Green City Action

Green City Action was here before New Deal, before the Area Panel, before Burngreave Community Action Forum, before all the councillors on the Area Panel except for Steve. One of the longest established voluntary organisations in this area and who has made the successful transition from being a local community organisation to become further successful in the world of regeneration. 1991 may seem a long time ago – and since then Green City Action has moved from strength to strength; and it has to be said, from award to award.

However, tonight’s award is made firstly, because of the impact that Green City Action continues to have on this area, and these neighbourhoods. Crucially, it has been the major catalyst for “bringing people together and getting them involved”, particularly at the festivals but in the other work as well. The work of Green City Action continues to make the area look better in a variety of ways – via their stewards team Deliver It Green; via the In Bloom and the hanging basket days and events – in parks, in the streets, on Page Hall, on Burngreave Bank, on Firshill (in the torrential rain). They have consistently supported other groups and initiatives around the area – like local tenants associations; local pensioners for maintaining their gardens (44 this autumn in total); and local residents directly – through initiative like the Tool Bank…

And secondly, because of the commitment that Green City Action has to providing local employment – this autumn with the creation of the two modern apprenticeship positions, strongly linked to training and qualifications. It isn’t new; it isn’t always easy – but it’s a shining example of how local projects can start to have an impact on providing more local opportunities – which is the essence of what community regeneration means.

So a long awaited recognition for Green City Action – its staff and its trustees

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