Healthy Communities programme

Chronic Pain Support Group

These thriving groups have increasing number of ladies attending the sessions at Sorby House and St Cuthbert`s Church.

They enjoy soothing massages from our therapist Lynn, and our own volunteer Glynis. They also learn about the ‘Chronic Pain Toolkit’. This gives an understanding of the types of pain, and how to manage it in their daily life.

The women also learn from Glynis and Almas about the benefits of complementary methods to manage pain including essential oils, reflexology, hand massage and hand soaks using Himalayan and Epsom salts. One of the ladies attending the group, Gwen said:

“The pain group is a really valuable service provided by caring people that work hard to help those with chronic pain. The group helps to reduce isolation that often affects people living in chronic pain. I have fibromyalgia, and the condition makes socialising very difficult. Having somewhere to go, where people understand me, is important for my mental health. The group gives people an incentive to get out of the house. With the help of this group, and volunteering at Burngreave Library, I am now in a place where I can think about returning to work and accessing all the benefits that come with it.”

The groups celebrated Christmas with the ladies bringing in delicious treats to share.

These groups are accessed via GP referral only, so if you would like to attend please speak to your doctor.

Sorby House 12.30-2.30pm.

• 12th & 26th January • 9th & 23rd February

• 8th & 22nd March St Cuthbert`s Church 12.30-2.30pm

• 19th January

• 16th February

• 15th March

Women Only Support Group

This group enjoys a number of activities to improve wellbeing. This includes the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’, baking, and a health course. These are run by SOAR`s through the ‘Learn Well, Live Well’ project. They learn about assertiveness, managing sleep problems, dealing with stress, improving confidence and coping strategies in their daily life.

Sofia (not her real name) said, “I found the group really helpful, as I struggle with sleep problems and wanted to be more assertive. I’m practicing the tips that Dawn Young, our trainer talked about. It has helped me to build my confidence.

Saira motivated me to achieve my wellbeing goals including visiting the job club to help me with my CV. Shafaz and Almas have both inspired me to become a volunteer as a further step towards my goals.”

St Cuthbert`s Church 10-12pm

• 11th & 25th January

• 8th & 22nd February

• 7th & 21st March

Springboard Burngreave Social Café

The Burngreave Social Café, led by Helen Warren, provides a programme of activities encouraging men and women to participate more in their communities.

These activities target anyone struggling with mild to moderate mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, low mood, or panic attacks.

This group will benefit from opportunities to meet with others, in a structured scheme that will reduce their isolation, improve their mental wellbeing and enable them to manage their lives and conditions better.

Fortnightly at the Vestry Hall 10am-4pm

• 14th & 28th January

• 11th & 25th February

• 10th & 24th March

Free women only exercise classes

Free women-only exercise classes run on Mondays (term time only) at Verdon Recreation Centre, Verdon Street, Burngreave. Please call Shahina on 07909 598 018

International Women's Day

International Women`s Day will be celebrated on Wednesday 9th March at Verdon Recreation Centre, Verdon Street, Burngreave at 10-3pm. To book a health stall please call Saira Nadeem/Michaela Harmston on 07960 084 119/07495 839 891.

This year`s theme will be viewing women`s life journeys – their challenges, strengths and achievements. Please come and join us at this free event!

The Community Wellbeing Programme is commissioned by Sheffield City Council and SOAR and consists of the chronic pain support groups, the women-only support group (for women affected by domestic violence), and women-only exercise.

I would like to thank the ladies for bringing their warmth and commitment to the sessions. Without their support, we could not have achieved half as much!

For all activities contact: Saira Nadeem Telephone: 0114 213 2591 Email: saira.nadeem@

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