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        • [] April 2013 Issue 105

          Issue 105, the April 2013 edition of the Burngreave Messenger.

          • [] Sheffield Somali Forum launched

            Unity was the word at the launch of Sheffield Somali Forum on 3rd March. Hundreds of Somali residents gathered at the Burngreave Vestry Hall to launch an umbrella organisation which will bring together Somali organisations from across the city.

          • [] Residents campaign against cuts to children's services

            Budget cuts are hitting children in Burngreave the hardest, and local people have been campaigning hard to change the Council’s mind on cuts to childcare, Study Support, Pitsmoor Adventure Playground and Verdon Recreation Centre.

          • [] Housing changes

            Many changes in the costs of running a home will take place in April, affecting many people in Burngreave.

          • [] The Editorial

            Cuts in Sheffield City Council’s budget are being felt the hardest here in Burngreave. Worse than this, it is children in our area who are being affected the most.

          • [] High Sheriff honours Burngreave resident

            Every year the High Sheriff of South Yorkshire holds an awards ceremony to honour individuals and organisations that have made a significant contribution to their communities. The High Sheriff is the Queen's representative in the County and holds office for one year.

          • [] Outreach Improvement Project

            The Outreach Improvement Project held its third Annual Conference in February in the Town Hall, to celebrate the achievements of Somali residents, particularly young people.

          • [] Council cuts nurseries

            On 27th February the Council decided to go ahead with proposals to cut funding from 20 early years providers – mainly community nurseries operating in some of the most deprived areas in the city.

          • [] Ellesmere Green update

            Final plans are being made for the improvements to Ellesmere Green which have been under consideration for some time now.

          • [] Improvements to main roads

            The Streets Ahead road improvement programme is moving into what is termed the ‘Grimesthorpe Zone’ – which actually means main roads in Burngreave, Grimesthorpe, Page Hall and Wincobank.

          • [] Spital Hill artworks

            Three artworks have been commissioned in the Spital Hill area from the sculptor, Michael Johnson, who has made many works in Sheffield and across the country.

          • [] Muslim Women’s Voices

            Muslim Women’s Voices held their second AGM in February, following a year of successful work and projects.

          • [] Get active and feel good

            There is a huge amount of research and evidence that proves being physically active is essential if you want to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

          • [] Gardening for mental well-being

            Will Spring ever come? SAGE Greenfingers are the first to know about it when leaves start to bud, crocuses spring up and the battle with weeds starts all over again! Like everything in life gardening has its highs and lows, but getting active in the garden and watching the turning seasons can be wonderfully therapeutic.

          • [] Health Walks

            The Health walk, has proved to be very popular over the years, with some original members still attending, and other walkers becoming health walk leaders themselves.

          • [] Women's Wellbeing

            This Sheffield Mind and Body Course is for those who are experiencing anxiety, low levels of confidence or mild to moderate low mood. Topics include: understanding emotional wellbeing, relaxation, stress and anxiety, food and mood, self-esteem and assertiveness.

          • [] University boxing champion

            Arsalan Othman is hoping to inspire young people, after winning gold at the British Universities Boxing Championships in February.

          • [] Bus Fare increases

            First Buses have announced an increase in fares from April 1st. Single fares will increase by 10p, whilst day tickets are set to increase by 20p and weekly tickets by 50p.

          • [] Owler Brook opens extension

            The expansion of local primary schools continues with a £3.8m extension at Owler Brook Nursery, Infant and Junior School, opened by Lord Mayor John Campbell on Monday 11th March. Owler Brook will now be able to take pupils up to Year 6, offering an extra 150 primary school places to local children.

          • [] Dressing up at Pye Bank

            At Pye Bank CofE Primary, the children dressed up based on a book their class chose. In Foundation, the story was ‘Space Ant.’ The story is about Space Ant who travelled to different coloured planets. All the staff dressed up as the planets and the children as aliens.

          • [] Fir Vale Reading Community

            Students at Fir Vale School were encouraged to sign up to join our wonderful public libraries on 7th March.

          • [] Red Noses at Whiteways

            The air of joy and charity, construed through splashes of red, was present at Whiteways Primary School on Red Nose Day, 15th March 2013. Children, staff and parents alike dressed in red attire and bold noses, ready to indulge in the many Red Nose themed events.

          • [] Earl Marshall Juniors Successful Season

            This season is turning out to be the most successful in the history of Earl Marshall Juniors Football Club, with all three junior teams in strong contention for a top three finish in their respective leagues.

          • [] Byron Wood visits the 1960s

            During the Autumn Term, the Y6 children at Byron Wood Primary School were busy learning about the 1960s, which included a visit to the ‘Beatles Story’ in Liverpool, not to mention preparing for our Strictly Come Singing competition.

          • [] Gothic Bites!

            A group of Fir Vale Y9 students were given the chance to express their creativity by producing a film trailer based on Gothic literature.

          • [] Letter: Working with Harry Brearley

            I was intrigued to read the article on the discovery of stainless steel, as my late grandfather, John William Lindley, was a member of the small team that assisted Harry Brearley in the project.

          • [] Politicans focus on Fir Vale

            David Blunkett MP, Shaun Wright – the new South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, local police officials and councillors heard residents' concerns at the monthly Police And Communities Together (PACT) meeting hosted by the Pakistan Advice and Community Association on 7th March.

          • [] Further tales of St Catherine's Scout Group

            It was 1st April 1943 when the 205th St Catherine’s Scout Group was formally affiliated into the Scout movement. 70 years later, Patrick Duggan continues with reminiscences of the group.

          • [] Ellesmere loses its head

            The council have removed the wooden head carved out of a rowan tree stump which appeared on Ellesmere Road North last year, saying it was not authorised and was a safety risk for road users.

          • [] Focus on Bressingham

            Burngreave Tenants and Residents Association has been very active around the Bressingham area in the last few months.

          • [] TARA of the year

            Burngreave Tenants and Residents Association has been awarded the Paul Key ‘TARA of the Year’ award

          • [] Concern over Roe Woods green space

            Residents near Roe Woods and Firs Hill TARA have raised concerns with Sheaf Training about the management of land around the Centre.

          • [] Wensley improvements

            A group of local residents have received grants to make improvements to a piece of land at the top of Wensley Street.

          • [] Crafts at Carwood

            Carwood TARA will be restarting its craft club after Easter

          • [] Adult Learning at Firs Hill

            The ESOL English Level 1 women’s class at Firs Hill Community Primary School has 14 students most of have progressed through all the levels.

          • [] Inter-School Chess Tournament

            On Monday, 4th March, St Catherine’s School held an Inter-School Chess Tournament for Burngreave and Shirecliffe.

          • [] Nomads Chess Club

            Nomads Chess Club’s first and second teams played a match at Abbeyfield House.

          • [] Slow Down Near School

            A Fir Vale year 8 student won a road safety competition between schools in Sheffield.

          • [] Parkwood Academy in top 100

            Parkwood Academy received a letter of praise for the excellent performance of Parkwood students in 2012 GCSE results.

          • [] New African support group

            Elodie All Sainte, a new African support group, is setting up in the Verdon Recreation Centre.

          • [] Residents promote Fairtrade

            In Fairtrade Fortnight, on Saturday 9th March, local volunteers ran a stall offering residents a wealth of information on Fairtrade products and the movement.

          • [] Free Early Learning

            All children aged 3 or 4 are entitled to 15 hours a week at nursery free of charge. Now this is being extended to 2-year-olds from low-income families. Places for two-year-olds are available to families on benefits or incomes below £16,100 a year. Places for 3 or 4 year olds are available to all.

          • [] Letter: Rainbows End break-in

            I was greatly saddened to hear of the break in at Rainbows End. It happened in the early hours of the morning of the 15th of February. A large piece of concrete was thrown through the door and a TV and digital photo frame was stolen.

          • [] Fisheye Lens – a walk through the cemetery

            We enter through the wrought iron gate, always open to the outside. I let Maisie off her lead and she pads off into the leaves, as I stride beneath the magnificent canopy, offering dappled protection, bowing to greet us.

          • [] Jobs at Watoto Pre-School

            Two Temporary Posts – Term Time Only

            • Early Years Practitioner

            • Closing date 5th April 2013

          • [] Dementia? Welcome! Cafe

            Local people with memory problems, carers, and others who believe that living with Dementia can and should include joy in life and a sense of community.

          • [] Burngreave After School Study Support

            After the Easter Holidays, starting Monday 15th April, BASSSP will be running English, Maths and Science revision sessions for Y10 and Y11 pupils taking GCSEs.

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