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    206 archive of the online version of the monthly news magazine delivered to all households in the Sheffield Burngreave ward. Burngreave Messenger Ltd. is a non-profit making, membership owned community organisation.

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      Back issues of the Burngreave Messenger community newspaper, along with additional news items exlusive to the website.

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        News, issues and website exclusives from 2010

        • [+] October 2010 News

          Burngreave Messenger news from October 2010. The next printed issue is the December issue, due out on 27th November 2010.

          • [+] Parkwood Springs into Action

            Less than a mile north of Sheffield city centre lies a vast area of open land, almost as big as the city centre itself. Yet few people know of Parkwood Springs, its secret places and its enormous potential as a country park in the city. October 2010 issue.

            • [] Geocaching at Parkwood Springs

              Among all the treasures of nature one can now even find a real little treasure at Parkwood Springs. Actually it is not called a treasure but a ‘geocache’ when using the language of a fairly new high-tech treasure hunting game called ‘Geocaching’.

            • [+] Memories of Parkwood Springs village

              Lots of people have brought us their memories of Parkwood Springs – playing there as children, wartime memories of army billets and anti aircraft guns, the ammunition dump, the brickworks and the power station – we would love to hear more.

            • [] Dangerous behaviour - Information and contacts

              We want Parkwood Springs to be a welcoming, peaceful place, so please help us get rid of any activities that are, or can seem, threatening. Contact details for reporting nuisance behaviour and other problems can be found here.

            • [] Gardening help required

              Mulberry trees planted on the Forest Garden at Parkwood Springs are producing their first fruits, but the Garden still needs plenty of work.