Geocaching at Parkwood Springs


Among all the treasures of nature one can now even find a real little treasure at Parkwood Springs. Actually it is not called a treasure but a ‘geocache’ when using the language of a fairly new high-tech treasure hunting game called ‘Geocaching’.

Geocaching has now become a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers called ‘geocaches’ outdoors and then share your experience online. It can be played by anyone, the only thing you need is Internet access and a GPS device to enter the coordinates and the adventure can begin. More and more adventure seekers all over the world are falling in love with this addictive game.

The platform for many Geocachers is its official webpage and all the information of this article was taken from there. You can open a basic account for free and look for caches in your area or anywhere you want. Many caches will show you some special places and you will find out exciting stories or learn more about historical events. After 10 years of its existence Geocaching has a massive fanbase. More than 4 million Geocachers have hidden more than 1 million caches since the year 2000. Therefore it is not surprising that in Sheffield too you are never far away from the next Cache.

A brand new one can be found at Parkwood Springs. It is a ‘Multicache’ which means that you cannot just type in the coordinates into your GPS and go there but you have to solve some little puzzles first. The clues will guide you to some nice places around the site and so new visitors are shown some highlights while hunting for the treasure. After successfully collecting all coordinates it is time to find the actual cache. You might search for a while but in the end you will be happy to find the small plastic box with a log book to sign, a few little gimmicks to exchange and some info material about Parkwood Springs. Back home you can log your visit online, upload and exchange photos of your hunt and share exciting experiences with other Cachers.

So if you are interested in trying this family friendly outdoor game why not start off with this cache at Parkwood Springs. There is also another one nearby that leads you to the spooky Wardsend Cemetery in the western part of the site. Just visit to get you started.

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The content in this section is from the Parkwood Springs Into Action newsletter, produced by the Parkwood Springs Steering Group.