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          Burngreave Messenger news from December 2011. The next printed issue is the December issue, due out from 4th February 2012.

        • [] December 2011 Issue 97

          Issue 97, the December 2011 issue of the Burngreave Messenger.

          • [] BCR goes off air

            Burngreave Community Radio (BCR) stopped broadcasting on 103.1FM in September, following a request from OFCOM to cease transmission over the airwaves.

          • [] Occupy

            Exclusive website version: Occupy Sheffield set up camp on 5th November on the forecourt of Sheffield Cathedral, and many people from the Burngreave area have become involved by spending time at the camp and donating equipment.

          • [] Tesco opening

            The Tesco Extra supermarket opened on October 31st on Spital Hill.

          • [] Tesco jobs

            The Messenger continues to ask for confirmation of how many Tesco jobs went to local residents.

          • [] Improving Spital Hill

            Sheffield City Council has recently received £371,500 to improve the Spital Hill public realm, as part of the planning conditions on Tesco.

          • [] Young people respond to shooting

            Deeq Ali's death on Spital Hill on 30th October, has shocked local young people. With the help of local youth workers, the Vestry Hall has become a youth centre that many of Deeq’s friends, and young people who knew him, are attending.

          • [] Youth Work at the Vestry Hall

            Local youth workers and organisations are discussing how they could work together to engage the young men and support them.

          • [] Getting Involved

            Sheffield Homes encourages tenants, residents and leaseholders to get involved with their local Tenants and Residents Associations (TARA’s).

          • [] Burngreave TARA launch

            Burngreave Tenants And Residents Association (TARA) was launched on the 19th September at Verdon Rec.

          • [] Wensley Bulb Planting

            A wide range of age groups came together on the Wensley estate on Tuesday, 1st November to plant hundreds of spring bulbs.

          • [] Warm Welcome at Norwood

            Norwood and Bishopholme’s TARA wants people to know that it’s business as usual.

          • [] Pye Bank School Ofsted success

            The whole Pye Bank school community are celebrating great results and feedback from their recent Ofsted Inspection.

          • [] Personal budgets for mental health

            Self-directed support is the name given to the way social care servicesn have been redesign to focus on individuals. It is particularly new to Mental Health services, people with a critical or substantial level of need could now be eligible for ‘personal budget’ which they can use to “buy” services.

          • [] Health services at PACA

            The Pakistan Advice and Community Association is now offering new services as part of its health and wellbeing provision. They are available for purchase with social services personal budgets, but are open to all:

          • [] Greenfingers cuts

            SAGE Greenfingers (SAGE) will be launching a new horticultural therapy session from January 2012.

          • [] SSCAT Foundation

            Local group SSCAT Foundation (Sheffield Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Foundation) discussed their future at their annual conference in October, which aimed to raise awareness of the most common genetic disorder in the UK.

          • [] Type 2 Diabetes

            Burngreave has one of the highest hospital admission rates for Type 2 Diabetes in Sheffield, which suggests many people with the condition are not managing it very well.

          • [] 25 years and 500 children later

            On Saturday 12th November grandparents, parents and children came together to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the playgroup at ST James' church

          • [] Future Light

            A group called Future Light meets once a month to give a voice to members of Christ Church for whom English is a second language.

          • [] Blast Off success for Burngreave teams

            The NE Blast Off finals were a huge success, with 34 teams attending the event at Concord Sports Centre. There was an attendance of approximately 10-12 teams from in and around the Burngreave area.

          • [] Languages count in Burngreave!

            During October half-term, over 20 children attended classes in their home language, including Somali and Arabic.

          • [+] Parkwood Springs Beacon Event

            In the wooded open spaces of Parkwood springs,families came together for the 5th Annual Beacon Festival of fire displays and storytelling.

          • [+] Apple Day

            50 people enjoyed the sunshine in Burngreave Cemetery on Sunday 17th October as apples from local allotments and gardens were juiced

          • [] After Dark with PACA

            The Pakistan Advice and Community Association took a group of 30 young people to the After Dark event at Don Valley Bowl.

          • [] Rainbows End celebration

            When Charity shop Rainbow’s End was visited by Channel 4’s “Secret Millionaire” Simi Choudhrie, she gave £100,000 to help their work. Part of that money was for a celebration to reward all the people involved in the project at the Cutlers' Hall.

          • [] Burngreave’s Young cartoonist

            14 year old cartoonist, Edgar Lowman, started his cartoons towards the beginning of his time at secondary school. Now in year 10 he is still creating his imaginative adventures and is looking to share them with everyone else!

          • [] EYP celebrate 10 years

            Sunny September 24th was a day to celebrate ten years of an excellent project for our local young people.

          • [] Film night at the chapel

            Cheap Thrills was a zero-budget Film Festival at the Burngreave Cemetery Chapel, organised by Martin Currie.

          • [] Sheaf Training reopens

            Sheaf Training, based on Norwood Drive, has re-opened after a £3 million refurbishment.

          • [] Interfaith tree planting

            On Saturday the 12th November members of the Interfaith partnership met local business owners, the Community Forestry team and the Lord Mayor in Ellesmere Park on grass next to St Peter's Church, as part of their joint environmental initiative.

          • [] Accessing Roe Woods

            Last year local residents expressed their anger at the lack of consultation about the Sheaf Training planning application – see the October 2010 Messenger. The main concern was traffic on the Firs Hill estate and its affect on access to the woodland.

          • [] A mythical being appears at Parkwood Springs

            Many of you will be familiar with the ‘Bird and Boy’ sculpture at the Rutland Road entrance to Parkwood Springs, but have you seen our latest work of art at the Cooks Wood / Shirecliffe Road entrance, installed on 5th November?

          • [] Landfill restoration

            Planning permission allows tipping at the Landfill Site at Parkwood Springs to continue until 2018, so people could be forgiven for thinking that it's far too early to be talking about what happens to the site after that. But meetings at the end of September about Viridor's restoration plans for the site soon disillusioned them.

          • [] Energy Saving in Melrose Road

            Exclusive website version: A large array of solar panels on five adjoining terrace roofs has been attracting attention in Melrose Road.

          • [] Allotments meeting

            Local allotment holders were left out of a series of consultation meetings, without a single event being held in the entire North East of the city.

          • [] New range at Fir Vale PO

            Local Resident, Asif, the owner of the Post Office in Fir Vale recalls how 4 years ago business was doing well but now people seem to be moving to online services; by his estimation sales have halved. To get the Post Office back in business he is introducing a range of brand new products.

          • [] Bus Changes Again

            At the end of October, First Buses withdrew the 10-minute 73 service between the City Centre and Ecclesfield and replaced it with an hourly daytime 72, running from the City, via Shirecliffe, only to the new Asda store at Parson Cross.

          • [] Saleh's Mini Market

            Saleh’s Mini Market opened in the year 2000 and has been a mainstay of Spital Hill’s shopping district ever since.

          • [] St Catherine's School Award

            St Catherine’s Primary School has been awarded International Schools Award from the British Council.

          • [] Impact of EMA cuts

            Tensions are still running high among students as the cost of living and tuition fees are all continually rising.

          • [] Learning about IT at Parkwood

            As part of a national campaign, Parkwood Academy has been supporting parents, students and local residents to get more confident in using the Internet.

          • [] The Teachers’ Orphanage

            In 1877 the National Union of Teachers founded a Teachers’ Benevolent Fund. A year later, a separate Orphanage and Orphan Fund was established, in order to ‘aid as liberally as possible all who had fallen upon evil times’. Two orphanages were eventually set up, one for boys in Peckham Rye, London and another for girls, situated at Firshill (pictured above).

          • [] Ripples in the pond update

            At the Friends of Firth Park AGM, with representatives of the council present, and after the disappointment of having to cancel the launch in August, it was agreed that the launch should take place in the Spring, as this will give the planting time to establish itself. Date to be fixed and publicised as soon as possible.

          • [] Letter - Page Hall

            £1.7 million raised from Page Hall is not going to be invested in the area: letter from Nikki Hibberd

          • [] Home Fire Girls 90th anniversary

            Pitsmoor Home Fire Girls had their celebration 90th Anniversary Tea Party on Saturday 22nd October, where over forty past and present members, friends and supporters came together for an afternoon reminiscence, memorabilia and friendship.

          • [] Green City Action AGM

            Green City Action AGM Saturday 17th December 2011 – Abbeyfield Park House, Abbeyfield Road, Sheffield

          • [] Christmas services at Christ Church

            Christ Church is a relaxed family orientated church where everyone is welcome and valued. More details 272 7756 Mobile: 07882 027 473

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