Mountain biking legend Steve Peat to assist with new bike trails at Parkwood Springs

'Have a go' bike session - Parkwood Springs

Remember the wobbles of freedom when you first realised you were cycling under your own steam, then the freedom of riding a bike, freewheeling down quiet uncluttered country lanes? For the last five years many people will have noticed groups of people enjoying such freedom on Parkwood Springs.

The pleasures of cycling here are to be enhanced with the construction of new cycle trails next year, including an all weather trail and a mountain bike loop for expert riders which will get their adrenalin flowing! Sheffield’s internationally renowned champion mountain biking champion Steve Pete will check the final layout and build quality.

The trails will be free and open for anyone to use. A project called Making Tracks @ Parkwood will put on ‘have a go’ events for all sections of the community, providing bikes, equipment and instruction. Riders will be taught respect for other Parkwood Springs users, and the trails will be designed not to interfere with other activities.

The trails and events are being funded by Sports England, and plans for the tracks will be published online, with links from the Parkwood Springs website.

To get a flavour of the activities that will be running. Have a Go sessions are being run on 23 October 2010 and 28 October 2010, 1- 4pm. Meet at Cookswood Road entrance. Bikes, helmets and instruction provided for free. Open to everyone, booking not essential.

Contact Woodland Project officer Jon Dallow on 0114 203 7756.

Cyclists gather on Parkwood Springs
'Have a go' bike session - Parkwood Springs
1:00pm to 4:00pm Saturday 23 October 2010
'Have a go' bike session - Parkwood Springs
1:00pm to 4:00pm Thursday 28 October 2010
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