Petition for a better cemetery

John Duignan surveys the mess
John Duignan surveys the mess

Coupe Road resident, John Duignan presented over 60 signatures to Full Council in November, protesting about the poor maintenance of Burngreave Cemetery. As one of the first public cemeteries, its 27 acres are home to many important habitats. Addressing councillors, he said:

“The cemetery is at risk of being destroyed by so-called maintenance people who don’t have the first idea of what they are doing.

“The valuable nesting areas provide cover for songbirds whilst the holly bushes provide areas for blue butterflies – all these areas are at risk as many sites have been chopped and left, damaging valuable birds eggs during the summer months.

“Bereaved relatives have signed a petition to express worries regarding the state of grave areas; many have written to the council but not had a reply. I would like to appeal to the council to acknowledge that Burngreave cemetery is of historical importance and we owe it to the many young brave men who gave their lives in World War 1 and 2 who are buried there.”

John has asked the Council to arrange a meeting with the grave owners to discuss their concerns and what work is planned for the site. Following the petition, John received a letter from Martin Green, Senior Bereavement Services Manager:

“I admit there have been residual cuttings waiting to be chipped or shredded. These will be cleared as part of our programme of winter work. The ground-levelling project has been put on hold pending further discussions with the Probation Service on meeting the expectations of cemetery visitors. I believe we can arrive at the best solution for the Cemetery both as a historical burial ground and an important community resource.”

Read the full response from Bereavment Services.

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