A voice for young people

Story Farhan Ahmed and Hasseena Hussain The Youth Council Burngreave would like more young people to take the opportunity to join this month. The main purpose of this group is to represent other youths in the area for positive change.

Previous activities in the last two years have included

planned a protest to show the public how our views were not heard.

You can contact us on 272 3628, realya@hotmail.co.uk or send a letter to: 204 Verdon Street S9 3QS

Contact us to arrange a time to speak face to face and have a chance to take part in the future changes in Burngreave for young people like you.

Youth Council Burngreave

Raise the voice of young people

Join now!

Aged 14 – 21?


To Join contact present YCB members by either:

We will arrange a time to speak, face to face to give you an insight into our work, this should be enough for you to consider becoming a member.

YCB resumes December 19th 2008

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