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        • [] October 2009 Issue 84

          Issue 84, the October 2009 issue of the Burngreave Messenger.

          • [] Anger over parking tickets

            On the 20th August, businesses from the Fir Vale and Page Hall Traders association came together to express their frustration with Parking Services, who have been handing out numerous tickets in recent months.

          • [] Young Men jailed for Tarek

            On 6th August 2009, four young men were jailed for killing Tarek Chaiboub, who was shot dead on Spital St in July 2008.

          • [] Mobilty Scam

            In June 2009 we reported on residents’ concerns about companies selling mobility equipment at extortionate prices and falsely claiming to be from social services.

          • [] Messenger Editorial

            Our thanks go to Ian Clifford, who recently left the Messenger management committee and editorial team to voyage around the world to Nepal, where he will be teaching English.

          • [+] We love Burngreave!

            A new survey shows big changes in the way Burngreave people see themselves, though little real change around poverty and jobs.

          • [] Burngreave Community Action Forum AGM

            Things are changing at the Forum. We have just registered as a limited company and on 24th October 2009 we will hold our first Annual General Meeting.

          • [] Cemetery Meeting

            Following a petition to the full Council, a public meeting was held on 10th August about the maintenance of the cemetery. Bereavement Services staff attended, with Councillors Ibrar Hussain and Shaffaq Mohammed, cabinet member for the environment.

          • [+] Hallcar Tavern closes its doors

            The Hallcar Tavern closed as a pub this summer, and was sold at auction in September 2009 for just £52,000. It is such a landmark in the area and has stood through so many changes over the years. We reflect on a time when the local pub was the heart of the community.

          • [] 150 year old tree felled

            One of the very large trees near the entrance of Abbeyfield Park was removed in September 2009 for safety reasons.

          • [] SADACCA International Cultural Day

            SADACCA International Community Cultural Day was held on 31st August to showcase some of Sheffield's best community based acts and to share culture together as a united community.

          • [] Splat Craft Zone

            Local youngsters are being invited to express their creative sides with SPLAT, a drop-in arts and crafts group aimed at 8-13 year olds.

          • [] Becoming a Young Advisor?

            The Sheffield Young Advisors is a group of young people who have been trained to provide a supportive service to the community.

          • [] Positive parenting

            Burngreave Children's Centre held a graduation ceremony on Friday 21st August for parents who have completed the OCN (Open College Network) accreditation for their Positive Parenting programme.

          • [] Burngreave focused for interfaith week

            Sheffields celebrations for UK's first ever interfaith week will be launched on Sunday 15th November 2009 at Burngreave on the theme of 'Faith, Work and Food in Fellowship.

          • [] Al-Amen counselling

            I met Nuria Quintilla at her office in the SYAC building on the Wicker. Here Nuria is the Director and Senior Counsellor of the Women's Resource Centre which services and workshops for women from Black and Ethnic minorities

          • [] Fathima's fundraising cards

            Over the last two years, local craftswoman Fathima Khan has devoted a lot of her time to raising funds for various charities. In 2008 she took part in the'Race for Life', helping to raise over £1,000 in sponsorship, and she got the fun-raising bug.

          • [] Desert trek for Alzheimer's

            This November, Burngreave resident Tina Ball will trek over 70 kilometres across the Sinai Desert, Eqypt, aiming to raise over £1000 for the Alzheimer's Society.

          • [] Street Pastors

            A young resident shot dead. The funeral car slowly approaching up Burngreave Road, followed by family, friends and songs of mourning. In October 2007, Pat Regan from Women Against Violence, speaking from the experience of losing a son, told a meeting at the Adventist Church, “The problem is the gun”.

          • [] 'ON TARGET' with Sheffield Wednesday FC

            Sheffield Wednesday Community Programme is inviting all young people aged 8-16 years old to get involved in our weekly sporting activities taking place in and around Burngreave.

          • [+] Sun shines on Streetworx

            Young people were spoiled for choice this summer, with a great list of activities to enjoy with Sheffield Futures’ Streetworx.

          • [+] Parents making it happen - PITS

            Parents around Verdon Street took matters into their own hands this summer, to make sure their children were involved in positive activities in their community

          • [] Firefighting experience

            The summer’s young firefighter’s course really put two groups of young people through their paces, testing their skills to the limits. The final display after 5 days of training showed their friends and family it had all been worth it.

          • [] Tons of summer trips

            After a year of hard studying, young people from Burngreave After School Study Support Project spent the summer having fun. The Yemeni Community Association’s project took over 300 young people on well earned trips and residentials.

          • [] A positive summer at RH2

            This summer, with the help of 8-13 Positive Activities funding, Reach High 2 Study Support provided a whole range of valuable activities for young people

          • [] Reach High 2 Study Support

            Do you want to improve your English, Maths and Science and have fun? Then Reach High 2 Study Support is for you! Starting from 3rd October 2009.

          • [] Hanging out with Christchurch

            Nottingham Cliff Park has been the place to be this summer (2009), with Christchurch’s youth group, ‘the Hangout’.

          • [] Summer fun, even in the rain

            This year (2009) Ellesmere Youth Project ran a three week programme of summer holiday activities, which involved sport, art and craft, dance and circus skills.

          • [] First taste of candyfloss

            Earl Marshal Connexions Centre ran a wide variety of activities in the summer weeks of 2009, which were well attended, mainly by local Slovakian young people.

          • [+] Bike Days at the Adventure Playground

            It was a real summer of cycling in Burngreave with every youth group getting out on bikes. Pitsmoor Adventure Playground hosted a number of Bike Days to help children get their own bikes up to scratch.

          • [+] Fir Vale Fun Day

            Fir Vale Fun Day was a great event organised at Fir Vale school on 19th July 2009 by local people to celebrate the summer and the community of Fir Vale.

          • [] Grading success

            The Tae Kwon Do students at Verdon Recreation Centre have excelled yet again. On Sunday 6th September every student who took their grading exam passed with flying colours.

          • [] Greenfingers Open Day

            SAGE (Support, Arts, Gardening, Education) Greenfingers held their annual Open Day on September 16th 2009 at the Grimesthorpe Allotments.

          • [] Help at Abbeyfield Park

            In the spring of 2009, Green City Action and Friends of Abbeyfield Park planted up the border in front of the cricket pitch. But now they need help!

          • [] Apple Day and gardening

            Transition Burngreave has been focusing on how we can respond to climate change and energy depletion. In October 2009, there will be a number of events.

          • [] FREE meditation

            Brahma Kumaris is providing FREE meditation, self esteem and positive thinking courses.

          • [] Holtwood House

            Across from Abbeyfield Park, on Abbeyfield Road there is a derelict lodge, have you ever wondered what it was part of, or why there is a lodge there? The lodge was originally just a small part of a much bigger estate, with a grand house called Holtwood House.

          • [] Curry surprise on Dorking Street

            Surprises in Burngreave are often just around the corner, as I discovered recently when looking for the Curry Canteen run by Rupert Ellis. It is within about 3 minutes’ walk of the Ellesmere Road shops, tucked away among the old cobbled streets behind John Heath’s Funeral Parlour. To get to it, you walk down Hallcar Sreet, take the first left, then first right into Dorking Street.

          • [] Lyons Street takeaway

            After 14 months’ hard work, local caterer, Mr Imtiaz, was delighted to finally open Pizza Cottage Cafe and Takeaway on Lyons Close, Ellesmere on 3rd August 2009. Free food was served between 2 and 6pm on the opening day.

          • [+] A New Deal for Burngreave

            News from Burngreave New Deal for Communities including:

            • BNDfC succession plans

            • Free computers

            • Vestry Hall open again

          • [+] Community Assemblies

            News from the first North East Community Assembly meeting. Including Councillors' Surgery Dates.

          • [] Poetry by Muno Abdi

            Muno began writing creatively at about 12 years old and by 14, encouraged by her teachers at Fir Vale School, was producing poetry in the English language and winning school competitions. One of her poems about the Iraq war also won a prize in an American Competition.

          • [] The number 20 bus

            A number of residents have contacted us with concerns about the number 20 bus, which travels along Scott Road.

          • [] Impact of New Deal – Sheffield Live

            Sheffield Live presenter, Irini Apostolidou, has been talking to local residents about the effect New Deal has had on the Burngreave Community.

          • [] Jobs at Pakistan Advice and Community Association

            Pakistan Advice and Community Association wish to recruit a

            Senior Youth Worker

            • Salary: £18852 pro rata (18 hours pw) and a

            Youth Worker

            • Salary: £15408 pro rata (18 hours pw)

            Closing date for both posts: Monday 12th October 2009

          • [] Pakistan ACA need Committee Members

            Want to gain the management experience necessary to help you progress up the career ladder? Or do you just have an interest in what's happening in your local area and want to take a more hands-on approach?

          • [] Pakistan ACA Volunteering Opportunities

            Volunteering with PACA is about more than just helping out a good cause. Volunteers gain valuable skills and experience which they can use when applying for jobs.

          • [] Urban Theology Unit

            The Urban Theology Unit on Abbeyfield Road is offering a Foundation degree in Theology and Ministry through York St John University.

          • [] Men's Health Day

            A free health event for men in the Burngreave and Firvale area. Come and fnd out more.

          • [] Burngreave Mentoring Project

            Would you like to become a Community Mentor? If you would like to support children and young people who live or go to school in Burngreave and have a couple of hours spare per week, we would like to hear from you.

          • [] Extra content

            Index of extra content for the October 2009 edition of the Messeneger.

          • [+] Parkwood Springs into Action

            Less than a mile north of Sheffield city centre lies a vast area of open land, almost as big as the city centre itself. Yet few people know of Parkwood Springs, its secret places and its enormous potential as a country park in the city. October 2009 issue.

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        • [+] August 2009 issue 83

          10th Anniversary edition!

          Issue 83 of the Burngreave Messenger, with PDF download.

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