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        • [] June 2010 Issue 88

          Issue 88, the June 2010 issue of the Burngreave Messenger.

          • [+] Firvale celebrates its cultures

            The Pakistan Advice and Community Association (PACA)organised a diversity day to bring communities together on Sunday 16th May.

          • [] Classes are back

            In April the Council informed local campaigners that funding had been found to restore some adult learning classes in Burngreave and Fir Vale. This means ESOL and other basic skills classes will be running until July.

          • [] PITS Award

            At Sheffield's celebrating Success Awards on 29th April local parents' group PITS (Parents Intervention Takes a Stand) received an award for their contribution to creating positive activities for young people.

          • [] Heads Off

            Three local secondary schools will change their headteachers in the next academic year from September.

          • [] Firs Hill School speed signs

            Children from Firshill School are getting motorists to open their eyes and cut their speed with new Vehicle-Activiated Signs near their school.

          • [] Byron Wood's Iron Man

            Mr Hall, the Learning Mentor from Byron Wood Primary School in Burngreave, will be taking part in the ‘Iron Man’ competition this summer in the very beautiful city of Zurich in Switzerland.

          • [] St Catherine's official opening

            St Catherine's School extension and the Crescent Community Centre were officially opened on 24th March. The school was opened by the Bishop of Hallam, John Rawsthorne, and the community centre was opened by Cllr Jackie Drayton. Local residents and users of the centre joined pupils and parents to celebrate.

          • [] Stepping Up With Reading

            Byron Wood Primary school are starting a 6 week Family Learning course in June, to help parents find out about the different skills needed for fluent and independent reading.

          • [] World Cup World Culture

            The World Cup is in June and South Yorkshire Police are aiming to promote Spital Hill as a safe place to enjoy the matches and get something decent to eat.

          • [] New Roots, new times

            New Roots Cafe has extended its opening hours from 11.30 – 5pm, ideal for after school. We are offering milk shakes and smoothies throughout half term

          • [] Summer Festivals

            Firvale Fun Day, Abbeyfield Festival, Parkwood Academy/Shirecliffe Community Summer Fayre

          • [] Bus changes

            Local residents had a chance to comment on possible changes to the number 5 and M20 in May.

          • [] New Residents' Group

            For Verdon Street, Nottingham Street, Brunswick Road, Andover Street, Rock Street. Everyone welcome.

          • [] Family fun day

            On Saturday 10th April we held a family fun day in the Women's Construction Centre.

          • [] Wensley clean up

            Wensley residents and 15 different organisations worked together in March to help tidy up the Wensley Estate.

          • [] Carwood clean up and community day

            Carwood Tenants and Residents Association are working with the Council, Sheffield Homes, Veolia and the Police to organise this Litter pick

          • [] Political Debate in Burngreave

            On 13th of April 2010, in the runup to the General Election, the Yemeni Community Association invited five candidates from the main political parties to participate in a political debate.

          • [] Developing mental health

            On 21st April, organisations from across Sheffield gathered at Sorby House to discuss how to improve quality in mental health services for the BME community.

          • [] Comedy night

            On the 5th May the Yemeni Community Association's Sub Group put on a Comedy Night in the Firvale Theatre for over 150 people.

          • [] Cellar Space

            Creating a safe learning space for young people

          • [] Half-term activities

            There's loads to do for young people in the half term, here are just some of the activities on offer.

          • [+] Interfaith walk

            The march for diversity, faith and peace took place on 25th April for the sixth time since it began.

          • [] Burngreave Litter Pick

            A Community litter pick on 9th May had about 45 people participating in cleaning up three areas of Burngreave.

          • [] Level 2 Award - Food Safety

            Fir Vale Business & Enterprise Centre are offering fundamental food hygiene training for all food handlers.

          • [] Another great season

            All three teams of local Pitsmoor / Burngreave football club Earl Marshall Juniors had cause to celebrate at the end of the 2009-10 season.

          • [] Taekwondo Success

            The Taekwondo students at Verdon Recreation Centre have excelled again. On the weekend of 8th and 9th May 2010 two students passed their Dan grading (exam) which was held in Mansfield.

          • [] Bike checks

            Building on young people’s enthusiasm for Bike Check sessions last summer, Ellesmere Youth Project and Pedal Ready ran a bike maintenance course, ending with a bike ride from Carwood to Rotherham.

          • [+] Environment Day

            This year’s Environment Day took place on 23rd May and was possibly the most successful yet with residents once again treated to glorious weather and a brilliant atmosphere in Abbeyfield Park.

          • [] Fire and Food

            Take someone with imagination and a bright idea; add a willing partner and a handful of helpers and you end up with a party that will be remembered for a long time.

          • [] Grimesthorpe plant sale

            As is traditional now, Grimesthorpe allotments held their plant sale in May, in time for gardeners to purchase some all important additions for their vegetable plots.

          • [] Knit and natter birthday bash

            The Messenger was invited to the 2nd birthday bash of the ‘Friday Knit and Natter’ group at the New Roots café on Friday 7th May 2010. Knit, natter and nosh were the order of the day as knitting fought with biscuits and other goodies for a place on the table and a continuous supply of cuppas was served by New Roots’ volunteers.

          • [] Firshill Beauty Evening

            On Friday 14th May local residents were treated to an evening of fun and pampering at Firshill Primary School.

          • [] Corner Egg Café

            The “Corner Egg Café” is now operating in the large downstairs hall in the Burngreave Vestry Hall. It is one of the projects initiated by the Sheffield charity “Launchpad” which recently moved from premises in the Wicker.

          • [] Ace Self Defence

            Free lesson for everyone New Ladies Only classes starting soon We are located at Vestry Hall

          • [] We’ve seen the light!

            At last electricity has returned to the chapels in Burngreave Cemetery. Thanks to those in City Council who enabled the electricity to be connected.

          • [] Firshill's working days

            It is very sad that young people are unable to find jobs these days. When we reminisce, all of us remember “leave school Friday, start work Monday”.

          • [] Brotherton Street memories

            After last issue’s article about the Catherine Arms, The Messenger had a call from Mr Frank Goodwin who lived on Brotherton Street until 1980. His aunt Nellie also lived there between 1930 and 1974.

          • [+] Community Assemblies

            June 2010 news from the North East Community Assembly, including councillor surgery dates.

          • [] BCAF news

            June will see the next quarterly public meeting run by Burngreave Community Action Forum, which will look at what the housing issues are in our area. We want to make sure our public meetings lead to action that helps and involves local people. So what have we done with what was said at the last meeting?

          • [] Sisters

            Women in Burngreave were offered the chance of a free trip to the Crucible Studio Theatre on 24th March to see the world premiere of ‘Sisters’.

          • [] Dear Messenger

            Mick Ibbotson writes to the Messenger about our artilcle regarding parking issues at the Northern General hospital.

          • [] Questionnaire responses

            Thanks to everyone who completed our questionnaire, we had 77 responses and lots of useful comments about what the Messenger does well and what we can do better.

          • [] Men’s Health Day

            A FREE health event for men in Burngreave and Firvale, Thursday 17th June 11am – 3pm at Verdon Recreation

          • [] How Do You Want Sheffield to Develop?

            The Council is gearing up to ask people their views on parts of the draft SDF during the summer. You know your streets and the places you spend your time in better than anyone. This is your chance to share your views on the future of the city.

          • [] FREE cycle training at Fir Vale School

            Here comes the summer – time to get fit, enjoy the outdoors and save some money! Get on your bike! Starting Monday 7th June, including women only sessions.

          • [] Yemeni Parents Meeting

            On Wednesday 9th June the Yemeni Community Association is hosting a parents meeting with head teachers from neighbouring schools to discuss the achievements and current challenges facing Yemeni youth.

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            Pages of with extra photos exclusive to the online edition of the Messenger.

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