Drew Dallen's Resignation Letter

My nominators,

I share with you a copy of my “letter” to the Messenger regarding the decision to have no NDC elections.

Please understand this as an announcement of my intention not to fulfil any of the expectations I may otherwise have taken should an election process been followed. That such fundamental principles are even followed in communist regimes, reduces this NDC regime to nothing short of autocratic.

The Burngreave Resistance Movement ?

I was asked by several friends to represent my views to the community and stand for the NDC election this year. I hoped to have fun and gain a large mandate. I can only represent the views of “the community” if they know, can question and then have an opportunity to vote for them.

There is no mandate without an election. All those who attend the board as a “representative of the community” I feel, will corrupt the idea of community representation and make a mockery of “democracy”.

I shall not stand without a mandate.

The first NDC election made history with a higher turnout then for any other election in this area. The spirit of community created then by Burngreave Community Action Forum (BCAF) had the tide riding high with expectations. Now the tide is very low and our once powerful and inclusive community representative organisation has been annihilated.

NDC ideas have destroyed not created community. BCAT is dead. BCAF now completely diminished is being reconstructed and controlled by NDC to suit their needs not ours. NDC lack community support and have no true representative voice. We did not ask them here, they invited themselves and as fascists have completely taken over. They tried to start another forum and failed. Now they have stolen ours.

NDC divide and rule by using the idea of “communities”. This idea makes us think of ourselves by ethnicity or creed; I do not define myself by the colour of my skin, or “country of origin”. We need to understand what is happening on our doorstep. If we do not stand together we will surely fall.

BCAF (and BCAT) had the interests of the true community at heart. It was an organisation of the people for the people. Passionate heart felt belief, ideals and principles drove it. It succeeded before because it actively encouraged equality and the involvement of everyone; it was sincere. If there is no community created Community Forum there is not true representation of our community.

NDC are here in the heart of OUR community with the power and might of the British State. The same State that supports Israel, S. Africa in partnership with USA. We can see their interests’ conflict with those of the poor and disadvantaged. WE NEED TO TAKE SIDES they may have the resources but we have our will. These structures should serve us, not expect us to serve them.

We can vote with our hearts and vote for OUR COMMUNITY by defending BCAF. Or we can vote with our feet and start a resistance organisation to defend our rights against such abuse of power.


Drew (Zorro) Dallen (Artist, Social Worker and Community Activist)


smokin fire 2007-07-25 14:04:16

Nice one Drew!

When NDFC came to Burngreave it arrived on a wave of grass roots support and effort that hoped to make real changes to the way services are delivered and decisions made.

Unpaid Volunteers worked long and tiring hours to create the first NDFC plans, in a process that was a fine example of inclusivity and autonomous community planning.

Soon after, NDFC arrived. Grassroots activists became pushed out by the influx of professionalised regeneration workers. Paying themselves high wages to make sure that central Government check boxes were ticked, these professional's soon made sure that local activists were exhausted in endless form filling and project applications.

Key meetings and decisions would be made at times that are impossible for volunteers to make, with a veneer of consultation plastered on at small number of public events. Real choice was replaced by checkboxes, participation by questionnaire. ( for more see http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/02/305814.html )

Where are the plans to reinvigorate the Burngreave Chapel for community use now ?

What happened about the ideas to develop self build eco housing ? – See https://www.burngreavemessenger.org.uk/50apr05/april05_s_bm.pdf

Washed away in the numerous skin deep “facelift” schemes that measure their effectiveness in house price rises, as those that invited NDFC into the area move out – to save their spirit being crushed – or cannot afford to live here any longer.

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