• [+] Burngreave Messenger 2016 Archive

    206 archive of the online version of the monthly news magazine delivered to all households in the Sheffield Burngreave ward. Burngreave Messenger Ltd. is a non-profit making, membership owned community organisation.

    • [+] Archives

      Back issues of the Burngreave Messenger community newspaper, along with additional news items exlusive to the website.

      • [+] 2007

        Archive of Burngreave Messenger back issues and content exclusive to the website in 2007.

        • [+] June 2007 Issue 70

          News releases from June 2007, including content from issue 70, the printed edition of the Burngreave Messenger, along with the PDF download of the issue.

          • [+] Caring Lives

            11th – 17th June is Carers Week and the campaign aims to highlight the issues facing carers. We speak to two local carers about their lives.

            • [+] Sue Lawrence

              Looking back on it, Sue's always been a carer. The eldest of five children, she soon started helping out with her younger siblings. With her dad working full-time, her mum was left in the traditional role of looking after relatives. Sue helped out and gradually took on more and more. She offers some insight into the life of a carer.

            • [] Pat Love

              Pat has been a Pitsmoor resident for ten years. She has a nine-year-old son, Jordan, who has autism and learning difficulties. He attends Rowan School. She tells us a little about her life as a carer.