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Parkwood Springs

Newsletter of the Friends of Parkwood Springs No. 4 Autumn 2010

Parkwood Springs needs friends

The secrets of Parkwood Springs are known to only a few of the people of Sheffield. Most see only the ribbons of the ski slope and the landfill site visible far across the city.

They don’t know that this vast area of over 120 hectares, or 300 acres includes an overgrown cemetery, heathland, a forest garden, a stretch of the River Don, sites of special scientific interest and ancient woods, or that it once included its own village.

Perhaps because few people know its secrets, it gets few visitors and so it can seem neglected. The City seems to pay little attention to this great asset close to its centre.

This is why Parkwood Springs needs you as a friend. The Friends of Parkwood Springs is already a well established group with 65 members, but the more members it has, the more support we can get for improving access to all areas, while preserving all the secret natural places and historic sites.

Please watch out for information about our meetings and other events, using the details on the back page to find our website, address and email address.

We look forward to seeing you enjoying the magnificent panoramic views from its summit or the peace of Wardsend Cemetery.

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