Road Improvement Suggestions

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Dear Messenger,

I cannot attend your meetings, but am always interested in the Burngreave Messenger and news and letters, so with your indulgence I write down a few issues for your review.

First, no more bollards – as many of us see it, they are not a safety measure but a hazard and they are continually getting knocked, e.g. Barnsley Road down into Fir Vale.

Traffic on Earl Marshal Road has yet another hazard due to cars on the yellow lines at the junction with Barnsley Rd. Not only that but if any ambulances, police cars or fire engines wanted to come down Earl Marshal Road they would be unable to do so.

Same applies to Whiteways, up to the school. This is a nightmare when cars race up the hill to get there before school turns out. You are left room for only one car to get through. This results in lines of traffic building up, the parents pick children up in their cars blocking the narrow entrance, resulting in being sat there for at least twenty minutes.

Back to all the narrowing of the roads and the hazards of all the small bumps – if we had a heavy fall of snow the bumps would not be seen, and could turn a car over.

This brings me to a logical answer: no bollards, but stop-cautiongo lights are much safer in all respects. Lights at the Barnsley Road end of Earl Marshal Rd would be a boon to its residents and others.

That’s all for now.

Mrs SJ Reaney

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