Test your local knowledge

1) Someone on a number 76 bus calls out “Ahoy”. Are they most likely to be:

a. A local Sea Scout?

b. Speaking Czech or Slovak?

c. Johnny Depp?

2) Historic big houses give their names to a number of local roads. But which of these is still standing?

a. Goddard Hall

b. Shirecliffe Hall

c. Norwood Hall

3) At which Pitsmoor venue did 1960s’ music legends Stevie Wonder and Ike and Tina Turner appear?

a. Sadacca

b. King Mojo Club

c. Abbeyfield Festival

4) Who, staying at Parkwood Springs, wrote “Sheffield could justly claim to be the ugliest town in the Old World”?

a. George Orwell

b. JB Priestley

c. JK Rowling

5) At Crabtree Ponds, you might see Pipistrelle, Daubenton’s and Leisler’s. What are they?

a. Species of bat

b. Beer cans of the world

c. Species of dragonfly

6) Which famous crime writer, as a doctor’s assistant on Spital Hill wrote “These Sheffielders would rather be poisoned by a man with a beard than saved by a man without one.”

a. Agatha Christie

b. PD James

c. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

7) Who/what was “Wicker Congs”? a. A street gang from the 1920s b. A former church on Ellesmere Green

c. Old fashioned baskets for eels

8) What opened in 1838 between Spital Hill and Saville Street?

a. A slaughterhouse for horsemeat

b. Sam the barber’s

c. Sheffield’s first railway station

9) Who is the only current Burngreave councillor who hasn’t been Lord Mayor of Sheffield yet?

a. Jackie Drayton

b. Mark Jones

c. Talib Hussain

10) What’s the best way to get local news ?

a. Messenger website

b. Messenger daily email updates

c. Messenger Facebook group

d. @thebmessenger on Twitter

e. read the Messenger paper

If you answered mainly ‘a’s, you’re brilliant, if you answered mainly ‘b’s, you’re really brainy and if you answered mainly ‘c’s your a genius. But if you have any doubts about your intellectual performance, you can always check the answers below…

1) b. Ahoj (pronounced “ahoy”) is the standard Czech/ Slovak greeting, despite these two countries being landlocked.

2) a. Goddard Hall is in the grounds of the Northern General Hospital.

3) b. The (King) Mojo club was at 555 Pitsmoor Road run by Burngreave’s own Peter Stringfellow.

4) a. In “The Road To Wigan Pier.” Orwell stayed on Wallace Road.

5) a. These three species can all be “day time flyers.” The flightless big ones are called rats.

6) c. The doctor’s premises were actually in the current building of “Ashram.”

7) b. The church was demolished in 1970.

8) c. It closed to passengers in 1870.

9) b. Give him a break! He was only voted in as councillor this year.

10) All are correct. Give yourself a mark for each one you use!

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