Latest flood news

Some normality returns to Sheffield as the second day of the clean up starts, after flooding on Monday 25th June 2007.

Roads and public transport

The Wicker is now open to traffic, but some road closures remain. For up to date information see the link below. Most bus services are now running throughout Sheffield. Sheffield train station is open but services are still disrupted. For details see the BBC's website.


Burngreave Schools have reopened, after just one day of closures. For a full list of schools affected see the. BBC's website ng_feature.shtml

Electricity cuts

Flood damage to Neepsend elecricity substation are causing supply problems. A series of electricity cuts are expected on Wednesday 27th June 2007, affecting S1, S3, S5, S6, S10, S30 and S35. Residents across the city are being asked to reduce their electricity use to minimise the need for the cuts. For more information see the BBC and Star websites. ng_feature.shtml

Tragic death on the Wicker

The 68 year old man who died after attempting to leave his car on the Wicker, during the flood, is report to be a Burngreave resident. The police are calling for witnesses to help them piece together the full details for the incident on Monday night. The full story can be found on the Star website.

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