North East Plan agreed

Over 50 people attended the second formal business meeting of the North East Community Assembly at Shirecliffe Community Centre on 21st October.

Members of the public were shown to their seats and served refreshments by young people from Parkwood Academy who also took photos of the event. At the meeting the Community Plan was agreed, it will be the basis for the work of the Assembly team working alongside partners to address issues and improve services. It is based on information from local ‘You Say’ consultation activities, public meetings in the 4 wards, feedback from Councillors and relevant statistics. The plan outlines 10 priority areas where attention will be focussed:

reduced school exclusions.

The following funding was also agreed:

Burngreave Ward

Community Chest (£2000), Shirecliffe Forum (£6000), 2 extra Bring Our Your Rubbish Days (£2412), Neighbourhood Warden patrols in Shirecliffe (£1800), Festive Lights (£5000), Garden Pledge (£5000), Extension of library opening hours (£2800), Communications and cohesion project (£6000), Mobile surveillance camera (£11036), Street Trees (£4000). Total – £46,048

Community Assembly Wide

You Choose (£8000), New Year’s Honours (£12000), Neighbourhood Environmental Action Teams (£26000). Total – £46,000 Other items discussed were the Highways Budget, Bring Out Your Rubbish days and the Community Involvement Plan.

North East Community Assembly

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