Carwood TARA committee

Tenants associations some years ago were the bedrock on which communities organised themselves. We have all seen how things have changed, in Burngreave, in the rest of the city and indeed, nationally. But as council housing has been through a whole period of under-investment (until lately), the need for tenants to come together and consider how best their estates should develop is even more important. Burngreave is fortunate to have two very active tenants associations, as well as being the host of the only local federation of tenants associations (AKTARA) – some of whose founding members were here with us at the awards ceremony.

Sheffield Homes and AKTARA had tried for many months to get a new tenants association off the ground to replace the old ASTRA (around All Saints, Carwood, Bressingham, Earldom etc). And toward the end of 2006, an AGM was finally held to launch a new “Carwood TARA”. This award is given as a big ‘thank you’ to those members of the committee who have just met this week to hold their second AGM.

It’s not been an easy year on Carwood. The TARA has had problems with getting their community room sorted out – to stop the leaks from the flat above; and then getting their office sorted out. But they’re making progress on both. They’ve organised newsletters for all the residents. They organised summer outings for parents and children. They organised a Christmas celebration. And they’re starting to sort out a plan of action for the estate and regular meetings with Sheffield Homes. And hopefully, the problems associated with the shop on the estate – which was becoming more of a hindrance than a help – are going to be solved with a new tenant/owner!

So a big thanks to all of you – it’s hard and often you think that no one’s behind you – but we all want you to succeed!

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