Scrap Dragon: A new scrapstore in Burngreave

Creative Re-Use Centre 204 Verdon Street, Sheffield S3 9QS

Opening August 2016

Saturdays 10am – 1pm

Extended opening from September 2016

Scrap Dragon is an exciting and new creative re-use centre, set up to support children and families, playschemes, playgroups, messy church groups, scouts and guide groups, crafters, artists, schools, colleges, organisations and community groups.

Their mission is to encourage the use of reusable waste materials and resources for creative play, art and craft activities and reduce the amount of waste going to land fill or incineration.

At Scrap Dragon you will be able to find a range of materials and resources suitable for children’s play and activities, art & crafts for all ages, upcycling and recycling all at low cost.

Scrap Dragon obtain most of their resources as waste or surplus materials from local businesses and manufacturers. They check it is clean, safe and suitable to be reused.

For more information please email Scrap Dragon at or telephone 0114 272 0615

Scrap Dragon Creative Reuse Centre

Materials and Resources

We are interested in any materials that can be used in any creative or play context.

Materials must be clean, safe and non-hazardous.

More colourful, the better. We also like anything strange, exotic and unusual materials.

If you have anything that’s not listed here and you think it would be useful, please contact

New products: Damaged, out of date, bankrupt, old stock or end of lines, e.g. stationery, books, toys, art materials, promotional goods, unused packaging, storage containers, medical disposables, catering disposables etc.


Crates + storage boxes – sturdy

Film pots/canisters (plastic)

Sweet jars (plastic and glass)

Plastic buckets and pots

Mushroom crates

Barrels + drums – cardboard + plastic

Sweet / biscuit / tobacco tins

Ice cream tubs with lids

Paper & card

Unused batches; printers ‘overs’ etc.

White, black or coloured paper/ card

Matt or glossy paper/card

Holographic + mirror card

Fluorescent paper

Gold, silver, metallic paper/ card

Brown parcel paper

Billboard posters

Fax rolls/Till rolls

Cardboard files/folders

Cardboard shapes

Mounting card

Greetings cards + postcards

Tissue + tracing paper

Wax + greaseproof paper

Corrugated paper/card

Adhesive labels

Rolls of adhesive paper

Paper bags

Wallpaper sample books + rolls

Cardboard cores/tubes

All shapes and sizes e.g. Kitchen roll, foil, cling film inner tubes

Fabric, blind material inner core

Carpet & vinyl inner cores


Plastic reels, all sizes

Acetate – rolls / trims


Bottles – with + without lids


Production punch out shapes

Drainpipe + guttering, lengths /offcuts (unused)

Tubing + pipes

Plumbing fittings (unused)

Films + foils – clear, coloured

Perspex + acrylic (usable sized offcuts)

Plastic bags (all sizes)

Plastic trays (unused)


Plastic bottle tops (unused or well washed)

Textiles/Fabrics All types.

Larger pieces, rolls + ends of rolls, plain or colourful, offcuts/leftovers from craft/sewing projects

Cotton + fleece


Fake fur and sheepskin

Hessian + polyester

Lace, ribbon, silk + velvet

Leather, leatherette + suede

Mesh and netting – all types

Nylon e.g. tent/awning material

PVC, vinyl

Tarpaulin + canvas + sailcloth

Wool and felt

Fabric samples and swatches

Reels – wool, cotton, ribbon, etc.

Window blind material

Timber and wooden items

Doweling + bamboo


MDF board – thin

Pine pieces

Plywood – marine ply

Shaped offcuts

Wooden blocks

Wooden boxes and crates

Picture frames


Anything unusual

Adhesive tapes, vinyl + stickers

Balloons + party / novelty goods

Barrels – plastic, wood, cardboard

Beads + buttons

Braid + laces + zips

Books – paperbacks for book folding

Cable reels, spools, drums etc.

Candles + wax

Cargo netting

Carpet – samples, swatches, big offcuts

Disposable cups, plates, knives, forks (unused)

Drinking straws (unused)


Chairs – kids chairs – stackable moulded

Chicken wire

Christmas decorations

Cones – card or plastic

Corks (used are fine!)

China (new or old but not broken or chipped)

Computer keyboards

Craft materials

Crockery + cutlery

Dressing up clothes – (clean)

Dressing up accessories

Kitchen utensils, pots & pans (NO knives please)

Lenses – any type – plastic/glass

Letters, numbers – shapes/stickers etc.


Out of date first aid supplies e.g. bandages

Pine cones, conkers etc.

PPE (personal protective equipment)

Rope, cord, twine + string


Sacks – hessian + plastic woven

Steering wheels


Tiles – ceramic, stone, mosaic

Traffic furniture – bollards, cones

Tubing + piping – rubber, plastic

Tyres – motorbike + cycle including inner tubes

Visual merchandising items

Vinyl records (LPs, 7”)

Wheels – trolley, pram etc. (not car)

Willow withies for lanterns / model making

Wire – reels + coils

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