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    206 archive of the online version of the monthly news magazine delivered to all households in the Sheffield Burngreave ward. Burngreave Messenger Ltd. is a non-profit making, membership owned community organisation.

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      Back issues of the Burngreave Messenger community newspaper, along with additional news items exlusive to the website.

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        Archive of Burngreave Messenger back issues and other content in 2005.

        • [] October 2005 Issue 55

          Online edition of the October 2005 issue of the Burngreave Messenger.

          • [] Shocking police video released

            A horrific video showing teenager, Anthony Green being run over by an unmarked police car has been released for the first time since the incident in 1999.

          • [] Dirty dumping

            Hazardous waste has been found by the Environment Agency at Parkwood landfill. Three types of industrial hazardous waste have been identified. They all come from site operator Viridor’s own waste sorting plant at Salmon Pastures, Attercliffe.

          • [] Natural Disaster

            Grimesthorpe residents have continued to be frustrated and angered by the actions of Redwall developers on Grimesthorpe Road. The stretch of attractive woodland that once lined the road has been cleared.

          • [] Messenger Editorial
            • The Messenger announces its fifth AGM.

            • Information about the Messenger.

          • [] Projects under pressure

            New Deal have rejected another long running project this month. The ‘Open Access Playcare Phase 2’ project, which was to provide support for play provision such as the Adventure Playground, was rejected because New Deal did not consider it provided value for money. Other projects are only being approved until March 2006.

          • [] Taxi attack

            The Messenger has had reports of attacks on taxis in the Abbeyfield Road area on the night of Sunday 28th August and the following morning. More than six taxis on Abbeyfield Road alone had their windows smashed, in what is believed by the taxi owners to be a co-ordinated attack.

          • [] Masterplan

            The Masterplan project groups first meetings are likely to happen in October 2005.

          • [] New leaf of life

            The Community Forestry Team, based at Meersbrook Park, has decided to rescue their Burngreave Community Forestry project, which includes the One World Tree Project in Abbeyfield Park.

          • [] A rude awakening

            The residents of Nottingham and Rising Streets, who were awake at 6am on 2nd September, witnessed an armed raid on an address on Nottingham Street. The police were there in force.

          • [] Future plans for childcare

            With rising numbers of children living in Burngreave, it is vital that affordable support is available for parents.

          • [] Rock Street rumbles

            Residents in Rock Street whose homes are being renovated are ‘more than unhappy’ about the quality of work, and the attitude and behaviour of the workmen carrying it out.

          • [] Woodside cares

            Woodside is a supported, residential housing project for 16–18 year olds who have left care homes. Situated on Christchurch Road, it aims to provide sheltered housing with a dedicated team of staff on hand twenty-four hours a day to support the residents.

          • [] Computer health check

            The Computer Café’s Gareth Coleman gives us an overview of how they clean up home computers, and keep them running smoothly.

          • [] OneBlood

            More blood and bone marrow donors are needed from different communities to help save lives.

          • [] SYAC finds independence

            Respected community worker Cora Gordan has been appointed to spearhead a drive to transform business opportunities for Sheffield’s minority ethnic communities.

          • [] Ruby wedding celebration

            John and Margaret Mellor, of Abbeyfield Road, recently celebrated their Ruby (40th) Wedding Anniversary.

          • [] In spite of the rain

            Hundreds of people ignored the weather and came to enjoy Abbeyfield Multicultural Festival Part 2.

          • [] Shirecliffe smiles

            Despite the poor weather the Shirecliffe Festival went ahead as planned on Saturday, 10th September.

          • [] Picture this

            Joe Harris has grown up in Burngreave, living on Melrose Road for the last ten years. He has been into photography since the age of sixteen, steadily building up an impressive collection of photographs.

          • [] Pension Credit - claim it!

            This year’s Poverty Conference highlighted the fact that many people do not claim the benefits to which they are entitled.

          • [] Moving Home: Yemeni Women in Sheffield

            The story of how Yemeni men came to Sheffield in the 1950s and ’60s to work in the steel industry is one that has been documented as part of the city’s history of industrial development. Less well known is the story of their wives – the women who were left back at home in Yemen for many years before finally moving to join their husbands in Britain and how they have adapted since their arrival.

          • [+] A New Deal for Burngreave

            News from Burngreave New Deal for Communities including:

            • Information Shop welcomes new workers

            • Burngreave shines brightly with winter warmers

          • [+] Burngreave Area Panel

            Latest news from the Area Co-ordinator for the Burngreave Area Panel, including:

            • Was this the best idea?

            • Future facelift schemes and assistance to private housing

        • [+] May 2005 Issue 51

          Online version of Issue 51, the May 2005 edition of the Burngreave Messenger.

        • [+] April 2005 Issue 50

          Online version of Issue 50, the April 2005 edition of the Burngreave Messenger.

        • [+] March 2005 Issue 49

          Online version of Issue 49, the March 2005 edition of the Burngreave Messenger.