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April 2008 pictures

Adventure Playground Photo Gallery

A gallery of photos taken at recent playground events.

2008-04-06 11:24:09
Greenfingers pottery workshop

A collection of photographs taken during a pottery workshop given by Natural England and Sue Mulroy for Greenfingers.

2008-04-05 23:16:21
Burngreave Bouncing Back Gallery 3

A gallery of photos taken by Matloub Husayn Ali Khan of the Burngreave Bouncing back March.

2008-04-04 17:56:00
Burngreave Bouncing Back gallery 2

A gallery of photos from the Burngreave Bouncing Back march taken by Messenger volunteer Anwar Suliman.

2008-04-04 15:58:55
Burngreave bouncing back gallery 1

Photographs of the Burngreave Bouncing Back march taken by Messenger volunteer Lesley Boulton..

2008-04-03 19:38:25
Milaad Un-Nabi Celebration gallery

A Photo gallery of Milaad-Un-Nabi procession from Ghausia Mosque (Firvale) through Page-Hall. Selection of photos of this event.

2008-04-03 18:30:17
Handful of Henna photo gallery

Additional photos, not shown in the printed edition, from the Handful of Henna performance at the Vestry Hall on 5th February 2008.

2008-03-30 22:49:13
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