Vestry Hall flooding

Vestry Flood
Vestry Flood

Story: Ben Kirby

Heavy rainfall on 10th June caused extensive damage to the main hall at the Vestry Hall. Repairs will be carried out at the Vestry Hall over the summer holidays, the costs will be covered by the insurance.

New Deal’s Ann Allen told the Messenger,

“Rainwater came in through the Vestry Hall roof and ran down the rear wall of the building, damaging the walls and blinds of the main hall. The water ran into the basement, under the stage, and under the main hall floor. The wooden floor expanded because of the amount of water and buckled.”

Mud and Rubbish

Ann explained that the repairs will be made before the start of the new term in September:

“We aim to do the work during the summer holidays so that we build up of mud and rubbish on the roof blocking the drains appears to be the cause, which could have been left by the contractors. The Messenger ask Ann if New Deal was looking into this,

“We intend to work with the project manager of the original Vestry Hall renovation to determine why the rainwater came through the roof.”

In the meantime, events to be held in the main hall have been cancelled:

“The first thing we did was to offer alternative locations for all the events we’ve had to cancel. Obviously we have stopped taking bookings for events, but we are happy to offer alternative locations.”

For more information about the Vestry Hall contact New Deal on 213 2300. The steering group for the Vestry Hall will be restarting on 8th September at 6pm, if you would like to be involved contact New Deal.

Vestry Hall steering group meeting
6:00pm to 8:00pm Tuesday 8 September 2009
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