Local Business helps smokers to quit

Mary and Mayank Bramhbhatt
Mary and Mayank Bramhbhatt

Burngreave-based couple, Mary and Mayank Bramhbhatt, have recently launched NOBACCO, a unique mouth fresher which fights tobacco addiction, to help smokers across the UK to quit their habit for good!

The original blend of Indian herbs which are used to produce NOBACCO took Mayank’s close friend, Dr Chetan Mehta, ten years to develop and since its launch in India in 2004 it has helped thousands of individuals to stop smoking.

Mary and Maybank have brought the product to the UK, and with the help of BiG – Make it Your Business, NOBACCO is now available in 30 independent health stores across the North of England. Since its launch, the couple have already employed Adam Hill, an agent with 19 years experience in the health food industry, and with the sole rights to re-launch the product to the UK, Europe and the Middle East, they expect to employee at least two more agents by the end of the year. Mary comments: “NOBACCO is the first product available through our company Peacock Trading (UK) Ltd and since our initial contact with BiG in 2007, our business has taken on a life of its own.We have had help with business plans, funding, and even training courses for us to attend so we were able to learn more about topics such as advertising and book-keeping.

“The team at BiG have also helped us to focus on launching NOBACCO to the UK market and introduced us to our first agent who shared our vision and has worked closely with us to get the product into health stores across the North of England. We were even given help to build our own website and make the product available online. The support from BiG has played an important part in setting up our company and we are very excited about the future.”

To find out more about NOBACCO or to try it for yourself visit www.nobacco.co.uk. For more information about BiG – Make it Your Business, visit www.thebigwebsite.org.uk or call (0114) 213 6310.

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