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    206 archive of the online version of the monthly news magazine delivered to all households in the Sheffield Burngreave ward. Burngreave Messenger Ltd. is a non-profit making, membership owned community organisation.

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      Back issues of the Burngreave Messenger community newspaper, along with additional news items exlusive to the website.

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        Archive of Burngreave Messenger back issues and other content in 2005.

        • [+] May 2005 Issue 51

          Online version of Issue 51, the May 2005 edition of the Burngreave Messenger.

        • [] April 2005 Issue 50

          Online version of Issue 50, the April 2005 edition of the Burngreave Messenger.

          • [] Messenger reaches half century

            Welcome to the 50th Burngreave Messenger. Ever since the first two issues in 1999 we have been bringing you news and views, smiles and tears, celebrations and rows from the community.

          • [] New Deal spending cuts

            New Deal projects could be faced with spending restrictions this year as the government has instructed local Government Offices to implement cuts across Yorkshire and Humberside.

          • [] No room at Fir Vale School

            The Messenger has learnt that 55 children can’t get into their local secondary school. The fact that Fir Vale School cannot fit in everyone from the catchment area, could be seen as good news as it shows the school is now successful and popular. But this is cold comfort to those families who would like to be there too.

          • [] The Editorial

            As we celebrate our fiftieth issue we are proud that what goes into the Messenger is still under direct community control. Instead of employing an editor we run an ‘editorial group’ which is open to anyone from Burngreave and is a great place to meet Messengerstaff and volunteers. The issue editorial.

          • [] Set up to fail the ASBO?

            Since an alarming Star headline featured two of the youngest youths placed on Anti-social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs), we have been keen to see what is in place to deter them from breaking their orders, and what effect being labelled, named and publicly shamed has had on these two local young boys. Article on the Anti-Social Behaviour Order.

          • [] Young people voice concerns

            Ongoing discontent from young people about youth provision has prompted us to ask funding agencies and local youth providers, what is going on for these young people. April 2005.

          • [] Parkwood update

            As explained in the March issue of the Messenger, Parkwood landfill site operators Viridor have applied for planning permission to dump active waste on the land they lease from the Council near the ski slope. Parkwood update, April 2005.

          • [] Shirecliffe cable cars

            The owners of the ski slope at Parkwood hope to install a cable car that will run from Upperthorpe to Shirecliffe Road. Transport, April 2005.

          • [] The forgotten Woodsiders

            The ‘upside down’ houses on Woodside have been replaced by empty green spaces. But the last few wavyroofed houses still stand and some of the last residents say they should be saved.

          • [] What’s the Woodside plan?

            Woodside estate has now been almost completely cleared. No decision about what will happen to the estate has been made yet.

          • [] Eco-homes for Woodside?

            Members of Burngreave Community Action Forum’s Buildings Group paid a visit to the Hockerton Housing Project this month.

          • [] Fighting for change

            Conflict around the Masterplan has continued this month as the Burngreave Business Forum refused to endorse the Council’s consultation on the plans for Spital Hill.

          • [] Join Our Celebrations

            St Peter’s Church, Ellesmere – Silver Jubilee.

            • Praise Evening 16th April 2005

            • Barn Dance 30th April 2005

          • [] Are you being heard?

            The recent Household Survey showed people feel we’re starting to see real changes and that our area is becoming a better place to live in. Despite that arguments continue about how we are represented. Here the Messenger brings you a guide to some of main organisations that represent and work for the Burngreave Community.

          • [] Forum row

            This month Kevin Hartney, the new Chair of the Burngreave Community Action Forum (BCAF) used his first address to a Quarterly Forum to make a scathing attack on New Deal, saying it had marginalised BCAF and is undermining its work.

          • [] Asylum seekers

            Little attention is paid to the difficulties asylum seekers and refugees face. While the national news media are quick to criticise and demonise asylum seekers, their views, the problems they encounter and how they are treated are often ignored.

          • [] Behind the scenes at the museum

            April 2005 sees the beginning of a new course for Burngreave residents offering the chance to develop the skills needed to investigate the living history of the area. Nikky Wilson talks to I met Kim Streets.

          • [] What a choice!

            International Women’s Day came early in Burngreave this year with an event on the 7th March 2005.

          • [] What’s so funny about living in Burngreave?

            If you are one half of Sheffield’s only comic theatre duo – ABORT comedy, then possibly, quite a lot. Burngreave-based writer and performer – Stewart Lodge, talks to the other member of ABORT comedy – Steven Loader, about making a funny show for people to laugh at.

          • [] Chapel cinema show saved

            Over 200 people attending a visually and acoustically amazing ensemble of screenings, supported by a live performance from Sundaze, and an array of moving images from both Burngreave- and Yorkshire based filmmakers.

          • [] Sure Start opening

            The Lord Mayor of Sheffield came to Page Hall in March for the Grand Opening of the new SELCO (Sure Start Early Learning Centre Owler Brook) building at Owler Brook School.

          • [] Hip Hip!

            After a crazy start with excited parents chasing after one another and familiar requests for children to move their cars, the first Burngreave Young People’s Award Ceremony began.

          • [+] A New Deal for Burngreave

            April 2005 news from Burngreave New Deal for Communities. The timetable for the 2005 elections for residents to become community and voluntary sector representatives on the BNDfC partnership board has been announced. Don’t miss your chance to have your say – make your mark on Burngreave.

          • [] Burngreave Area Panel

            A blizzard of public meetings – and no election in sight

            Andy Shallice, area Co-ordinator for Burngreave Area Panel, writes about what has and will be discussed at the Area Panel meetings.

          • [] The BNDfC Grant Scheme

            Since its launch in May of 2004, the BNDfC Grant Scheme has awarded over £400,000 to local individuals, groups and organisations working to benefit those living in the Burngreave area.

          • [] Sports news: Upcoming activities

            Events and sporting activities from the Burngreave Sports Network & Burngreave Sports Project. Includes Sheffield and District Junior Sunday League results and fixtures

          • [] In trouble with the law…

            “Ten year old Ajay was terrified: arrested late at night on a serious allegation of assault and put in a cell, he told police he didn’t want a solicitor. His mother didn’t speak English, so I was called out to help him. It was my first time as an appropriate adult.”

          • [] Could you be an appropriate adult?

            Working in partnership with Sheffield Youth Offending Team (YOT), SOVA are recruiting volunteers for the Appropriate Adult Scheme and the Resettlement and Aftercare Provision (RAP) Mentoring Scheme.

          • [] BCLC appeal

            The Burngreave Community Learning Campaign is committed to helping local adults go back into education. We are here to help everyone, from all backgrounds.

          • [] BCAT profile

            A profile of Bilal Luqmaan who is currently employed as a development Worker at BCAT.

        • [+] March 2005 Issue 49

          Online version of Issue 49, the March 2005 edition of the Burngreave Messenger.