Be Cancer Aware

It might make all the difference

We know that levels of awareness of cancer and use of cancer screening programmes is lower among Burngreave residents than in some other parts of Sheffield. For many forms of cancer the earlier you seek treatment the better your chances of surviving.

Lung, breast, bowel, prostate are the 4 most common cancers and 70% of cancers are diagnosed in people over 60.

The Good News

More and more people are surviving cancer due to better treatment. However many cancers are not picked up until the later stages of the disease which means there are less treatment options and this reduces chances of survival.

Don’t delay, see your doctor

Be aware of the early warning signs for cancer (such as the symptoms in the diagram), don’t delay, get them checked out by your doctor if you are not happy ask for another opinion. The fact is , we know our body better than anyone else, if you cannot explain any changes that you are feeling – go and see your doctor.

Cancer is still a taboo illness for many and there is a lot of fear surrounding the disease but the fact is: the earlier you are treated the much better your chance of making a full recovery.

Be Cancer Aware

We can’t do anything about getting older but we can minimise the risks and keep an eye on any changes in our bodies. We recommend that you:

  • know what is normal for you,

  • Familiarise yourself with the main symptoms of cancer.

  • self examine regularly (particularly your breasts or testicles and skin)

  • participate in cancer screening programmes and

  • report any changes, however vague,to your doctor.


Remember: be aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer. DON’T DELAY – report any changes to you doctor as soon as you notice them IT COULD MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Cancer: Know the warning signs

…and get them checked by your doctor. Cancer is easier to treat and cure if diagnosed early

Male cancer symptoms
Female cancer symptoms

Symptoms anywhere on your body:

  • Women: An unusual lump or swelling (including breast, neck, armpit, groin or abdomen).

  • Men: An unusual lump or swelling (including neck, armpit, abdomen, groin, testicle or breast area).

  • A change in the size, shape and colour of a mole.

  • A sore that won’t heal after several weeks.

  • Unexplained weight loss or heavy night sweats.

  • Unexplained pain or ache that lasts longer than 4 weeks.

Symptoms in specific places of the body

  • A mouth or tongue ulcer that lasts longer than 3 weeks

  • A cough or croaky voice that lasts longer than 3 weeks

  • Persistant difficulty swallowing or indigestion

  • Blood in your bowel motions

  • A change to more frequent and looser bowel motions that last longer than 4-6 weeks

  • Blood in your urine

  • Problems passing urine

Women need to be aware of all the above symptoms, plus the following:

  • Bleeding from the vagina after the menopause or between periods

  • An unusual breast change Cancer Screening

Cancer Awareness Project

NHS Sheffield have funded a cancer awareness project for Burngreave. Chetna Patel will be talking to groups and making sure that there is plenty of information around the area. To find out more, contact Stella Mekonnen on 0114 305 1577 or

Cancer Screening

There are three national cancer screening programmes designed to detect cancer in its very early stages.

Bowel Screening

Both men and women aged 60 to 74 will automatically receive a home screening kit through the post every two years (so long as you are registered with a GP), you can also request a test kit by calling the helpline number. If you are 75 or over you can still do a test – simply call the helpline and ask for a kit to be sent to you.

Bowel Screening helpline number and to request a kit 0800 707 6060

Breast Screening

All women aged 47-74 will be invited every 3 years for screening, over this age you are entitled to request a mammogram by calling the Breast Screening centre number below. Also if you have missed your appointment it is not too late to ask for another appointment.

Sheffield Breast Screening – to book an appointment call 0114 271 1920

Cervical Screening (Smear Tests)

Women between 25 and 65 will be invited for screening either every 3 or 5 years. Above this age, women’s risks of developing cervical cancer are greatly reduced. Make an appointment today at your local GP surgery if you are due for your test and tell your friends to. Smear tests can pick up cell changes long before cancer even develops so you can avoid getting cancer altogether.

Reduce your risk of cancer

Remember there is still a lot you can do to continue to reduce your risks of getting cancer and they include:

  • maintain a healthy balanced diet and weight,

  • keep as active as you can,

  • moderate your alcohol intake and,

  • if you smoke, STOP. Stopping Smoking is the single biggest thing you can do to reduce your risk.

More information

If you have any symptoms that concern you call NHS Direct 0845 4647 or see your doctor.

Services in Burngreave

Burngreave and Fir Vale Health Trainer Safina Asghar – for information about local health services. 07903 328 020.

Community Stop Smoking Worker Emma Msigiti. 07847 893 134

Support In Sheffield:

Cancer Support Centre 0114 226 5666.

Cancer Awareness Project

NHS Sheffield have funded a cancer awareness project for Burngreave. Chetna Patel will be talking to groups and making sure that there is plenty of information around the area. To find out more, contact Stella Mekonnen on 0114 305 1577 or

Sponsored by NHS Sheffield’s Healthier Communities Programme.

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