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Issue 74, February 2008

Chief Inspector Jon Ekwubiri

Chief Inspector Jon Ekwubiri receives a Burngreave New Year's Honours Award for his work with the Burngreave Police Team.

2008-02-04 18:23:55
Tree planting in Burngreave

News from the Community Forestry team, with details of upcoming events.

2008-02-03 22:27:22
Crabtree and Roe Woods response

John Gilpin, Woodlands Project Officer, responds to comments made in our November 2007 issue regarding Roe Woods and Crabtree Pond.

2008-02-03 21:37:54
Greenfingers allotment attacked

An attack of vandalism that led to an explosion on Grimesthorpe allotments has caused outrage amongst its members and staff.

2008-02-03 21:29:53
Regeneration - but not for us

Burngreave has come to be known as one of the most diverse and tolerant districts within Sheffield. In the recent book, “Burngreave Voices”, it is quoted as being “alive, friendly and welcoming”. Its diverse and multicultural background is unique to Sheffield.

2008-02-03 19:59:49
A new start for Burngreave’s Community Forum

The Burngreave Community Action Forum was established in 1997, to be the voice of influence for the community and communities in Burngreave. The Forum has had a difficult time in recent years. Its managing organisation, Burngreave Community Action Trust, collapsed in 2006 with the loss of it’s funding and the staff team. Now with their new Development Manager, Steve Gayle, and administrator Daniel Stanley there is a possibility of new life for our community forum.

2008-02-03 19:48:27
New Year at the Rock Christian Centre

“Hope” is a national Christian event to celebrate New Year. It involves seven days of constant prayer, with people attending as much or as little as they like during that time. Each city in the UK has a Church acting as a focal point and, this year, the Rock Christian Centre on Carlisle Street hosted Hope 08 for Sheffield.

2008-02-03 19:34:47
Evening of Islam

It was a spectacular evening of celebration, inspiration, remembrance and charity at the Magna Centre on Sunday 13th January. Over 1000 people attended the largest gathering of Muslims in South Yorkshire, organised by Iqra Promotions on Owler Lane.

2008-02-03 19:01:25
Messenger editorial

The Messenger faces a challenging year. We need to secure additional grant funding to continue the project as it is, but whatever happens we hope to be able to produce six issues this year

2008-02-03 18:44:58
Downing Street visit

16 year old Kadie-Anne of the Burngreave Youth Council was invited to No.10 Downing Street by MP Richard Caborn and Prime Minister Gordon Brown to attend a reception on 16th January.

2008-02-03 18:37:47
Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do It!

The new MEND project (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do It) is designed to help children improve their fitness and lose weight.

2008-02-03 13:55:53
Earl Marshall

After winning promotion from the Sheffield and District Junior League Division D last season, Earl Marshall Under 12s delivered some excellent performances in their pre season friendlies.

2008-02-03 12:41:09
Burngreave Saints

Despite facing a bigger challenge on a bigger pitch, Burngreave Saints have held their own during the first half of the season and the club hold strong hopes of finishing well in the league. The team is currently third from bottom of their league having won twice, drawn 4 and lost 9 games. However, their coach Patrick Blake says, their league position betrays them.

2008-02-03 12:38:48
Burngreave and Canklow

Burngreave and Canklow Crusaders started the year in the top half of the table, a good effort considering the step up from Under 18’s to a men’s league.

2008-02-03 12:33:40
My name is Ahseem

I’m from Pitsmoor. I got involved in the project by talking to Uzma Bibi, I did some voluntary work with her and she helped me a lot with looking for jobs and getting on to courses.

2008-02-02 23:51:21
My name is Malaki Preston

I live in the Burngreave area, which is where I am from. Before this opportunity, I wasn’t doing anything, I was going to look for a job but lucky enough this came along.

2008-02-02 23:28:20
My Name is Kasum

I have lived in Pitsmoor all my life and I think it’s a great place to live. I got to know about the Hope project by regularly visiting the Verdon Street Centre. Before the project came along I was out of a job and had left college.

2008-02-02 23:18:10
My name is Shaun

I live in Pitsmoor. I got involved by a member of staff putting my name forward. I wasn’t working before this, so I am going to make the most of this opportunity.

2008-02-02 23:08:08
My name is Jerone Blake

My name is Jerone Blake. I’m from Pitsmoor Burngreave, I have lived in the area for 19 years. I got involved with the project through volunteering and participating in activities put on by Burngreave Streetworx. .

2008-02-02 22:58:29
Hope in New Youth Workers

Six young people will have the opportunity to train as youth workers over the next three months, through a new project by Streetworx called Hope.

2008-02-02 22:49:32
Sagr Abdullafeheh Ali Al-Afif

Sagr has graduated in Information Technology Networks at Sheffield Hallam University.

2008-02-02 20:21:34
Farana Akhtar

Farana is 28 and took her degree while working as a lab assistant at the NHS Blood and Transplant Service in Longley.

2008-02-02 20:13:12
Suria Saleh

Suria Saleh enrolled at Sheffield Hallam University in September 2006 to do a PGCE/CertEd, and graduated last year ready to continue her role as a teacher at the Yemeni Community Association.

2008-02-02 20:09:19
Aiming high

Local student, Salim Omar has recently been recognised for his outstanding academic achievements at a special awards ceremony held by the European Social Fund.

2008-02-02 20:00:50
Inspired by Martin Luther King Junior

On Monday 21st January at Christ Church Pitsmoor, the Martin Luther King Junior Planning Group organised an event, reminding us how wonderful Martin Luther King was and how his war for freedom, justice and equality began.

2008-02-02 12:04:18

Burngreave residents Suria Saleh, Sagr Abdullafeheh Ali Al-Afif and Farana Akhtar have graduated from Sheffield Hallam University. They set the agenda by encouraging students from all ages and backgrounds to consider higher education as an option.

2008-02-02 11:50:42
Parkwood success

Parkwood’s recent OFSTED report is full of praise: a letter to the students from the lead inspector says that their positive attitude and enthusiastic learning go to make it a good school.

2008-02-02 11:44:21
Football focus

Mid season football review of Burngreave Saints, Earl marshall and Burngreave and Canklow football clubs in Burngreave

2008-02-02 11:38:39
Burngreave Bouncing Back

The community is sick and tired of the rise in drugs and gun crime, and the negativity surrounding its community and young people.

2008-02-02 11:02:39
Council Under Pressure on Freehold Sales

Two Sheffield residents’ groups joined Cookswood residents in expressing anger at the Council, who sold the land under their homes at auction.

2008-02-02 10:54:34
Pedestrian Crossings

Some local people have criticised the new crossings recently installed on Burngreave Road and Spital Hill as part of the Better Buses scheme.

2008-02-02 10:47:53
TESCO approved

Tesco’s plan for a 10,000m2 store at Spital Hill was approved by Sheffield City Council on 14th January. The store will include 871 parking spaces, a petrol station, car wash, recycling unit and offices. 395 jobs will be created in the Tesco store and a further 175 elsewhere in the development.

2008-02-02 10:47:38
Streetworx Youth Conference

Report on the Streetworx Youth Conference held on Saturday 8th December 2007 at the Vestry Hall in Burngreave.

2008-02-02 10:44:33
Award winning Page Hall

Page Hall Community Association was formed in 2005 when a group of residents came together to fight the Council’s plan to knock down their homes. Since then they have seized the opportunity to do positive things for the area.

2008-02-02 10:42:22
Halfway mental health services

The Messenger went to visit Burngreave residents Andrew Martin and Nahid Aziz, in order to find out more about their work at Community Action Halfway, a voluntary sector provider of mental health services.

2008-02-02 10:38:32
Two sides to every Academy

Two meetings to consult the public about the proposals to transfer Parkwood School to an Academy were well attended

2008-02-02 10:37:36
Skinnerthorpe receive CPO

Sheffield City Council has issued Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) against over 140 Fir Vale homes. Some home owners on Skinnerthorpe Road, Owler Lane, Bagley Road and Barnsley Road will be forced to sell their homes, so that the houses can be knocked down, as part of the Burngreave and Fir Vale Masterplan.

2008-02-02 10:36:53
New Deal controversy

On January 23rd, the Sheffield Star published allegations concerning Burngreave New Deal and reported a call from the local Liberal Democrat leader for New Deal’s Chief Executive to be suspended, and for governance arrangements at Burngreave New Deal to be investigated.

2008-02-02 10:36:23
Education Chief opens toilet

On the 6th December at Firs Hill Primary School, Jonathan Crossley-Holland, Director of Children’s and Young Peoples Directorate opened his very first lavatory!

2008-02-02 10:35:47
Bird Sculpture

A new ‘Boy and Bird’ sculpture can be seen waving at you as you travel down Rutland Road, prompting some phone calls to find out what it all means.

2008-02-02 10:34:08
Northern General drop £95,000 bill

Last issue the Messenger highlighted the case of Aman Ali, a refused asylum seeker, who was badly injured and received a massive bill from the Northern General Hospital. This bill has now been written off thanks to the support from his friends.

2008-02-02 10:33:19
Honours for Burngreave

The Town Hall’s reception room was full of Burngreave’s finest on 25th January, as local Councillors, MPs Richard Caborn and David Blunkett and the Lord Mayor presented the Area Panel’s New Year’s Honours.

2008-02-02 10:26:39

The Health Education Employment Training event, aimed at young people locally and city wide on Saturday 1st March 2008.

2008-02-01 15:48:22
Landlords for Excellence course

Landlords… Have you heard how Sheffield City Council (SCC) can help you? FREE Hallam University Landlords for Excellence course – new course starts April 08.

2008-02-01 15:37:06
A chance to meet funders

Sheffield Funding Fair, Thursday 13th March 2008. Meet funders and get advice from support organisations.The event is free and there is no need to book in advance.

2008-02-01 15:30:57
Councillors’ Surgery Dates

February and March 2008 surgery dates for our local councillors, Jackie Drayton, Ibrar Hussain and Steve Jones.

2008-02-01 13:01:04
Next Area Panel meeting

The next meeting of the Panel on 20th February 6pm at St James meeting room, Scott Road/Abbeyfield Road will host a discussion about how the Council can help address climate change and what local communities like Burngreave, and individuals can do!

2008-02-01 12:56:04
New Year's Honours

Volunteers, employees and organisations who received awards at this year’s annual Area Panel New Years Honours ceremony.

2008-02-01 12:52:32
Responding to a tragedy

Just fewer than one hundred people, young and old, attended the last Area Panel meeting in November. The theme of the meeting was the implications of the recent tragic death of Jonathan Matondo, and how the major local agencies are going to change, or intensify, their services in response.

2008-02-01 12:42:41
Let’s stamp out anti-social behaviour

Do you suffer from noise nuisance or harassment? Or as a result of criminal behaviour? For advice and support contact the Burngreave New Deal Antisocial Behaviour Team.

2008-01-31 17:46:53
Lead theft warning

Police are investigating a rising number of lead and scrap metal thefts across the Sheffield west areas and are appealing for businesses and members of the public to be vigilant.

2008-01-31 17:43:02
Ellesmere Green Update

After consultation with local businesses, community groups and presentations to the Area Panel, the council can now set out their vision for this important green space.

2008-01-31 17:40:36
New face at New Deal

The New Year sees a new face at New Deal with the appointment of Ann Allen as Deputy Chief Executive.

2008-01-31 17:28:34
Compost bin sale

Compost bins for sale at only £5 on a first come first served basis.

2008-01-31 17:18:38
Free gardening services available

Free garden help for the over 65s and free advice to anyone in the BNDfC area.

2008-01-31 17:16:51
Harleston Street big spring clean

In February and March we will be working with local residents to bring about improvements that will benefit residents, both human and animal.

2008-01-31 17:09:45
Green City Action News

Latest news from Green City Action, including:

  • Harleston Street big spring clean

  • FREE Gardening services available now

  • Compost Bin Sale

2008-01-31 17:06:16
Burngreave Community Wardens

The aim of the Community Warden Service is to improve the quality of life in your area.

2008-01-31 16:58:14
Adventure Playground special events

From February, Activity Sheffield’s Pitsmoor Adventure Playground will be holding a FREE special event once a month, including: Under 5s area launch party, Easter party.

2008-01-31 16:38:57
Forum House recruitment and open day

Looking for work? Working but want a change? Want to start a course? Want to start your own business? 2008 is your year for change – open day Tuesday 13th February.

2008-01-31 16:22:39

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