Road Safety Message at the Library

Burngreave Library will host a display of poetry by Firs Hill School children over the summer of 2008.

The poetry was developed with the Council’s Road Safety team and delivers a hard hitting message about the dangers of carelessness on the roads.

The exhibition will run from the 4th August 2008 to 12th September 2008.

Here are a selection of the poems in the display:

It was an accident

It was an accident…
I didn't listen to the road safety officer
It was an accident…
I was texting Vicky
It was an accident…
I was also listening to music.
It was an accident…
I crossed at the red man
It was an accident…
I didn't look both ways
It was an accident…
I got run over
It was an accident…
That I was nearly in a coma
It was an accident…
I'm lying in hospital
It was an accident…
I'm now paralysed
It was an accident…
I may not get out alive
It is Not an accident…
I'm sorry

Aisha A


Look both ways
Before you cross
You could get knocked over
Or you could even get killed!
This is what I should have remembered
Cross when it is green
Not when it's red
Don't be a fool!!!
Or think you are cool
You will be sorry
While lying in bed
While everyone else
Is having fun

Kokab Ifthkar

I’m sorry

I'm sorry for
Taking my ipod
To school even
Though you
Told me not
To. I just
Wanted to show
My friends my
Ipod to show
Them I was
Cool…I was walking home and my friend was
Going to town but the bus was there so I
Would have to rush, I was listening to my ipod
So I didn't hear the car beep and before
I knew it
I was in a
Horrible place
With a broken
Leg! I promise
I won't take
My ipod to
School. Just
To say I'm

Ummesalama Hassanali

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