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        • [] April 2009 Issue 81

          Issue 81 of the Burngreave Messenger, with PDF download.

          • [] £52million - It’s all gone

            On 17th February Burngreave New Deal announced that from 31st March there would be no funding for any of their projects, two years before the official end of New Deal.

          • [] TESCO plans

            The latest plans for Tesco's mixed-use development at the corner of Spital Hill and Savile Street have been submitted to the Council's planning board following amendments to their design.

          • [] No new homes until 2012

            Following an angry meeting in January between the Council and Skinnerthorpe residents under threat of demolition, the Council have finally given a date of 2012 at the earliest to rebuild on Earl Marshal.

          • [] Northern General Parking

            Tighter parking controls on streets around Norwood Rd can now be introduced, after residents raised the issue with councillors at Burngreave Area Panel.

          • [] Messenger Editorial

            The Messenger has had another two votes of confidence with grants from two charitable trusts who have seen the benefit of our work in the community: many thanks to the Scurrah Wainwright Charity and Sheffield Town Trust.

          • [] What happened to the money?

            At the Partnership Board meeting in February, New Deal Executive Manager Ann Allen stressed that “Absolutely no money has gone missing.” However, it’s clear New Deal were overspending for years and nobody was keeping track of the money.

          • [] Young People Take a Lead

            When the Young Advisors and Burngreave Youth Council heard about the cuts to funding, we organised a meeting with Sonia Sharp (Head of the Council’s Children and Young people’s Directorate) to help save these projects.

          • [] Projects at risk

            Pitsmoor Citizens Advice Bureau (PCAB), Burngreave Community Action Forum (BCAF), Active Burngreave, Apprenticehsips for All and Burngreave Opportunities have all been hit by New Deal's cuts

          • [] No barriers No borders

            In June last year No Barriers No Borders was set up to support disabled asylum seekers and refugees. This is no ordinary group, as the support will come from other disabled asylum seekers, like Aman Ali.

          • [] Congratulations to Peter Lamb

            At the AGM of the National Catholic Scout Fellowship, of which he is Vice President, 80 year old Peter Lamb was awarded the membership of the Brotherhood of St George. This is the highest honour that can be bestowed by the international Catholic Conference of Scouting.

          • [] Doing it for yourself

            The Women's Construction Centre is well known in Burngreave for the DIY courses if offers. Recently partnerships with other local organisations have extended the range of opportunities for women in the community.

          • [] Firshill walking wonderland

            Firshill Tenants and Residents Association and St Catherine's School are working with students from Sheffield University to brighten up the walk to school

          • [] Wardens news

            Sheffield Homes have announced that the Burngreave Wardens sevice will be cut from 8 to 5.

          • [+] Volunteering

            Volunteer work is what keeps a lot of the community organisations going and is very rewarding and empowering for the individuals. This page celebrates some of the people who contribute to our area. Many residents learning English in Burngreave, are hoping to improve their language so they can get a job. ESOL learners with Kath Swinney’s Life Long Learning and Skills class at the Vestry Hall, are also gaining valuable experience as volunteers

          • [] Free Makeover

            Local resident Mriom Nazir is to set up a new business after qualifying as a hair and makeup artist specialising in fashion and bridal hair and make-up.

          • [] Gaza fundraiser

            A vibrant and colourful fundraiser for Gaza was organised by Right Futures, a group of nine young people from the local area supported by the Modern Apprenticeship Scheme, who created an event to help raise money for those in need in Gaza.

          • [] Firs Hill Comic Relief day

            On Friday 13th March Firs Hill Community Primary School held a fun afternoon full of events to raise money for Comic Relief.

          • [] Arabic Dancing

            Arabic dancing classes are the new craze at Whiteways School. Organized by Usha Blackham for women and mothers at the school, it has been running since September.

          • [] Lego Club

            “Lego Club” has been running since November at Firs Hill School. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning with the help of Sheffield Hallam University Engineering Students, Year 1 & 2 pupils and their parents enjoy construction together.

          • [] Sophie Mei breaks world record

            Friday 13th March saw Sophie Mei, renowned belly dancer and Burngreave resident, break the world record for the most people simultaneously belly dancing, all in aid of Comic Relief.

          • [] Raising their voices

            “Raising their Voices: Poems by children in Burngreave” contains poems by over 50 children from six schools in Burngreave. Joanna Sutherland's colourful photographs embellish the book.

          • [] Carwood TARA fight for decent kitchens

            The Decent Homes scheme has arrived on Carwood and Firshill estates. This is the Government scheme to improve council housing, paid by millions of pounds of central government grants topped up with money from the council's capital receipts.

          • [] Fir Vale students plant trees for the future

            In February and March 2009 Fir Vale School students worked with Burngreave Community Forestry to plants trees around school. On 19th March 2009 they worked on a major project to plant six large trees on the triangular green space next to their school at Rushby Street.

          • [+] Green City Action News

            The latest news from Green City Action. Including:

            • Environment Day

            • The last act of DIG

          • [] A New Deal for Burngreave

            News from Burngreave New Deal for Communities: Current financial position and legacy – a letter from the Partnership Board.

          • [+] Burngreave Community Action Forum

            Burngreave Community Action Forum (BCAF), is an independent organisation established in 1997 which fights to ensure the voices of Burngreave people are heard. Articles include:

            • Recent Achievements

            • Annual General Meeting

            • BCAF working groups

          • [] Final Area Panel

            Around 50 people attended the last ever Area Panel on 18th March, to hear the fall-out from the New Deal cuts, as well as plans for the new Community Assemblies.

          • [] Peace walk

            A walk, bringing all faiths together

          • [] Wicker bus gate to be relaxed?

            In February Wicker business achieved an overwhelming victory with the Council agreeing to relax the Wicker bus gate. 30 businesses put together a 2047-person petition to the council calling for better signage and relaxation of the bus gate restrictions overnight (7pm -7am).

          • [] Lord Mayor visits Nomad

            Councillor Jane Bird, Lord Mayor of Sheffield, visited NOMAD tenancy support schemes in Burngreave.

          • [] Sheffield Sport Foundation

            Are you a young person interested in attending Athletics or Football sessions as a hobby or professional training?

          • [] Adult Learning

            Guide to learning opportunities in Burngreave and Fir Vale New Courses for the Summer Term

          • [] Burngreave Health Matters

            Thursday 16th April 9.30am–3.00pm Provided FREE by Health Matters in Burngreave. Are you interested in health in your community? Would you like to find out more about health issues that affect people in Burngreave? Do you have ideas of how services could be better?

          • [] Burngreave Mentoring Project

            Community Mentors support young people in Burngreave to fulfil their potential and make a positive contribution

          • [+] Parkwood Springs into Action

            Less than a mile north of Sheffield city centre lies a vast area of open land, almost as big as the city centre itself. Yet few people know of Parkwood Springs, its secret places and its enormous potential as a country park in the city.

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        • [+] February 2009 Issue 80

          Online version of Issue 80, the January 2009 printed edition of the Burngreave Messenger. Includes PDF version for download.

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