Companions Club closes

Story: Carrie Hedderwick

The Sheffield Companions Club on Barnsley Road finally closed in October. The ground floor area has now opened as a wholesale and retail Halal butchers.

Club member Bob Bridges explained to the Messenger why the ex-servicemen’s club has closed:

“There wasn’t enough people using it, we just weren’t getting the business. It’s a real shame, its 45 years of history gone!”

New life for the function room

Several local people have approached the owner about use of the function room on the first floor. It is an adaptable community venue suitablefor all kinds of uses – performances, celebrations events, exhibitions, classes and children’s activities.

Local residents want to keep the function room in use but need to form a management group. Are you interested? Contact Burngreave Community Action Forum on 272 80008 to get involved.

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