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Events Team
Events Team

It has been an eventful few months here at Sorby House, but as we said goodbye to a few faces, so we have said hello to some new ones.

Here at Sorby, our dedicated events team work tirelessly to organise and host events that reflect the quality of facilities that Sorby House affords. Through their efforts we have not only been able to encourage a range of agencies into the building, including Sheffield LINK, the Police and the NHS, but we have received fantastic feedback. Sheffield LINK, who held their Care Homes Action Group in the Sorby Suite on November 4, said:

“We were provided with a fantastic service and the buffet was perfect for the event.”

Continuing our work offering an unparalleled service to the community, the Ellesmere Suite was used as a studio for a BBC radio Sheffield programme on gang culture. Bringing together a range of agencies and offering the community an opportunity to speak to key figures about their hopes and fears the show, ‘On a Knife Edge’ was aired on November 5. Through our increased profile in the city and business community we have welcomed two further organisations into the building: Refugee Support and BCAF (Burngreave Community Action Forum). Not only does their presence at Sorby House offer us the chance to help nurture a business through this unpredictable economic time, thanks to our low rates and excellent facilities, but we are also able to offer Burngreave essential services in the heart of the community.

We spoke to Rosalind Hill from Refugee Support, part of the Metropolitan Support Trust, who is thrilled to be located at Sorby House and able to offer her clients the premier facilities that aren’t always associated with the voluntary sector. Rosalind Hill said:

“Businesses need to provide staff and service users with modern, healthy and safe facilities.”

She suggests that although Sorby House may have a corporate look, you should not judge the building by its shiny cover. “The outside may be shiny and new, but the inside provides an extremely welcoming environment. A service user commented on how well he knew the building because of its unique look;

I think it is something Sheffield does well and Sorby House is positioned well in Burngreave. It has a presence.”

Yvonne Hayes
Yvonne Hayes

Yvonne Hayes, manager of Rainbow’s End, one of the shops along the front of Sorby House, supports Rosalind as she mentions what the building means to her and those that volunteer in her shop. Yvonne said:

“As a charity shop our passion is to help the people that come here to build friendships and raise funds for Burngreave. It is an absolutely

fantastic location as we are on great bus routes in and out of the city, we are seen by passers-by and people feel safe coming into the shop. The space is also perfect for the free hospitality we like to offer.”

The community champion realises that Sorby House may leave people puzzled as to its purpose.

“People are always walking past this building and no doubt questioning what goes on inside it but we offer volunteering opportunities from a diverse faith and multicultural background from all over the world – we don’t have to go to the world, the world is here in our shop!

“This building was a derelict place for a long time before BNDfC got involved, and we now have a real asset for all the community.”

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