Vestry Hall public realm improvements

Tree Pic
Tree Pic

The community Foresters are busy again. in one of the most visible places in Burngreave, right beside the Vestry Hall, there will be a further two additions to the area known as the “public realm”.

The trees selected are Pyrus Calleryana, an ornamental pear which has abundant blossom in March followed by glossy foliage in autumn, when it becomes orange and red. These will not only help to filter air pollution but will also attract wildlife, produce vital oxygen, take up surface water and provide a greener, more pleasant environment for all.

The effect is intended to “soften” the environment.

Everyone is welcome to attend the tree-planting – it's on Wednesday 18th March at 11.30am outside the Vestry Hall.

Tree-planting at the Vestry Hall
11:30am to 1:00pm Wednesday 18 March 2009
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