David “Das” Smith

David – or ‘Das’ as he’s always called – has had a variety of guises as a volunteer in this area over the years. Most of his involvement flows from his membership of Christ Church at Pitsmoor. And most of his involvement has been with children – as a youth group leader, as a holiday club organiser, as the church organist, choir master, lunch clubs organiser, lay reader, Pye Bank school governor and football coach….. There’s little else ‘Das’ could have done – although he did manage to fit in a job as a French teacher at Firth Park Grammar (as it was then…)

He has had a selfless commitment to this area with time and energy and money in apparent abundance; and a commitment to the area seems to have grown since his retirement! He is non-judgemental in his work with everyone. There’s always a friendly smile for everyone. With these attributes, he has touched the lives of many people in this area. But he never expects anything in return and is one of those people for whom giving is a joy. Frequently, people from ages ago will remember him – and ‘Das’ frequently also has a good memory for folks from the past.

“Everyone who comes into contact with ‘Das’ realises how a special a person he is – they cannot fail to be touched by his warmth, sincerity, generosity and unassuming nature”. What a fine tribute. Maybe with having celebrated recently his 70th birthday, he might slow down a bit – but no one’s holding their breathe.

As Das is unfortunately away this week, his award is being received by his long standing friend and fellow Christ Churcher, Kate Thompson.

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