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    206 archive of the online version of the monthly news magazine delivered to all households in the Sheffield Burngreave ward. Burngreave Messenger Ltd. is a non-profit making, membership owned community organisation.

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          Burngreave Messenger news from October 2010. The next printed issue is the December issue, due out on 27th November 2010.

          • [] Mildred Okpara Deportation

            Mildred Okpara and her family have received a deadline for their deportation to Nigeria. The group which is campaign to keep the family in sheffield are asking for help in contaction local and national MPs and dignitaries.

          • [] March from Ellesmere Green to TUC rally

            Deep, rapid spending cuts will hit the vulnerable, undermine vital services and threaten both private and public sector jobs. Join the march from Ellesmere Green to join the TUC Yorkshire and Humberside protest and rally outside the Town Hall.

          • [] Giving Is Living

            Charity meal for flood victims of Pakistan. Wednesday 20th October 2010, 6pm – 8pm.

          • [] Boomshanka Fitness Course

            Arabic Fitness class suitable for all abilities, at Whiteways Primary School. A fun way to get fit!

          • [] Zumba Fitness

            Zumba is a fun form of fitness you will want to do every day. Classes every Tuesday.

          • [] Job: Buildings Supervisor (Resident)

            The Governors of Pye Bank Church of England Primary School are seeking to appoint a Residential Buildings Supervisor.

            • Salary – £16,830 – £19,621

            • 37 hours per week

            • Closing date: 15th October 2010

          • [] Walk on the Heritage Trail

            A guided walk along the heritage of the River Don and Canal will start from the Wicker at 2pm on Saturday 9th October 2010.

          • [] Parkwood Springs into Action

            Less than a mile north of Sheffield city centre lies a vast area of open land, almost as big as the city centre itself. Yet few people know of Parkwood Springs, its secret places and its enormous potential as a country park in the city. October 2010 issue.

            • [] Geocaching at Parkwood Springs

              Among all the treasures of nature one can now even find a real little treasure at Parkwood Springs. Actually it is not called a treasure but a ‘geocache’ when using the language of a fairly new high-tech treasure hunting game called ‘Geocaching’.

            • [+] Memories of Parkwood Springs village

              Lots of people have brought us their memories of Parkwood Springs – playing there as children, wartime memories of army billets and anti aircraft guns, the ammunition dump, the brickworks and the power station – we would love to hear more.

            • [] Dangerous behaviour - Information and contacts

              We want Parkwood Springs to be a welcoming, peaceful place, so please help us get rid of any activities that are, or can seem, threatening. Contact details for reporting nuisance behaviour and other problems can be found here.

            • [] Gardening help required

              Mulberry trees planted on the Forest Garden at Parkwood Springs are producing their first fruits, but the Garden still needs plenty of work.