Embracing Eid at Tesco

Embracing Eid at Tesco
Embracing Eid at Tesco

On the morning of Wednesday 6th July, Muslims across Sheffield took to Tesco’s car park with their unique prayer mats and traditional clothing to perform Eid prayers.

We were warmly greeted by Tesco staff. At 8.30am the words of the Qu'ran echoed in the background and I was taken aback by the rows and rows of people with their prayer mats laid out in front of them.

Rachel Liszka, Tesco’s community champion said:

“We have had the Eid prayer for a few years now and this is by far the greatest number of people who have attended. There are definitely over two thousand people here.”

At 9am the Imam performed the prayers whilst everyone followed his lead. By 9.15am the prayers had finished and everyone stood to greet each other to officially begin their Eid celebrations.

Ramadan’s plan

Story by Hamza Ditta, Osama Maghder Monfort and Jamash Sadiq

Ramadan is a Muslim holy month, when Muslims can’t eat or drink from dawn till dusk. The predawn meal we eat is called Suhoor and the evening meal is Iftar. This year had some of the longest fasts from 2.50am to 9.40pm.

Young Muslims Osama and Jamash have written their accounts of fasting:

I am fifteen and I started fasting when I was seven, it was hard if I went to play outside in the sun, which made me thirsty. When I fast in school it is different, you can see everyone eating, and that makes you hungry! When you finish fasting it is like when you work hard in a project, and when you finish you feel proud. It makes me understand how poor people feel who don’t have enough to eat. (Osama)

Being a young Muslim in Ramadan is always a challenge. Whether it’s watching people eat, not being able to play outside as much or even trying to be a nice person. It’s never an easy job! Personally I feel it has taught me quite a lot of self-restraint.

This doesn’t just help spiritually, emotionally and physically too. I get a boost of energy from this month which helps me flourish in the others. (Jamash

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