Rubbish at Grimesthorpe

Rubbish at Grimesthorpe
Rubbish at Grimesthorpe

Residents are again complaining about rubbish dumped on the land at Grimesthorpe owned by developer Redwall.

The site at the top of Smithies Field has been covered in rubbish and waste since Redwall cleared the green space prior to submitting a planning application for housing and flats in 2005. The Council’s Environmental Services have agreed to take action to make the developer clear the rubbish, after the issue was raised by councillors.

Local resident, Sylvia Pennington, said:

“It’s disgusting – it used to be such a beautiful place, a real bit of the countryside in the city, I used to take my children down the path to play in the fields but I couldn’t do that with my grandchildren now. Redwall should look after the site.”

Redwall are still pursuing planning permission to build on the site. Their application for flats and houses was submitted in April 2008 which provoked objections from local residents, who said the development was too large. Redwall have now changed the design, removing the block of flats with eight levels and replacing it with a care home for the elderly, with six levels.

The planning applications are likely to be considered by the board in August. Residents can submit comments by post or on the planning website until the planning board meeting.

If you wish to comment contact the Council planning department on 273 4215 or submit a comment via the council website

Application numbers

08/01990/REM 20 houses

08/01999/REM 24 houses

09/02110/FUL care home (this is a new application replacing the proposed 124 flats)

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