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        • [] February 2009 Issue 80

          Online version of Issue 80, the January 2009 printed edition of the Burngreave Messenger. Includes PDF version for download.

          • [+] Burngreave thinks Global

            In January 2009, Burngreave residents were thinking about global events, celebrating the inauguration of President Obama in America and demonstrating about the war in Gaza.

          • [] Trials and arrests

            Burngreave has been the focus of several murder trials recently. Faria Khan, now 29, of Scott Rd, was convicted of the murder of her husband, Nawajid Ali Khan, after she ran him down outside the takeaway where he worked on Chesterfield Rd. Nawajid had previously worked in the Mangla for 6 years.

          • [] Parents and gangs

            The Targeted Youth Support Team have the task of preventing young people being drawn into violent crime. On Thursday 11th December 2008, a meeting was held at the Vestry Hall to advise parents about gang culture.

          • [] Messenger Editorial

            The Messenger has recently been accepted for official registration by the Charity Commission recognising that our work is for public benefit. We now invite you to our general meeting to amend our constitution with the necessary changes.

          • [] Wicker traders join forces

            After two years of road works and flood, the Wicker improvements are now mostly finished. For Burngreave residents it's definitely worth stopping on the way in to town. This issue we feature the Wicker Cafe

          • [] Wicker Cafe

            Rob and Sarah Armytage run the Wicker Cafe. and over the last 12 years have seen a lot of changes in the clientele and fashions of the area.

          • [] Rainbow's End opens

            After a year of planning “Rainbow's End” community charity shop, based on the ground floor of Sorby House on Spiral Hill, opened its doors to the public on 6th December 2008. The official opening ceremony (conducted by a “Mickey Mouse” look-alike) was a very happy occasion which attracted a large crowd from all sections of the community

          • [] Angry residents on Skinnerthorpe

            Over 25 residents and ex-residents of Skinnerthorpe Road attended a meeting at Pakistan Advice Centre in January, angry about broken promises made by the Council.

          • [] Be part of the walking bus

            The Walking Bus was started in October 2006 by Community Wardens and local volunteers to help parents, children and the environment.

          • [] Wardens under threat

            Burngreave has had a 12-strong Wardens Team for five years, but their New Deal funding ends in March and Sheffield Homes who employ the team, cannot confirm how many jobs will be lost

          • [] Celebrating Fir Vale's Success

            Fir Vale School's Presentation Evening held on 26th November celebrated the 10th Anniversary of its re-launch from the old Earl Marshal School in 1998.

          • [] Cultural Challenge at the Vestry Hall

            Southern E Media Education Arts (SEMEA) is based in the Vestry Offices. It supports intercultural exchange and team building between Southern artists and the community.

          • [] Free advice and support to help you stop smoking!

            The Sheffield Stop Smoking Service has trained stop smoking advisers ready to give you information on nicotine replacement products and other aids to stopping smoking and provide support to you after you have stopped smoking.

          • [] Fir Vale Youth Club

            Burngreave’s efforts to keep kids off the streets have received a boost with the opening of a new Youth Club just down the road.

          • [] Youth work residential

            Due to the success of the last youth work training residential, Streetworx and Football Unites Racism Divides (FURD) are running another training residential in March.

          • [] Minilympics

            A spectacular athletic event, to highlight the potential and achievement of young people aged 14-16, will be taking place on the 9th of May.

          • [] Jeevan Project

            After almost six years in the Fir Vale community, the Jeevan project has just moved to the Pakistan Advice Centre building. Jeevan aims to provide young people with disabilities the means to build their confidence through group work.

          • [] Youth Entertainment Club

            Policy Research (IPPR) shows that the lack of ‘somewhere to go in the evening’ is a regular grievance amongst teenagers.

          • [+] Area Panel Awards

            The Burngreave Area Panel Awards on Friday 23rd January was an uplifting occasion, with many local dignitaries attending, including our own Jackie Drayton and Steve Jones.

          • [] Help needed at Firs Hill TARA

            Firshill Tenants and Residents Association needs new members to take on committee roles. A number of long standing members have recently retired, but the committee is still 6 members strong.

          • [] Tom Gould

            We are very sorry to announce that Tom Gould, 90, who featured last issue, died in early January 2009.

          • [] Diane Haimeed receives Night of Honour Award

            Diane Haimeed has been a youth worker in Burngreave and Fir Vale for over 6 years, working with Sheffield Futures and the Yemeni Community Association's Study Support Project. In November she received the City's recognition for her hard work, in the Sheffield Night of Honours Awards. From a long list of Sheffield's workers and volunteers, Diane was chosen for the Investors in Children Award.

          • [] Right Futures fundraise for Palestine

            Nine young people from the Yemeni Community, aged between 17 and 19, have come together to form a group called Right Futures, to organise activities and events for the community.

          • [] Martin Luther King Day

            On 19th January, the eve of Barack Obama's inauguration as the first black President, young and old people gathered at the Welcome Centre for the 5th annual celebration in rememberance of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

          • [] Teaching Henna

            Whiteway's school started an on going Henna course in November for local parents and children.

          • [+] University project inspires local youngsters

            A packed event at the Vestry Hall on 21st January celebrated the achievement of Burngreave young people in a media project organised by the University of Sheffield, Burngreave Study Support Consortium and Burngreave New Deal.

          • [] Mosaics brighten Carwood Green

            Over the last few months, Green City Action's ‘Deliver it Green’ project has been working to improve the green environment around the Carwood estate.

          • [+] Festive Party

            Festive cheer abounded at the Vestry Hall on December 20th where the annual Festive Party was held. Children from all over the Burngreave community enjoyed an afternoon of winter fun.

          • [] Yoga for Byron Wood

            In December children at Byron Wood learned the calming effects of yoga. With the Yoga4Schools Programme students, including those from the celebrated Fresh Start and Nurture units, practised calming exercises and breathing techniques.

          • [] Playground party

            On 24th December 100 children filled the Adventure Playground for their annual Christmas party. But if it wasn't for the help of the community it never would have happened.

          • [] EID party

            On Saturday 13th December, over 300 women and children attended an Eid party organised by the Yemeni Community Association Sheffield.

          • [] New Deal money

            Last Issue we reported on New Deals' plans to make cuts to future and existing projects. January was full of rumours about plans for more cuts from April.

          • [] Cemetery Petition

            Following the petition to the Council in November about the state of Burngreave Cemetery, local resident John Duignan is disappointed with the response.

          • [] Neighbourhood Action Group

            The Neighbourhood Action Group, or NAG for short, is a monthly meeting that aims to tackle local community safety issues in Burngreave and Fir Vale.

          • [] Improving the Air

            Burngreave Community Forestry and Fir Vale School are designing a plan to plant six trees on Rushby Street near the roundabout sponsored by building firm Wates. The community forester is consulting with residents and community groups to assess opinions on the proposal.

          • [] Planting Margate

            On the frosty December morning, pupils from the Riverside Centre planted seven trees on the Margate Estate with staff from Sheffield Homes and Burngreave Community Forestry.

          • [+] A New Deal for Burngreave

            News from Burngreave New Deal for Communities including:

            • Deliver It Green

            • Cainan Blake

            • Burngreave Health Matters

            • Dorrett Buckley-Greaves M.B.E.

          • [+] Burngreave Area Panel

            Latest news from the Area Co-ordinator for the Burngreave Area Panel, including:

            • Ten years of the Area Panel

            • Upcoming Area Panel meetings

            • Councillors' Surgery Dates

          • [] More at the Library

            Burngreave Library is busy on the Wednesday afternoon when I visit to speak to Janet Ring, the librarian. People are using the computers, children are reading and there are lots of enquiries at the desk.

          • [] Washing Days at Sutherland Road Baths

            For many of us, a washing machine and a bath are essential piece of household equipment, used routinely throughout the week and taken for granted. However, a conversation with Joyce Rason and Joyce Wilson from Firshill Local History Group reminded me that washing our clothes and bodies was a completely different experience 60 or 70 years ago and one that often took place outside the home.

          • [] BCAF Annual General Meeting 2009

            After the success of the BCAF Quarterly Forum Meetings held over the past year, we want to celebrate the strength and variety of community groups in Burngreave at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) by inviting representatives from community organisations across the area to attend and publicise their work.

          • [] Job: Full-time Qualified Early Years Practitioner

            BWRC Watoto Pre-school, established for 11 years, are seeking to appoint an enthusiastic and dynamic Early Years Practitioner to take up this exciting post in our busy nursery.

            • 37.5 hours per week

            • Salary: £11,174

            • Closing date: Thurs 12th February 2009, 5pm.

          • [] Job: Teaching Assistant for Bilingual Learners (Somali)

            King Edward VII School is a successful Secondary School and Language College with an excellent reputation. We seek to appoint a Teaching Assistant to work with our students of Somali origin. The successful applicant will teach the Somali language to accreditation level.

            • 2 hours per week initially, term time only (£20 per hour)

            • Closing Date: 11th February 2009

          • [] Abbeyfield Festival 2009

            With the end of funding for festivals in Burngreave, the area’s main festival at Abbeyfield needs the support of residents and people working locally to make it happen this year.

        • [+] January 2009 News

          News, stories, information and jobs from January 2009, exclusive to the website.