Imran Ali

There’s a strong belief that public services in this area should do their best to make sure that the people who are employed to deliver services are part of the community who receive those services. Imran was born in the early 1980s at Northern General. He lived at his parents home in Skinnerthorpe Rd. He attended Owler Brook Infants, Whiteways Juniors and Earl Marshal secondary. After spells at Loxley College and Parson Cross, he returned to volunteer with Fir Vale Forum and to work part time, with Sheffield Futures as a local youth worker on Wensley estate and with Fir Vale youth project. For the last 12 months, Imran has worked as a youth activities worker with Activity Sheffield again in the Fir Vale (and Firshill) areas. There can be few better examples of young people who have lived, grown up, been educated and now work in what is truly their community.

But Imran is not recognised for not travelling (he tells us that he’s been to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf as well as Turkey, Egypt and Pakistan). His recognition tonight is based upon his complete devotion and dedication to attempting as one individual to offer an alternative path to that followed by some other young men in our neighbourhoods.

Imran grew up and knows men and boys who are now in gaol having been involved with drugs and violence. When he decided – via the study of Islam whilst still at college – to start practicing his belief in good character, etiquette, good behaviour it was not only because he thought that this would best indicate the benefits of Islam, but he could provide an alternative. Young men and women do make choices – and Imran is a continuing illustration of the importance of choices that prioritise a belief in your community over greed, and respect over arrogance.

Whether it’s Imran’s present employers, previous employers, previous colleagues or present young people – all are united in wanting to recognise a very special young man who deserves some recognition of what he has put into Fir Vale.

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