Northern General emergency traffic measures

Since the Northern General Hospital started charging its staff to park in September 2006, residents have complained about the parking chaos on their streets.

Now the Council plans to try new parking restrictions to help ease the problem for residents who have been plagued by blocked roads, driveways and limited access for emergency vehicles and deliveries for more than two years.

On 4th November the Council’s scrutiny board heard that the hospital’s planned multi-story car park could be two years away at the earliest, so they have recommended that an ‘Experimental Traffic regulation order’ be put in place.

The proposals include double yellow lines and single yellow lines (no parking Mon- Sat 8am-6.30pm) and maximum waiting times for parts of the following roads:

Norwood Road, Drive and Place, Crabtree Road, Close, Crescent, Lane and Place, Goddard Hall Road, Hampton Road, Cannon Hall Road, Fir Vale Road, Coningsby Road, Hampton Road, Blyde Road, Herries Road, Longley Hall Road, Norwood Grange Drive and Fairbank Road.

At the Area Panel meeting in November, resident Christine Black said, “They’ve now put yellow lines on the street. I’d just like to say thanks for what’s been done. Now I can get to my home and we can get ambulances to the old people’s home again.” Other residents expressed concern that the changes would just move the problem to their street.

The Council will be talking to residents about the scheme before and after its done, to make sure the right restrictions are added and to get feedback on what effect it has had.

If you have comments, contact Brian Hey at Traffic Regulations on 273 6086,

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