Back in 2000…

Ronnie Lewin
Ronnie Lewin
John Clark
John Clark

We’ve just distributed the summary from our Year 8 Delivery Plan to every household in the area. As part of making the plan the Partnership Chair and the programme Chief Executive looked back at what’s been achieved in the last seven years…

Back in 2000 local people said “crime will be reduced” and there will be “a reduction in the fear of crime”…

Through the investment by BNDfC in additional police officers; neighbourhood wardens; street lighting and security improvements to the homes of the most vulnerable, the latest information shows that crime in Burngreave is significantly less than the city average (36.9 per 1000 compared to 60.9 per 1000) and the fear of crime has reduced by 42.8%.

Sorby House
Sorby House

Back in 2000 local people said “Spital Hill should be an attraction”, “empty buildings should be put to a positive use”, “roads should be cleaner” and “parks should be improved”…

Through the investment by BNDfC in Spital Hill we have seen the redevelopment of Vestry Hall as a learning centre; Sorby House as commercial office space; along with the development of children and family services in the Children’s Centre; litter has been reduced by 50%; green spaces have been brought back into use and Abbeyfield and Osgathorpe Park have been improved with new play facilities.

Back in 2000 local people said they wanted “better schools” and “better educational facilities”, support for people who “have a language other than english” and “more things for young people to do”…

Through the investment by BNDfC in additional resources for schools the number of children getting 5 A*-C GCSE’s has doubled; the Burngreave Community Learning Campaign and the redevelopment of Vestry Hall as a learning centre has resulted in more adults involved in learning than anywhere else in the city. The Streetworx project has provided a voice for young people and assisted them in developing a range of activities for young people.

Back in 2000 local people said “there should be more businesses in the area”, “we really need jobs”, “better prospects for everyone” and there needs to be “an increase in people’s wealth”…

Through the investment by BNDfC there are more and better businesses in the area than ever before, demonstrated by the annual Burngreave Business Awards. Through the Tesco and Sorby House developments there will be an additional 800 jobs in the area. Burngreave Opportunities in Forum House are helping over 300 people get jobs every year. This has led to an increase in household income; a reduction in the unemployment rate and national recognition for the work undertaken to support enterprise and the Burngreave Business Forum.

Vestry Hall
Vestry Hall

Back in 2000 local people said “nice housing should be restored”, and “housing improvements” were needed, they wanted “people staying in the area”…

Through the investment by BNDfC in the Housing Facelift programme, the Home Maintenance Scheme and additional workers in Street Force, 40% of properties have been improved, vacancies have been reduced by 12%, satisfaction levels in the appearance of the area have increased by 41% and house prices have increased significantly. Back in 2000 local people said there was a need for “a service for people who are addicted to drugs”, “people should be acknowledged as people; their strengths and weaknesses seen” and they should not be “negatively labelled”…

Through the investment by BNDfC in the Burngreave Drugs project, Advocacy Now, Home Visiting, the Emotional Support & Well Being project and the Greenfingers project for people with mental health issues, there has been an increase in overall health levels of 10% and an increase in the services available in the area to support those in most need.

The future…

While these are great achievements there is always more work to be done.

Throughout the next year we’d like people to get involved and talk to us on how we deliver the priorities that will continue to build Burngreave as an asset to the city of Sheffield with a diverse community that supports each other and is no longer prepared to accept or be portrayed as second best.

The full Year 8 Delivery Plan is on our website at, and in it you’ll see our working priorities and tasks for 2008-9 which will focus on securing a succession strategy for the NDC programme, making the most of Spital Hill developments and ensuring that local people continue to access jobs and training opportunities.

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