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Issue 73, December 2007

Burngreave Amateur Boxing Club

All coaches fully qualified & police checked. Private sessions by appointment. Change to advertised weekday openeing times: 3pm.

2007-12-06 13:42:04
Bangladesh Cyclone Appeal

Arches Housing are taking donations for food, clothing and emergency medical supplies.

2007-12-03 17:17:49
Al-Nisa Sport and Leisure

Women's Thai kick-boxing classes with a fully qualified and insured female instructor.

2007-12-03 17:16:37
Landlords for Excellence course

A FREE 10-session course starting January 2008, and April 2008, for Landlords currently owning/renting any number of properties in Sheffield.

2007-12-03 17:14:33
Thai Boxing

New boxing classes starting soon.

2007-12-03 17:04:09
CESB - Creating Enterprise, Supporting Business

Do you need help making your business more successful? Are you looking for help and advice to start your own business?

2007-12-03 16:56:45
A church for all nations

Rock Christian Centre. Lively worship, every Sunday.

2007-12-03 16:56:07
Burngreave Small Grants Fund

Do you or your organisation have a new idea that would benefit local residents – would a small grant help to make it happen?

2007-12-03 16:51:40
Could you adopt a child?

Could you adopt a child and give them good times to remember, instead of bad times they want to forget?

2007-12-03 16:34:50
Get your hands on qualifications, careers and skills

Aged 14-19? Find out if vocational courses are for you.

2007-12-03 16:27:09
Free the Sheffield buses and trams

Keeping the bus lanes free reduces delays and keeps buses moving.

2007-12-03 16:13:11
  • Do you have information about criminal activity in your neighbourhood?

  • Do you want to report it but don’t want to get involved or give your name?

Then call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

2007-12-03 16:09:53
FirVale Enterprise Centre: Open Day

Fir Vale School is to open its doors to the local community to offer a wider access to Adult Learning. Come along to the NEW Enterprise Centre on Thursday 13th December.

2007-12-03 16:03:35
Academy for Community Leadership open day

The Academy for Community Leadership and Hadfield Institute Invite you to celebrate the season and the success of their management courses for the community. Open Day with light refreshments: Monday 17 December.

2007-12-03 15:59:56
Sheffield Credit Union: Pitsmoor Branch

The Credit Union offers a safe place to save and great value loans. To find out more, come to one of the collection points, or call in at Sheffield Credit Union.

2007-12-03 15:56:05
Black History Month Awards photos

Gallery of photos taken of winners at the 2007 Black History Month Awards.

2007-12-02 16:00:15
Post Office closures

Our three local post offices face possible closure by November 2008.

2007-11-30 15:29:53
Active Apprentices

Arriving at Verdon Street Rec I am greeted by Ayesha, the friendly and capable apprentice receptionist. A local resident, Ayesha says she enjoys “every single part” of her job, and is busy welcoming visitors and facilitating children’s activities.

2007-11-30 11:10:24
More is happening at school

Four local primary schools now have new extended school support workers. Extended schools means more activities in schools for parents, children and the community, from computer courses to breakfast clubs to belly dancing to keep fit. Evidence shows if you get involved with schools, your children will do better. So go on, contact your local extended school support worker and ask them for information or better still tell them what you want!

2007-11-30 10:46:19
Thieves strike local landmark

Winnie Bentley has lived at the Toll Bar House at the top of Burngreave Road for 32 years. Built in 1836, the house is a Grade II listed building. As with many other old buildings, there was lead on the roof, but in July 2007, for the first time in the house’s history, this lead was stolen.

2007-11-30 10:42:19
Writing for a Community Newspaper

The Messenger recently worked with the Council’s Adult and Community Learning Unit on an ESOL course with a difference. Here is some of the students’ writing.

2007-11-30 07:25:12
Learning English at Home

SAVTE (Sheffield Association for the Voluntary Teaching of English) recruits and trains volunteers to teach English. They have been delivering this service city-wide for over 30 years. The majority of the students are women and people with disabilities. Many have no experience of formal education and have very little confidence.

2007-11-30 07:10:47
It’s all about da youths

The first ever presentation evening celebrated by young people’s project Streetworx had a big impact on the 31st October at the Vestry Hall, attracting residents of a wide ethnic background and the majority of the crowd were young people.

2007-11-30 07:02:13
Bonfire night in Burngreave

Bonfire night was celebrated magnificently here in Burngreave on the 3rd November at Petre Street as a small fair ended with spectacular fireworks taking place on the field. There was a great turnout considering the cold weather, with approximately 150-200 people.

2007-11-30 06:58:10
SADACCA Study Support shines again

On 24th October the children were entertained by Jamaica’s famous dub poet Jean Binta Breeze and developed their cultural awareness through stories, songs and games. Their enthusiasm was heightened by Jean’s performance and activities and they took centre stage for their own performance on 31st October.

2007-11-30 06:53:20
Black History Month Awards

Members of Sheffield’s black community were rewarded on 2nd November for their services to the community. The awards evening was held at SADACCA to mark the end of Black History Month.

2007-11-30 06:47:24
Bogged down? Join Swamp Circus

I spoke to participants at Swamp Circus Trust’s ‘Circus Skills & Community Leadership’ course, currently running at SADACCA on The Wicker in association with the Point Blank Theatre Company. I was struck by the positive impact this course has had on their lives, and so here, in their own words, is their story.

2007-11-30 06:38:13
Firshill TARA hosts fundraiser for Children in Need

Firshill Tenants and Residents Association raised hundreds of pounds for Children in Need on Friday 16th November at an event held at the Sheffield United Academy.

2007-11-30 06:32:01
Yemeni Exhibition

Around 200 people attended the opening of the “Coal, Frankincense and Myrrh” Exhibition at Weston Park Museum on 30th October. The exhibition celebrated the links between Sheffield and the Yemeni Community that has lived here since the 1950s. Yemenis from all over Sheffield and further afield joined others at the opening.

2007-11-30 06:18:54
Andy on Sheffield Live!

Sheffield Live was officially launched on 29th October 2007 after becoming the first ever full time community radio station in Sheffield to be granted an FM licence.

2007-11-29 20:49:26
Young Voices

Since the tragic death of Jonathan many young people have expressed their feelings of sadness, grief and loss. Streetworx, Burngreave Youth Council and The Messenger have gathered some young people’s feelings, views and ideas for the future.

2007-11-29 20:32:27
Youth housing support fails

On the night Jonathan Matondo was killed, it wasn’t the only shooting incident. Earlier that day, residents of Melrose Road heard shots being fired into the young people’s flats belonging to Arches Housing Association and managed by Stonham. Since then, all but one of the residents have been moved out, and the flats boarded up.

2007-11-29 20:17:33
Traffic chaos as new road opens

On Monday 19th November 2007, the new Inner Relief Road opened, crossing The Wicker at the bottom of Spital Hill, and on the same day the Better Buses scheme in Burngreave was launched. The Messenger has learned of a catalogue of problems relating to this issue.

2007-11-29 20:05:00
Cash machine installed at Ellesmere

A new cash machine has been installed close to Ellesmere Green, outside the Post Office, operated by the Bank Of Ireland.

2007-11-29 20:02:16
The Editorial

There’s so much going on in Burngreave that we just can’t fit it all in the Messenger. Our website is now full of extra articles, extra photos and up to date news.

2007-11-29 19:59:37
Missing post box

Some months ago, at the start of the “Better Buses” Scheme, the post box on Burngreave Road, near the junction with Melrose Road, disappeared.

2007-11-29 19:52:17
Burngreave Streetworx Project

Streetworx Project has been working hard to support and engage young people aged 13–19 on the streets of Burngreave.

2007-11-29 19:44:54
Rest in Peace, Jonathan

The funeral of Jonathan Matondo was held on 23rd November 2007. Hundreds of mourners gathered at St Catherine’s Catholic Church to pay their last respects to the young resident shot dead on 17th October 2007 in Nottingham Cliff Park.

2007-11-29 19:38:40
Tool Bank December opening times

The Tool Bank will close for Christmas on December 19th.

2007-11-29 16:16:20
Garden gifts for the festive season

Green City Action will be selling a variety of locally made products for the garden this December.

2007-11-29 16:13:53
Green City Action win prestigious community award

Green City Action was winner of the Community Award at this year's Sheffield Telegraph Environment Awards sponsored by E-on.

2007-11-29 16:05:18
Green City Action News
  • Green City Action win prestigious community award

  • Garden gifts for the festive season

  • Tool Bank December opening times

2007-11-29 16:02:57
Out of school

Support for young people and parents has been top of the agenda this month following the sad death of Jonathan Matondo. Exclusion has been raised as an issue, as young people out of school are more vulnerable.

2007-11-29 11:01:25
School Academies

In two years’ time all of Burngreave’s secondary schools could be Academies. Parkwood, Fir Vale and Firth Park are all considering becoming independent from the City Council, run by private companies or trusts.

2007-11-29 10:50:34
Woods and pond neglected

Sheffield City Council have come under fire after local resident Peter Mappin slammed their supposed clean up of Roe Woods and Crabtree Pond.

2007-11-28 18:21:37
Your Voice

Another well-produced community magazine is ten years old this November!

2007-11-28 18:12:32
Councillors' surgery dates

Dates and times of forthcoming councillor surgeries.

2007-11-28 17:55:03
New Year's Honours awards - 25th Jan 2008

A last call. Anyone who volunteers or works in the area “above and beyond” what you’d expect needs and deserves recognition.

2007-11-28 17:47:45
DIY Streets

At the end of October, thirty residents from Firshill Rd and Passhouses Rd met at Firshill School hall to consider the “DIY streets” idea.

2007-11-28 17:44:03
Transforming terraces

The housing regeneration programme for Burngreave and Fir Vale has an ambitious target of providing more good quality, affordable homes for a wide range of people.

2007-11-28 17:38:46
Burngreave Area Panel

Latest news from the Area Co-ordinator for the Burngreave Area Panel, including:

  • Transforming terraces

  • DIY Streets

  • New Year's Honours awards

2007-11-28 17:30:51
Media workshops hit the headlines

Representatives from community groups in Burngreave got a taste of the media spotlight thanks to some exciting workshops.

2007-11-28 17:17:05
Would you like to be a Mystery Shopper?

After the recent success of the first Mystery Shopping programme, a further course will begin in January 2008.

2007-11-28 17:14:25
Vestry Hall Community Day in December

As this issue goes to print, the official launch of the Vestry Hall was due to take place on 21st November, and an open day is planned for 8th December.

2007-11-28 17:07:05
Childminding qualification

The need for registered childminding facilities in the local area has been identified after parents involved in the Apprenticeships for All programme have found that they had to use childminders outside the Burngreave area.

2007-11-28 17:01:17
Fancy a career as a fire-fighter?

BOPPs (Burngreave Opportunities) are working in partnership with South Yorkshire Fire Service.

2007-11-28 16:57:56
Christmas vacancies event

Local residents attended a Christmas vacancies event held at Forum House in October.

2007-11-28 16:55:02
Forum House re-launch

Forum House was successfully re-launched in September 2007.

2007-11-28 16:48:06
Burngreave Opportunities links with Sheffield Museums and Galleries

Burngreave Opportunities (BOPPs) have forged close links with Sheffield Museums and Galleries (SM&G) in the production of the Yemen Exhibition funded by BNDfC.

2007-11-28 16:45:45
A4E (Action for Employment) partnership

Services offered by BOPPs (Burngreave Opportunities) and A4E complement each other and they have been working together to offer a complete package for Burngreave residents.

2007-11-28 16:43:02
Apprenticeships for All and the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

Apprenticeships for All has been working in partnership with the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals to develop an employment and training programme for Burngreave residents.

2007-11-28 16:35:19
A New Deal for Burngreave

News from Burngreave New Deal for Communities including:

  • Employment and Skills Special

  • Media workshops hit the headlines

  • Would you like to be a Mystery Shopper?

2007-11-28 16:29:44
Stay debt-free this Christmas

It's easy to feel pressured into spending more than you can afford at Christmas, so follow the CAB’s Top Tips to keep out of debt.

2007-11-28 16:15:43
Fazal Hussain

“To a loving Father and a community activist who put the needs of the community as a whole, before his own.”

2007-11-28 16:05:01

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