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December 2006

Christ Church events

Events at Christ Church in December 2006.

2006-12-04 15:11:31
SADACCA events

Events at SADACCA in December 2006.

2006-12-03 18:22:38
Councillors’ Surgery Dates

Your local councillors, Jackie Drayton, Ibrar Hussain and Steve Jones, share surgeries on a rota basis. Details here.

2006-12-03 16:23:58
New Year Awards

The next ‘meeting’ of the Area Panel will be the annual New Year Awards.

2006-12-03 16:16:18
Northern General

The latest about the Northern General and parking/transport issues.

2006-12-03 16:14:40
Street Champions

With colleagues from Street Force, Green City Action and Sheffield Homes, the Area Panel has been looking at three options to help keep a clean and tidy environment after New Deal’s gone

2006-12-03 16:10:34
Diary Dates

Information about upcoming Strategy Group meetings, Residents Forum events and Partnership Board meetings.

2006-12-03 15:48:50
How to promote your business

This interactive marketing workshop will use case studies to show you how to increase sales and boost profits.

2006-12-03 15:42:57
Children’s Festive Fun!

The date for this year’s festive activities has been set for Saturday 16th December 2006.

2006-12-03 15:39:09
Vestry Hall

Refurbishment is well underway, and we now need to start to plan the types of activities that will take place in the centre – come along to the next workshop to get involved with shaping these activities.

2006-12-03 15:34:48
Grants! times Three!

Do you have a good idea for a community activity in Burngreave? Do you need money to help start your new business? There are three ways in which you may be able to access money to help turn your idea into a reality…

2006-12-03 15:12:37
Martin Luther King Junior Day

Monday 15th January 2007, 6:30pm at the Welcome Centre.

2006-12-03 14:53:29
Opportunity to work in the community

Burngreave Advocacy Now! is looking for Volunteer Community Advocates. You will get:

  • Free comprehensive training programme

  • Expenses for travel, childcare and lunch

  • Support and supervision

  • Valuable work experience

2006-12-03 14:39:03
Green Gym Activities

Improve your health and your environment by taking part in gardening and nature conservation activities in Burngreave’s parks and green spaces.

2006-12-03 14:34:46
Editor/ Manager Job

The Burngreave Messenger is recruiting an Editor to manage a staff team, secure further funding and oversee the balance of the newspaper, giving it direction and leadership.

  • Salary: £23,952 p.a. pro rata (NJC sp 30)

  • Hours: 30 hours – 0.8 FTE

  • Closing date: 18th December 2006.

2006-12-01 19:39:09

If you have a member of your family in prison, we are here to help support you.

  • AGM: Monday, 4th December 2006.

2006-12-01 18:59:19
Advice meeting for landlords

Information session for landlords on Tuesday 12th December 2006 at the Living Waters Centre, including a talk on common problems with gas appliances.

2006-12-01 18:42:31
Become a Sheffield Homes local board member

Local Boards have played a crucial role in the improvement of services for Council tenants over the last two years. All current members are due to retire in April and we are now looking for new members.

2006-12-01 18:26:21
Messenger Editorial

The collapse of BCAT is a lesson to all community and voluntary sector organisations to ensure that all their expenditure is covered by budgets, and raises that question of who will manage New Deal’s considerable assets after the end of the programme.

2006-12-01 17:14:43
Opposition to the veil – the fear within us

What do we find so offensive about the face veil? Why do people need to show their face to have an identity? Isn’t wearing the veil enough of an identity? And whose identity are we conforming to? Is it to be white? Is it to be Christian? If you are offended by the veil, ask yourselves why? Many women who wear the veil do so because they choose to rather than because of oppression…

2006-12-01 16:47:29
Heart more important than what is on the outside

Thank you for printing the well written and informative letter from Umm A’tika on the wearing of the niqaab. However, there are cultural matters which this raises for me. As ever, it is difficult to separate some of these…

2006-12-01 16:35:31
A walking bus?

Every morning now, starting from Grimesthorpe Road North and boldly striding its way up is a new way for children to get to school. What is it you may ask, this pied piper enticing our children…?

2006-12-01 16:28:06
Arabic Language School

The Arabic Language School at Firvale Centre, founded and supported by the Yemeni Community, is threatened with closure as funding dwindles.

2006-12-01 16:23:14
Green City Action news
  • Nottingham Cliff has been gradually transformed from an overgrown dumping space…

  • A nearly new toy sale will be held at Abbeyfield Park House on Saturday, 16th December 2006…

2006-12-01 16:14:50
David gets medal at last!

Local resident, David Mowat, was recently presented with a medal by the Lord Mayor for serving as a soldier in the Suez Canal Zone in the 1950s. Here he tells us his story…

2006-12-01 16:03:17
Past, present & future

This month marks a milestone for the Burngreave Messenger – the end of the present New Deal funded project and hopefully, the start of a new project. If the new project gets approved by the New Deal Board on 29th November, the Messenger will produce fewer editions per year but have a new focus on supporting volunteers, developing the new Messenger website and getting independent funding.

2006-12-01 15:54:15

On Friday 17th November 2006, four workers from Burngreave graduated from Sheffield Hallam University.

2006-12-01 15:30:27
Tim’s trees planted

Three street trees were planted in Page Hall in November 2006 by local residents from the Page Hall Community Association, young people from Fir Vale School, Green City Action, Greenwatch and the SCC Community Forester.

2006-12-01 15:25:15
Ponies at Parkwood

An event organised by Parkwood Springs Steering Group brought new visitors to Little Pear Tree Field all day on Sunday 29th October 2006.

2006-12-01 15:21:49
Aaaahhh! Fireworks

Hundreds attended the now annual free firework display on Petre Street, Saturday 4th November 2006, and boasted fairground rides, food stalls and a music tent.

2006-12-01 15:19:37
Burngreave Under 10s

After last year’s success as Sheffield District’s Junior Sunday League champions, the Under 10s are once again holding their own.

2006-12-01 15:14:15
Earl Marshall Under 11s

Earl Marshall Juniors have made a good start to their first season of eleven-a-side football. After a couple of setbacks early in the campaign, the players have hit a run of form with a recent 3–2 home win at Hinde House School against Rotherham Town and a move up to fifth place in Division D of the Sheffield & District Junior League.

2006-12-01 15:12:15
Burngreave/ Canklow Crusaders

Burngreave Sports Project's under 18s football team, the Burngreave Canklow Crusaders, is currently attracting attention. In only their second season, the team has once again sustained a lofty league position and looks well placed for promotion even this early in the season.

2006-12-01 15:08:27
Training Award

South Yorkshire Women’s Development Trust has been ‘Highly Commended’ in the recent National Training Awards. The voluntary organisation set up the Burngreave based ‘Women’s Construction Centre’ in a derelict space above the Hindu Cultural Centre on Buckenham Street and has been helping to give new skills to women.

2006-12-01 14:55:42
With one voice

A new approach is being taken to create a Somali forum for the Somali organisations in Sheffield. Burngreave-based resident, Ahmed Hassan, has been actively campaigning for the Somali community and describes why he felt the need for this type of organisation.

2006-12-01 14:45:31
Skinnerthorpe want affordable homes

Residents of Skinnerthorpe have written to Councillor Weldon, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, to ask for more information about how they will be rehoused. The Council have promised that residents displaced by demolition under the Masterplan can stay in Burngreave if they wish and that residents affected will not be worse off.

2006-12-01 14:36:17
Woodside proposals won’t meet needs

Around 200 homes planned for Woodside are under discussion by the Masterplan New Housing Group, but with only 15–20% affordable homes included the development is unlikely to meet the housing needs of Burngreave.

2006-12-01 14:12:34
What did BCAF and BCAT do?

A summary of the work of Burngreave Community Action Forum (BCAF) and Burngreave Community Action Trust (BCAT).

2006-12-01 14:11:45
Sensitive Community Policing?

Burngreave residents have shown their support for police operation Gulliver, a forty-day operation, using Section 60 powers to stop and search anyone police suspected of carrying drugs, knives and guns. The operation has made 51 arrests, recovering stolen vehicles, drugs, large amounts of cash and a firearm. However, some questions have been raised about how the operation has, on occasion, been pursued.

2006-12-01 14:06:51
Residents call for action on Firshill Road

Firshill Road residents expressed their anger at the drug dealing on their road, and their frustration that police action had had little effect in stopping it, at a meeting with police and Councillors in November.

2006-12-01 13:40:45
Carwood Mini Market

The Mini Market is open again to serve the Carwood Community, selling fresh bread, milk, groceries and cigarettes.

2006-12-01 13:36:54
Collapse of BCAT

News of BCAT’s collapse will come as no surprise to some. In 2005 BCAT’s funders, New Deal, raised serious concerns about BCAT's management of New Deal funded projects, and funding for BCAT itself had been scaled down. The work of BCAF will continue.

2006-12-01 13:35:24
Galloways seek return

Following the victory of local resident Nellie Ramsey, saving the last wavy-roofed houses, the Messenger has been following the plight of the Galloway family.

2006-12-01 13:31:54
BCAT folds

On Friday 10th November 2006, the doors of Burngreave Community Action Trust (BCAT) were closed for ever. The Trustees told members that they had decided to put the company into voluntary liquidation because it cannot by reason of its liabilities continue its business. It is understood BCAT owed BNDfC a sum of around £80,000, which it was unable to pay back.

2006-12-01 12:58:54
Walk for Kashmir

Cllr Ibrar Hussain is raising funds for a ‘Burngreave Room’ at Sheffield Girls’ College in Bagh, Pakistan – the devastated area in the recent earthquake. Each room costs about £1,600.

2006-11-30 15:16:15
Youth Council elected

The results of the first Burngreave Youth Council elections have been announced, and the Messenger was at Verdon Recreation Centre on Friday 24th November to hear the outcome.

2006-11-30 15:08:22
Spital Hill Upheaval

Spital Hill has been closed since September 2005, as the inner relief road is built. A year on, businesses still suffer from the effects of reduced access and in the last month it has got worse as parking bays are put in place as part of the Better Buses scheme.

2006-11-29 11:20:35
Dear Messenger...

Letters from our readers. All the letters this month are in response to Umm A’tika's letter about the Muslim veil (or niqaab) published in our November edition.

2006-11-08 13:50:25

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