Fourth Annual Beacons Festival features the Return of Jenny Greenteeth

Fire at Parkwood Springs
Fire at Parkwood Springs

Saturday 23 October 5pm ‐ 7pm

Storytelling and pyrotechnics amongst the entertainments

Last year the night sky was lit up at Parkwood Springs to tell the story of Lord Fox.

This year the Beacons Festival returns to the original story of Jenny Greenteeth, from the first Beacons of 2007. Storyteller Shonaleigh will be working with local school children in the weeks before the show as they learn to take their part in telling this story.

Now in its fourth year, the Beacons Festival continues to celebrate Parkwood Springs, lightening up the night sky and engaging the community. At this major Autumn event will be timber sculptors Handsprings Design, the Friends of Parkwood Springs, Sheffield Council’s Parks and Countryside, Shonaleigh herself and (most important of all) children from Watercliffe Meadow and St Catherines Schools.

‘Every child across the city had nightmares on the night the rains came… By morning the river had burst its banks. Its green grey sludge flowed over roads and pavements, over playing fields and parks. It flowed into basements and schools and houses and pubs… The cats were exhausted, the rats were hungry, the children were scared and the adults were grumpy the day the great flood came, on the day Jenny Greenteeth took over the city…’


The Beacons Festival starts at Parkwood Springs Cookswood Road / Heliport entrance at 5pm. It is free and refreshments will be available.

This event is outdoors and will include fire and pyrotechnics so please do not bring any animals, and please dress appropriately for the weather.

For more info contact 0114 273 6199

Crow costume at last year's Beacons Festival
Beacons Festival - Parkwood Springs
5:00pm to 7:00pm Saturday 23 October 2010
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