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        • [+] December 2009 Issue 85

          Issue 85, the December 2009 issue of the Burngreave Messenger.

          • [] On the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

            Magid Mah has astounded all those who know him – at the young age of 20 he has reached the peak of the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, not only that but he was told he was the first Somali to achieve it! John Mellor spoke to him about his journey…

          • [] Tesco to open late

            Over a third of the jobs promised by Tesco at Spital Hill will now be delayed until 2015.

          • [] More benefits for working parents

            Families on low incomes are being advised to check if they can now get housing benefit to help with their rent or a reduction in council tax.

          • [] Messenger Editorial

            THe meseenger celebrates its 10th Anniversary; congratulations to Sarah, our administrator, who gives birth to a baby boy;

          • [+] Work in Burngreave Cemetery

            In recent months Bereavement Services have been doing significant work in Burngreave Cemetery. (Includes full action plan download).

          • [] Musical trees

            It’s not very often that the Community Forestry Team finds itself digging up trees – but that’s exactly what we did on Friday 23rd October!

          • [] Focusing on the future

            Burngreave Community Action Forum’s AGM in October started by demonstrating its links with other Burngreave organisations – by sharing lunch with the Messenger after its own AGM.

          • [] Can you accept the truth?

            Maat Probe Group aims to highlight inequalities in mental health and to do what it can to improve services through communication. Includes link to full report.

          • [+] Tomorrow's terraces?

            A recent Council project to renovate rundown houses in Page Hall opened its doors to residents in November.

          • [] New council housing

            The Council has submitted a bid to the government for new council houses in Burngreave and Fir Vale.

          • [] Grimesthorpe approved

            The controversial Redwall development gained full planning permission to build 44 new houses at Grimesthorpe Road in November.

          • [] Normandy Veterans Meet

            Two World War Two veterans who landed at the same beach in Normandy meet each other after 55 years.

          • [+] Tale Of Two Cities

            Report from University of Sheffield shows Burngreave residents can expect to live 15 years less than people in Lodge Moor and Fulwood.

          • [] Volunteer Mentors

            On Wednesday 17th October 2007, 16-year-old Jonathan Matondo was shot in Nottingham Cliffe Rec. The community was shaken to the core as they tried to come to terms with what had happened.

          • [] Mahya’s study success

            16-year-old Mahya Abdullah is a Yemeni girl who came to the UK in 2001 aged 9. She was not able to speak any English and started at Hucklow Primary School in Y4. After moving to a number of schools, she settled at Firvale Secondary School in Y8.

          • [] Apple Day

            The Friends of Burngreave Cemetery celebrated National Apple Day on Sunday 25th October with a variety of activities in the chapel. CHANGE OF DATE: The 14th December tree-planting has been defered to the New Year.

          • [] Age well at Verdon Street

            Whilst it doesn’t have the same feel as the corridors of Parliament, Verdon Recreation Centre has long been the venue where Burngreave’s more senior members can be found putting the world to rights.

          • [] Interfaith Living Library

            On Wednesday St Catherine's School held a Pupil Living Library to celebrate Interfaith Week. The idea for our Living Library was that pupils act as ‘living books’ and visitors could come and talk to the books to find out about their lives and experiences.

          • [] Islam Awareness Week

            Burngreave-based 1Ummah1 Islamic Youth Group visited a 99% non Muslim School as part of Islamic Awareness Week in November

          • [] Inside Page Hall

            Page Hall is an amazing place. If you had any doubts, you only need spend five minutes looking at Richard Hanson's new exhibition to be sure.

          • [+] PITS Exhibition

            Local parents group PITS celebrated their summer of fun and achievement with an exhibition of photos in the City Centre.

          • [] Alan Johnson visit

            Current Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, visited Burngreave last month with David Blunkett to look at work in the community to combat knife and gun crime

          • [+] Beacons at Parkwood Springs

            ‘Beacons – The Final Spark’ was an event not to be missed by fire enthusiasts and families alike in Sheffield on 24th October at Parkwood Springs.

          • [] Blastoff comes to Burngreave

            Blastoff comes to Burngreave. Blastoff is the football on your doorstep initiative from Activity Sheffield. It's open to boys and girls aged 11-13 and 14-16 years

          • [] Cultural learning

            More than 150 Somali residents gathered at Sorby House in October for an amazing day of culture and learning.

          • [] Empowering parents

            The Parents Can Empowerment workshop was held at SADACCA on Thursday 12th November. It was one of four workshops to support African-Caribbean parents and was well attended by parents and workers.

          • [] Our younger days: Firshill History Group

            A little while ago we were asked by one of our local schools if we could talk to a class of 7-8 year olds about our lives when we were their age. Three of our group were faced with about 30 children bursting with questions about what it was like to live 50 years ago!

          • [] Firshill community day

            Firs Hill’s ‘Walking Wonderland’ took shape in September, with murals, signposts and pavement markings along the journey from Sheffield Academy to St Catherine’s School.

          • [] Eid celebration

            On Saturday September 26th, 300 women and children attended an Eid party organised by the Yemeni Community Association.

          • [] Abbeyfield Road’s party!

            On 27th September, residents of 30 houses on Abbeyfield Road met for food, fun, games and – more than anything – to get to know each other better.

          • [] Write Horizons

            These stories are from a group of local writers, who meet in the area once a week. We write poems and stories some fact some fiction, enjoying one anothers company and sharing ideas and encouragement

          • [] Underwood House

            I joined the local history class this year and as part of the course we were asked to undertake a research project of our own choice. I went to school at the Convent High School on Burngreave Road which was a large house that had been extended. I thought it would be interesting to find out when the house had been built and who had lived there. Most of you now will know the building as St Catherine’s Nursing Home. By using internet research sites and the local history library I was able to find out quite a lot about the house and its occupants.

          • [] Photography exhibition

            Christchurch Pitsmoor is hosting a miniexhibition of photographer Richard Hanson's ‘Light of the World’ project from 28th November, and will continue during advent (the four weeks running up to Christmas)

          • [] Soft Soap

            Soft Soap is an internet community soap opera.

          • [] Job: Pakistani Women’s Emotional Wellbeing Worker

            NHS Sheffield Health and Social Care are recruiting a Pakistani Women’s Emotional Wellbeing Worker.

            • £20,710 – £26,839 per annum pro rata

            • 18.75 hrs/wk

            • Closing date: Thursday 17th December 2009

          • [] Problems parking on your street?

            If you live near the Northern General, look out for questionnaires from the Council, to see if you think a permit parking scheme could be the answer to parking problems caused by hospital traffic.

          • [] Easier way to quit

            Want to stop smoking? Get free support that really works from your local NHS Stop Smoking Service.

          • [] Quit smoking clinics

            Drop-in clinics in Burngreave – free infromation, advice and support to help you stop smoking.

          • [] Rainbow's End 1st Birthday

            It’s a year since the Rainbow’s End shop opened on Spital Hill. We want to say a big thank you for all your support so come to our celebration events!

          • [] Become a Community Health Champion

            Are you friendly and enthusiastic? Do you want to help others to eat healthily, be physically active and improve their mental wellbeing? Do you want to gain useful skills and experience through volunteering?