to print, once every two months.

How volunteering could help you

Being a volunteer for the Messenger newspaper has been of benefit to many residents, who have gone on to get jobs, or volunteer for other projects. It also helps to:

If you’d like to get involved contact the Messenger on 242 0564,

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