Jon Dallow

Jon has worked for 10 years in Sheffield employed by the Parks & Countryside service as a woodlands officer/countryside development officer/wood lane manager. His work consist of (say local activists):

His job description says:

Responsible for as a woodlands project officer across 23 sites in the city – ancient woodland officer across the city, with social and physical developments on Parkwood.

Previously, Jon has been a volunteer with countryside management background; conservation work; centre for alternative technology; visiting lecturer at shu; nags head at edale; climber; supermarket shelver; consultant in environmental play.

Since 2005, Jon’s been responsible for Parkwood Springs. Over the years, his skills and commitment have been recognised by many – especially local residents. Three things have been particularly mentioned:

  1. His attributes. Jon’s manner; his open mindedness; his vision; his accountability (“he always gets back to you promptly on anything raised”); his commitment to his work and the area, and the whole way in which he works as a council worker alongside a local community.

  2. His impact. One person said “if you want to see how Jon Dallow has made a good impact on Burngreave, just look around. In particular – take a look at Parkwood Springs, the area’s largest – and until Jon arrived – the most neglected green space. Jon has worked to improve path systems and many events”.

  3. Special events:

    • The creation of Little Pear Tree Wood nature reserve;

    • The Boy and Bird sculpture at the Rutland Rd entrance to Parkwood;

    • The Beacons – Fire Bird story and performance at Parkwood (and at Ruskin park, Walkley) last October – with fire, performance, story-telling, jugglers, lantern avenue, fireworks and local children’s involvement.

Congratulations Jon – yet another trees and woodlands that this Area panel is very pleased to celebrate.

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