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Ceasr garincha 2007-06-04 11:37:05

Re: Plans to build a Mosque and Madressa article, June 2007

I am a resident of burngreav area and I am disgusted that a mosque is aloud to apply for planning permission. The reason being that they have not sorted out problem with parking along earl Marshall Road and council don’t seem to be bothered about it. Parking has been a massive problem since the masjid umar opened it because traffic is being blocked by silly arrogant drivers. Number of times the council have been told about the problem but it falls on deaf ears. Fellow council for the local area are more interested about making a name for them self then putting certain issues first.

smokin fire 2007-07-25 14:04:16

Re: Drew Dallen's Resignation Letter

Nice one Drew!

When NDFC came to Burngreave it arrived on a wave of grass roots support and effort that hoped to make real changes to the way services are delivered and decisions made.

Unpaid Volunteers worked long and tiring hours to create the first NDFC plans, in a process that was a fine example of inclusivity and autonomous community planning.

Soon after, NDFC arrived. Grassroots activists became pushed out by the influx of professionalised regeneration workers. Paying themselves high wages to make sure that central Government check boxes were ticked, these professional's soon made sure that local activists were exhausted in endless form filling and project applications.

Key meetings and decisions would be made at times that are impossible for volunteers to make, with a veneer of consultation plastered on at small number of public events. Real choice was replaced by checkboxes, participation by questionnaire. ( for more see )

Where are the plans to reinvigorate the Burngreave Chapel for community use now ?

What happened about the ideas to develop self build eco housing ? – See

Washed away in the numerous skin deep “facelift” schemes that measure their effectiveness in house price rises, as those that invited NDFC into the area move out – to save their spirit being crushed – or cannot afford to live here any longer.

matt cooling 2008-02-24 23:31:07

Mess Behind The Shops On Barnsley Road....

Im disgusted with the mess the shop owners have made behind the shops, it used to be a great place to go and sit in the summer under the trees (now gone).There is hardly any grass left, building rubble all over the place, they park their vans on the path so you either have to walk in the busy road or in the mud that they have created. WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO SORT IT OUT!!! and do they plan to keep chocking us to death with fires (mostly burning plastic).


Graham Jones 2008-03-09 12:07:26

…and don't forget the bus fumes choking this previously idyllic spot!

1.5 million pounds has been wasted in making the A6135 between Pitsmoor/Burngreave and Sheffield City centre.

This was laudably done as an exercise to speed up the bus journey for all routes using the A6135 into Sheffield. Part of the goal of this programme environmental advantage of people getting out of their cars and on to buses, thereby reducing pollution.

However, First buses regularly wait at the city bound bus stop by Firshill Close for some minutes, destroying any time advantage afforded by the new scheme. My major concern is that the drivers never turn their engines off in this period thus dramatically increasing pollution in an area with three schools.

First bus company have still not replied to the letter I wrote to SYPTE expressing my concerns on this matter.

matt cooling 2008-04-05 19:50:09

im still waiting to hear from the enviroment agency about the rubbish and the total lack of respect that the shop owners seem to have for the local residents, it's ok for them, they can go home at the end of the day, but we have to live with it 24/7. with all this save the planet stuff the goverment is always banging on about they seem very slow to doing anything about it. Im wondering if it was outside their home on their lawns and paths. It seems that the poorer areas tend to be forgotten unless there is a photo opp…

Mick Ibbotson 2008-10-03 09:07:17

Cheers to the Messenger for allowing the Anti-Academy view to be published in your latest issue. Too often any view which is against the views of those who would want to control us is not allowed to be published so I'd like to sincerely thank the Messenger for that. Also I'd like to ask more Parkwood parents to attend these events put on by the school and hear for yourself the misleading information being put out in order to get a ‘yes’ vote. The school recently admitted at a public meeting that they would not be giving out laptops to pupils after all despite what it says in the glossy booklets. Seems to me it was another cheap trick to get a ‘yes’ vote. See it for what it is

Mick Ibbotson Parent

matt cooling 2010-03-30 14:39:59

messenger issue 87 page 12 (burngreave Blastoff)

i see in this months messenger another photo of young kids making gang signs with their hands, surly the person who takes the photos or even the person editing the pages can see this. it's not a good message to send out to the youth. making these hand signs is not a good cool thing. im sure that most of them dont even know what they stand for…

Ana Maria Gonzalez 2016-08-20 12:39:56

First of all I would like to keep my name anonymous please, as I am a tenant in Abbeyfield Road. The reason I am writing is to get some advise on noisy equipment being used all night sometimes, keeping people awake. When I asked for comments to some of my neighbours they say is houses in Barnsley Road.I think is my direct neighbours in the lower end of Abbeyfield road, pass Scott Road. Is there any way that the source of this noise can be investigated please? Is particularly loud from 1 am, throughout he night and is impossible to sleep.i know I should get in touch with the Council, keeping a diary everyday, but I am not sure they can get equipment away if is for domestic use. Please get in touch wit me for some advise. thank you

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