Problems on Goddard Hall Road

Dear Messenger,

I write to agree with the readers who wrote to you in the April and June issue of the Messenger (page 22). Goddard Hall Road is just as bad. Often I return home to find banana skins, sweet wrappers and rubbish outside my home and in my front garden. I am not the only resident who has this problem.

Please can residents educate their children and visitors to be environmentally friendly and take pride in the area in which we live. I have lived on this road since 1961, and as a child, my siblings and I had to sweep our back gardens and fronts of our home on a weekly basis.

Please can we have a police officer or traffic warden to patrol Fir Vale shops for most of the day as the customers of some of these shops think they are above the law and panrk on the double yellow lines. It is very frustrating trying to get home and one lane is constantly blocked with one or more cars causing considerable delays.

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