Diverted Traffic?

Diverted Traffic sign on Nottingham Street
Diverted Traffic sign on Nottingham Street

Following road works on Nottingham Street and Pilgim Street workers left behind their traffic diversion signs.

Local resident Ivy Brown got so fed up with walking round the abandoned road signs that littered the paths near Christ Church that she called Streetforce… three times!

“They’ve been there for a month, but there’s no work going on. They’re just on the paths – bollards, sand bags and diversion signs. When are they going to shift them?” Said Ivy.

Despite a night time visit from the Streetforce team, some signs remained. Following a call from the Messenger a friendly member of the Streeforce team told us,

“I really thought it had all been sorted by our night team. Sorry about that, we’ll get on to it this week. We’re not sure who the signs belong to at the moment.”

All the signs have now gone, thanks to Ivy’s persistence.

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